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15 Braided Hairstyles Made For Long Locks

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Enjoy your beautiful locks and keep unwanted hairs away by adding some new hairstyles to your routine. These hairstyles, which are braided, are designed for long hair We’re loving all the instructional videos accompanying the styles! From braids to updos, let’s look at the ways to style these styles and provide you with some fresh hairstyle ideas.

1. Romantic Side Braid

Romantic side braid

Once Wed begins our braided journey in this romantic, charming side braid. If you’re sporting longer, more thick locks, this style is a perfect fit for your. Take the plunge and read the simple-to-follow guide now!

2. Braided Crown

Braided crown tutorial

Hair with longer tresses is required to achieve this look, as you’ll require enough hair to cover your head! It’s a beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for any occasion such as weddings, or an entire school day. Find out more about this look on Sunkissed And Made Up.

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3. Pull-Through Braid

Pull through braid tutorial

If you enjoy YouTube tutorials more in terms of cosmetics This pull-through braid will become your new favorite companions. How cool and fun is the appearance? Fill your ponytail with personality with this design.

4. Half-Up Side Braid

Half up side braid tutorial

Lauren McBride went with a small braid that accentuates her look perfectly. Hair should be swept back and loose, but add an elongated side braid that will complete your look. It’s a delicious and versatile style.

5. Double Dutch French Braids

Double dutch french braids

6. Upside Down French Braid Bun

Upside down french braid bun tutorial

If you’re looking to find some hairstyle ideas or ways to style your classic ponytail that has a bit more flair, this style of Stylishly Me could be the best way to take. This is a fantastic braid that you can alter the style according to the occasion.

7. Waterfall Mermaid Braid

Waterfall mermaid braid tutorial

Hair Romance had a personal favourite on the list that is hidden in their sleeve. Don’t wear your hair up and then discover how to make stunning braids that fall in the water. It’s a fantastic option to add a dash of fashion to a casual outfit.

8. Tucked Braid Updo

Tucked braid updo

Take a look at this braided updo by A Beautiful Mess! It’s another method to dress your hair in a fashionable way, and is adaptable enough to be worn to more formal events too. Imagine this in a gorgeous maxi dress, or even an outfit of jeans and your converses . It’s perfect!

9. Half-Up Braid Bun

Half up braid bun tutorial

Join the Mood was spotted wearing a delicate half-up braid that we’re in love with. This is a less delicate look that can be used with all hair types ranging from finer to thicker.

10. Princess Braids

Princess braids hair tutorial

Have you had the pleasure of seeing princess braids? If so, you can learn the steps to make this look with the Twist Me Pretty. We’re thinking that your children might like this look too.

11. Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch braid bun tutorial

Dutch braids are a lot of enjoyable and there are plenty possibilities to dress braids in the Netherlands. This is the way we came across during Breakfast at Vogue, it is one of the most original designs we’ve come across. A dutch braid braid seems to be a very unique and fun way to style your hair.

12. Four Strand Braid

Four strand braid hair tutorial

If you’re looking to spice up your basic look, consider using four braids instead of three in your braids. We came across this idea while going to A Cup of Jo and thought it was a great idea to share with our followers to experiment with. It’s a great way to finish your spring and summer outfits.

13. Braided Headband

Braided headband tutorial

The Freckled Fox made headbands out of her hair, and they’re braided as well! Learn more about the braids by clicking into the article and reading about the specifics. We love this look of an extremely romantic and feminine style.

14. Bohemian Side Braid

Bohemian side braid tutorial

This is a side braid is awe-inspiring. If you’re more of a stylish and bohemian type of woman You might like to try this style out for yourself first.

15. Loop Pigtail Braids

Loop braided hair

Then, the other distinctive one among the group Loop pigtails braids are fun! We think this one is great for little ones too.

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