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10 Easy Women Short Hairstyles Inspiration

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An pixie haircut is undoubtedly the most suitable option for you if you want you hair to look easy to maintain as well as make an impact and showcase your beautiful appearance. This haircut is extremely extravagant and adventurous, but the result can be amazing, and that’s what we’re hoping to demonstrate by sharing this stunning pixie haircut gallery. We searched the internet for the most fashionable Pixie hairstyles and have put them together to give you design inspiration! Let’s begin…

Golden Blonde with a Sweeping Fringe Women with short hair cut for thick hair


In search of a casual look, this gorgeous lady cut her pixie near her hair. With a shaved back, and a single-sided style She worked the layers that reached at the crown of her hair. She then finished with a gorgeous, long bang that hung over her forehead. It completed the hairstyle perfect.

Sweeping Blonde Pixie Cut – Casual, Everyday Hairstyles


If you’re looking to create an elegant and classy style by changing your haircut then we suggest a soft pixie haircut like on this lovely lady. Her dark blonde locks were cut short from ear-to the ear and then adorned with soft strands of hair at the crown, creating the appearance of sweeping, soft bangs.

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Swept Back Copper Crop: Pixie Haircut for Women


Copper is such a gorgeous and vibrant hair color , and we believe this stunning cut will bring the hue to life. This gorgeous pixie cut was cut into wedge-shaped layers on behind her hair, creating an amazing curving silhouette. With a side parting and a wide bang her hair was swept in the side of her hair to give an elegant and stylish style.

Brown to Pastel Pink Ombre Fringe – Ombre Short Pixie Cut


Why not play around with color shading or simply pick the right crop? This stylish woman used the mix between pastel and dark brown Ombre in her pixie cut. This leaves her bangs long and broad to be a gorgeous pastel shade. It also adds a pop of color to the stunning cut pixie. The rest of her hair is cut shorter to highlight the gorgeous long bangs.

Tousled and Textured Short Haircut – Balayage Hair Styles for Women


Incorporating texture and a tousle into an asymmetrical pixie cut is the most effective method to create a chic and stylish look that will keep you looking stylish day in and out. The stylish woman chose subtle highlights in her pixie cut. It comprises a slim base layer and a larger top layer that wraps around the head, providing the perfect backdrop to add the look of texture! Cut off the top layer to create the most stunning, tousled effect.

Silver Full Fringe Pixie Crop – Shaved Short Hairstyles


Curly bangs can look attractive with pixie cuts, as this gorgeous lady proves. She shaved her hair in a short style over her face, beginning at about an inch above her ear. She left the hair’s top layer to fall in a soft and delicate manner all around her head, creating that gorgeous full bang style. Add that to the stunning color she chose for her silver and you’re definitely winning.

Spiky Grey Cut – Very Short Hairstyles for Women


Gray is such a fashionable hair color, but wearing it with the form of a pixie cut makes it more stylish and we believe these results are a proof of concept. The model chose a sleek and shiny gray pixie cut, and then put it on top of her hair to increase the height and volume. We are thrilled with the result!

Cream and Lilac Wavy Crop – Short Haircut for Fine Hair


Mixing lilac and cream with the Ombre blend has never been thought of as a hairstyle it was we saw this picture of the lady with her gorgeous hair! The gorgeous pixie cut finished with gorgeous long, hair with wide bangs which perfectly highlight her creamy and pastel lilac locks. She tossed her hair loosely back for this gorgeous final look that we cannot put down.

Blonde Pixie cut with Side Partings Cute short and thick Balayage hairstyles


This stunning lady appears incredibly happy with herself and when she has this trendy haircut it’s easy to understand the reason! Her gorgeous hairstyle is longer than others in this photo gallery.

Layered Red Pixie Crop – Spiky Short Hairstyles


For a volume-filled hair pixie crop, adding numerous layers in the cut is vital. The model has a gorgeous red hair color that is elegant and vibrant and she’s chosen to showcase it by adding many messy layers to the top of her head , creating this amazing volume-filled final result. Add a few drops of product on your fingertips and then rinsing it through your hair can create this gorgeous, textured body effortlessly!

While the idea of the pixie cut is a little from your normal routine We at the Popular Haircuts team hope that this amazing collection of photos will inspire you to try something new and accept the incredible results that will be the norm. Let us know what hair styles you’d like to see us explore the next time!

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