10 Easy Women Short Hairstyles Inspiration

A pixie haircut is undoubtedly the best option if you want your hair to be low maintenance, make a strong impression and highlight your stunning features. The haircut is incredibly bold and daring, but the results can be absolutely breathtaking, which is what we hope to prove with this gorgeous pixie haircut gallery. We searched the web for the best trendy pixie haircuts and put them together for your inspiration! So let’s get started…

Golden Blonde with Sweeping Fringe: Women Short Haircut for Thick Hair


Aiming for a truly unpretentious style, this stunning lady cut her pixie cut very close to her head. Choosing a shaved back and a one-sided look, she worked on layers up to the top of her head, finishing with this beautiful wide bang that fell over her forehead and completed the haircut to perfection.

Sweeping Blonde Pixie Cut – Casual, Everyday Hairstyles


If you’re trying to achieve a classy and elegant look with your new haircut, then we recommend a soft pixie haircut like on this sweet lady. Her dark blond locks were cut short from ear to ear and finished with soft strands at the crown to create the effect of soft, sweeping bangs.

Swept Back Copper Crop: Pixie Haircut for Women


Copper is such a beautiful and vibrant hair color and we think this gorgeous pixie cut really brings the color to life. This lady’s beautiful pixie cut has been cut in wedge-shaped layers at the back of her head, creating a stunning curved silhouette. With a side part and wide bangs, she swept the front of her hair back for a flawless and trendy look.

Brown to Pastel Pink Ombre Fringe – Ombre Short Pixie Cut


Why not experiment with color shading and also just choose a crop? This super stylish lady used a mix of dark brown and pastel pink Ombre throughout her pixie cut, leaving her long and wide bangs to fall into this gorgeous pastel shade and spice up the beautiful pixie cut. The rest of the hair is cut short to contrast with the beautiful long bangs.

Tousled and Textured Short Haircut – Balayage Hair Styles for Women


Adding texture and tousle to a cropped pixie cut is the best way to create a cool and edgy style that will accompany you day in and day out. This stylish lady opted for subtle highlights throughout her pixie cut, which consists of a short bottom layer and a longer top layer around the head, creating the perfect canvas for adding texture! Trim the top layer for a stunning tousled effect.

Silver Full Fringe Pixie Crop – Shaved Short Hairstyles


Curvy bangs also look exceptionally good on pixie cuts, as this stunning woman proves. She styled her hair short around her head, starting about an inch or so above her ear, but left the top layer of hair to fall softly and thinly right around her head, creating that stunning full bang effect. Combine that with the amazing shade of silver she chose and you really are a winner.

Spiky Grey Cut – Very Short Hairstyles for Women


Gray is such a trendy hair color, but using it in a pixie cut makes it more trendy and we think the results speak for themselves. This lady chose an incredibly short and shiny gray pixie cut and layered it to give it height and volume. We are delighted with the end result!

Cream and Lilac Wavy Crop – Short Haircut for Fine Hair


Mixing cream and lilac along with an Ombre blend was never considered for a hairstyle before, that is, until we saw this photo of this lady and her stunning hair! Her gorgeous pixie cut is left with beautiful long wide bangs on one side that perfectly showcases her cream and pastel lilac tresses. She loosely tossed her hair back for this perfect end result that we can’t put down.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Side Parting – Cute, Balayage Short Thick Hairstyles


This gorgeous lady looks incredibly pleased with herself, and when she does such a trendy hairstyle, it’s not hard to see why! Her stunning blonde pixie cut is slightly longer than the others featured in this gallery.

Layered Red Pixie Crop – Spiky Short Hairstyles


To create volume in a pixie crop, working lots of layers into the cut is simply essential. This lady has a beautiful red hair color which is both vibrant and stylish, and she’s chosen to show it off by adding lots of choppy layers at the top of the head to create this unbelievable voluminous end result. Adding a touch of product to your fingers and running it through your hair will recreate this textured look full of body with ease!

Though perhaps opting for a pixie cut might be ever so slightly out of your comfort zone, the Popular Haircuts team hope that this incredible collection of images has inspired you to be daring and embrace the stunning results that are bound to follow. Let us know which hair looks you’d like us to explore next!


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