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18 Brightest Medium Layered Haircuts to Light You Up

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Layered hairstyles and face shapes

A well-done layered haircut can transform your face into an oval shape. Layering your face-framing locks will visually lengthen your face if it is round. This haircut can be worn side-by-side. If you have a long face, it is recommended to wear straight bangs. Oval-shaped girls are lucky. They don’t have to be restricted. They can choose any type of layered hairstyle they want, and it will look stunning.

Style Tips for Layered Haircuts

This distinctive haircut is very easy to style. Layered haircuts look best when the tips are highlighted. You can curl your hair with a curling iron, or straighten your locks using a flatiron. Today’s most fashionable hairstyles have volume at the roots, which can be achieved using a blow dryer. A great hairstyle for special occasions is romantic locks that are slightly sprayed with hair-spray.

Best Medium Layered Haircuts

Let’s look at some examples.

#1: The Perfect Bedhead

medium layered haircut for thick hair

Layers are great for mid-length hair. They can add volume, depth and texture without compromising the length. For brunettes, subtle highlights in medium brown tones and bangs can be a great touch!

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#2: Feathered V -Layers

medium layered haircut

This v-layered look reminds us of a horse’s mane free in the meadow breeze. Medium-layered haircuts offer the best of both the worlds: a manageable length with enough flexibility at the ends. While short layers of feathered hair frame the face and draw the eyes downward, the layers at the back are longer.

#3: Shoulder Length with Flicked Ends

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Thick Hair

You can spice up your hair with choppy, flicked ends if your hair is medium-long. Flicked ends add texture and interest to any hair style, but they are best for those who like a quick blow-dry. Layers can be best for thick hair.

#4: Layers of Swoopy for Mid-Length Hair

Mid-Length Layered Cut

Layers of swoopy hair can add definition to your mid-length hair. This style of layered hair looks great on almost any face shape, but it is especially good if you have a long or oval shape.

#5: Layered Wavy Lob

Brown Balayage Mid-Length Hairstyle

The reason long bobs are so popular is that they look great on everyone and are modern. This hand-painted lob has shorter, layered hair at the back that adds volume and texture without adding weight.

#6: Long layers for messy lobster

Tousled Bronde Lob Hairstyle

Although trendy, lobs are a popular choice for many women. You can wear your hair short, but still have the feminine look. To make your hair look more polished and playful than a straight cut, try a lob that has longer layers.

#7: Captain, Choppy Waves Ahead!

medium layered haircut with side bangs

Are you looking to create a new style using layers? This is an example of how to do it! If swept over, the longer side bangs add a little more height to your top. The dimension of the layers makes it very eye-catching. To create a bright, bouncy look, use a light blonde highlight.

#8: Side Layers and Mid-Length Haircut

Two-Tier Medium Layered Cut

To add dimension, layers don’t need to be all over your head. If your neck is longer or your face is oval, a beautiful mid-length style with side layering can frame your face.

#9: Feathered layers for thick hair

Medium-To-Long Layered Hairstyle

Layered haircuts with feathered layers are bolder than those with layered hairstyles without them. This style is great for women with thick, textured hair. Fine hair can make it look flat. The style can be achieved by your stylist using a razor to create layers.

#10: Wispy Layers to Get a Wavy Haircut

Bronde Balayage Hairstyle With Layers

You can add layers to your hair if it already has a natural look. This style will give your hair the right texture, but not overpower it. This cut is especially good for medium-length hair with dimensional highlights.

#11: Medium hairstyle with layered bottom

Shoulder-Length Blonde Layered Cut

Layers are best for straight hair if they are at the base of the hair. Layers can be added to thick hair to make it look more impressive.

#12: Medium Feathered for Thick Hair

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle

For thick hair, a medium-layered style is the best. This type of cut won’t make your hair look heavy. Layers are great for thick hair, and can add movement to a otherwise bloated look.

#13: Two-Tier Lob for Thick hair

Dark Blonde Layered Bob

Thin hair can give you more dimension if your hair is fine. Two-tier lobs give off a polished look that doesn’t have choppy layers. This unique cut is great for straight hair.

#14: Point Cut Bob and Caramel Balayage

Wavy Chocolate Bob With Caramel Highlights

A point cut bob is a great way to soften your straight hair. The hair will instantly appear textured by being cut at an angle. Point cut bobs look great with a variety hair colors, but balayages in brighter colors such as caramel are especially lightening and brightening.

#15: V-Cut Layers For Thick Hair

Lob With Angled Layers Throughout

V-cut layers are a great choice for medium length layered hairstyles. The layers around your head gradually draw in towards your back, keeping hair long at the back. This style is best for medium-long hair.

#16: Swappy Layers for Voluptuous and Dynamic Hair

Medium Tousled Style With Layers

The more hair you have, the better it will swoop. This is a great option for hair with lots of texture and volume. The hair will look sleek and full of movement thanks to the swoopy layers.

#17: Layered, Flipped

Medium Layered Rosewood Hair

This is a great style for medium-length hair without making it look heavy. This style is also great for long-haired women who want to cut it down a bit. The layers begin in the middle of your hair and work their way down to the ends, where they are stacked. This creates a cute, bouncy haircut that has plenty of movement and volume. You can flip those ends with a curling iron or straightener.

#18: Caramel Lob and Delicate Layers

Lob With Light Layers

Layered hairstyles don’t have to be crazy. If you don’t like over-the-top styling, or have fine hair, delicate layers are best for layered bangs and lobs. Layers should be used according to your strengths. Highlight only the areas that add dimension and interest.

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