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Top 10 Medium-Short Haircuts for Women To Try in 2024

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Medium-short hairstyles fall in between shoulder length and neck length. If you’re having a difficult picking the right length, then shorter to mid-length hairstyles could be the right choice for you! Perhaps you’re aware that you don’t want something that’s too shorter or too lengthy. If this is the case, then you’ve come to the right place! No matter if your hair’s density is dense, thin or fine, short medium hair can work for you. You have plenty of options to cut this length. Below, I’ll highlight some fashionable shags and bobs as well as bangs and layers that are perfect for you. Prior to your scheduled hair-cutting appointment take a look through these photos of short medium haircuts.

shaggy medium-to-short cut with bangs for older women

#1 Shaggy Medium-to-Short Cut Bangs for older women.

Women over 50 should definitely test the shaggy medium-to-short cut that has bangs. The style can soften the face and can be extremely attractive. Be sure to apply a volumizing mousse over the root area prior to blow drying to give your hair a boost of oomph.

Trendy Medium Length to Short Length Haircut for Thick Hair

#2: Trendy Medium-Short Haircut for Thick Hair

You can opt for a fashionable medium-short cut for hair with thick layers. It was designed by hairdresser Mary Aikoroje of Abuja, Nigeria. It has undone, long loose waves. Medium-short cuts are an easy, but elegant and sophisticated look. “The medium-short length can be worn with any facial shape, including oval. Since it’s an untied short to medium-length hairdo it’s possible to achieve this look with any hair texture,” says Aikoroje.

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chin-length shaggy haircut with curtain bangs

#3: The Best Medium, Chin Length Shaggy Haircut

Get the straight hair you have look more stylish by choosing this medium-short shag cut with curly bangs that are cute. Cuts of medium to short hair at the chin length look great for those who want to soften your jawline, and also add volume to the back of your head.

Edgy Medium-Length Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

#4: Edgy Medium-Length Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Think about a sexy medium-length pixie cut to fit delicate hair. This style was designed and hairstyled by stylist Kiana Borth from Sugar Land, TX. “It’s contemporary fashionable, versatile, and flirty. The medium-length pixie cut is ideal for women who want to switch between cute and trendy hairstyles,” she adds. Borth says, “for short to medium cuts like this, it’s recommended that the hair you’re wearing is straight and little curly or cowlicks. Hair that is curly can work as well. Make use of heat protectant, mousse hairspray, hairspray and other styling products. The use of a texture powder is a great way for this type of medium short hairstyle.”

Chic Medium-Short A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

#5: Chic Medium-Short A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

Diondria Marie Scott a stylist from Atlanta, GA created this stylish medium-short a-line haircut for hair with thin. Medium-short cuts for females are common and can create natural hair colors appear rich and lively. “This shorter to mid-length cut requires regular maintenance at the salon as well as at home. Make a plan to have your medium-length short haircut every six to eight weeks in order to keep the shape of the cuts,” she explains. For hairstyles that are short and medium in length look at products from the Bumble and Bumble line to shape and style your bob prior to and following blow drying.

Stylish Medium-Short Haircut for Curly Hair

#6: Stylish Medium-Short Haircut for Curly Hair

This trendy medium-short cut designed for curls was designed by hairstylist Christine Diaz of Whittier, CA. “The girl in the picture was virgin and wanted to keep her hair’s integrity of the hair. Balayage helps with this. Request your stylist to apply your natural hair appearance to design your personal hairstyle,” she explains. When you arrive at the salon Diaz suggests that you “ask your stylist to trim 1 inch to lengthen your ends. Then proceed to trim your nape to create an A-line hairstyle. After that, ask the stylist to make a straight line it will look like the shape of a ‘C’ the contour that your hair has. In order to avoid the triangle or “bell shape, I pulled hair on the upper part of the crown cutting a U in a section and then cut around an inch.”

Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob

#7: Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob

This natural-looking medium-short haircut is sure to draw attention! Keep your hair straight and straight with a slight waved finish for those who want to draw emphasis on the balayage hue which perfectly complements fair skins. The majority of medium-to-short hairstyles look stunning in a balayage or layering style when layers are incorporated.

short-shoulder length haircut for wavy hair

#8: Cute Short-Shoulder Length Haircut for Wavy Hair

It’s a cute short shoulder-length cut for curly hair. Try it with medium-short cuts that’s a versatile length for hair. Separating your locks to the middle can give this traditional cut a modern and fashionable look. Make use of a flat iron or curling wand, to give your waves an extra boost.

Sassy Short to Medium Stacked Bob with Layers

9: Sassy Long to Medium-Short Stacked Bob with Layers

You can try a sassy short or medium-sized stacked bob that has layers. By combining platinum blonde and brown streaks, the look is stunning. Medium-short hairstyles like this stacked bob look better with layers that are subtle. This lets the hair be flexible to show it off as stylish or thick.

medium ear length choppy cut

#10: Popular Choppy Cut

Don’t overlook the hottest cut with a choppy style. Do you want to cut some medium-short layers on your hairline? This haircut is for you. The pieces that surround the face and hairline are able to create this look fresh and shaggy. The correct short to medium cut could expose the jawline and chin without looking awkward.

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