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Top 17 Wedge Haircut Ideas for Short & Thin Hair in 2024

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A wedge cut is large retro-style short layered hairstyle that is ideal for ladies with thick and straight hair. The style became popular during the 70’s. Olympic Dorothy Hamill really made the look famous. While short wedge hairstyles aren’t for everyone women of all ages will enjoy these styles. There are a lot of layers that are gradual of stacking, short A-line or asymmetrical designs such as choppy cuts, blunt or wispy hair, or tapered backs. These all form a typical wedge and will naturally increase the thickness of your hair without requiring too much weight! This is a very popular cut for women with thin or fine hair that needs a hefty twist, or anyone who would like to try the short hair style. Wedges come in a variety of styles. You could opt for soft and soft layers to create a feminine look or go for a super short and spiky look to give a unique vibe. There’s an option for any face hairstyle and shape – even wild curls! Refresh your appearance with these gorgeous and popular short wedge haircuts!

Super Short Wedge Haircut

Super Short Cut

This haircut provides a chic appearance every day, without appearing too formal or shabby. If you’re looking for a haircut which is similar to the inverted bob, but less formal and more straightforward, this style is perfect for you.

Wedge Haircut With Bangs

Wedge haircut With Bangs

Simple yet elegant style that makes a statement with it! The layered cut stacked with a straight fringe that is full and straight works great with any texture or shape of the face.

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Perfect for Thick Hair

wedge bob perfect for thick hair

This adorable cut with a graduated style is for those who are looking to look fashionable with their long hair. With the hair being shorter at the back and layers all over the length, it provides more volume and less texture, which makes for the perfect style.

Gorgeous Short Bob

Gorgeous Short Bob

This curly red hairstyle is a hit with its well-cut and thick style. It is perfect for any event and at any location, be it your office or at the beach!

Ideal for Fine Thin Hair

Ideal for Fine Thin Hair

Go back to the ’90s by wearing this timeless cut that is perfect for any facial shape. You can also add a modern style by selecting an elegant and trendy silver shade for this cut.

Cool Undercut

Cool Undercut

Maintain your long layers on top creating the illusion of an apixie cut. Then chop the sides to the skin, to highlight the volume of the top! Color your hair with a bright auburn to create a brighter, more radiant look.

Wonderfully Stacked Wedge Cut

Wonderfully Stacked

A shorter nape with angular sexy side parts, and amazing volume all on top – these are the results you can expect from this simple and chic short cut. Make sure to keep the color of your hair naturally and just add a splash of color and you’ll be in good shape! This look is great with a shag that is short also.

Very Edgy 1920’s Cut

Very Edgy 1920s inspired cut

Layered hairstyles can create an adorable 1920s cut that is trendy and fashionable. Perfect for ladies with short hair who want to make their look more interesting and add the look with movement and volume. appearance!

Beautiful for Over 50

wedge hairstyles Beautiful for Over 50

Q&A session with stylist, Desiree Schepen

Master Level Stylist @ Panache Salon and Spa in Julington Creek, FL

What would you say about this style?

This is a charming hairstyle that is stacked and has lots of movement. This is a fantastic short hairstyle for women who prefer the comfort of shorter hair, without having to go to the hair cut. Her gray hair is getting longer hair, so I gave her an intense highlights and toned the blonde to make it more akin to the natural hair color of her.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who is thinking about this?

The best part about wedge hairstyles is that they’re relatively easy to keep. I applied Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep and Phomolient prior to drying her hair to give it some volume . I finished it off using Aveda air Control hairspray. This style is great for various hair kinds (straight or wavy, even having soft curly curls). She leads a fairly active life and has worn the longer version of her hair too. We are always returning to this version that is shorter.

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