A messy bob haircut is trendy, chic, and very easy to style. You only need to cut your hair in a flattering style and choose the right hair product. Wavy hair is an indication of a messy cut. Even if you have straight hair, there are many ways to get the messy look. These are 18 great ideas for messy bob lovers!

Messy Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles

These examples will help you understand how to style messy lobs and bobs for different hair textures and types. Get inspired to plan your next chic bob or cute messy bob haircut!

#1: Shaggy Medium Length Bob

Edgy messy bob

This shaggy medium-length bob is stunning in its effortless vibe. This hair looks just like the hair you woke with. To take your style to the next step, think of a new hair color. You can achieve subtle ombre highlights with great results.

#2: Choppy Bangs and Balayage Bob

messy brunette bob with copper balayage

This medium-length bob’s choppy layers blend seamlessly with the long side bangs. The metallic copper balayage highlights scattered randomly throughout the style combine the broken strands to create one harmonious whole.

#3: Side Bangs and Peachy Hair

long messy rounded bob with bangs

You can make a trendy bedhead hairstyle that is not too messy or terribly imperfect, but still maintains its rounded shape. You can add volume to your hair and give it that effortless look. To elevate your style, choose a sophisticated color for your hair.

#4: Shoulder Length Waves

long layered brown blonde balayage bob

While a long, messy bob looks great when it’s loose and flowing, it can also be used to create a wide range of hairstyles. Because it adds so much to any style, almost every modern look uses Balayage.

#5: Shaggy and Flipped Cut

layered bob for thick hair

This sassy, layered bob has both volume and movement. To keep the ends wavy, the bottom layers are cut with a razor. A round brush is used for those light flips at ends. This cut is great for thick hair who have trouble maintaining their locks.

#6: Sun-Kissed Wavy Lob

blonde messy long bob

Light waves and a messy texture go well together. This will make messy hair look natural and easy. For this texture, sun-kissed Balayage is the best hair color. It’s also beautiful when your waves fall just above your shoulders, touching your collarbone, and softly framing the face.

#7: Messy Casual Bob

shaggy tousled bob hairstyle

This style is great for people who love a bit of chaos. Light layering at the base gives volume to fine hair. You can use a little volumizing mousse to scrunch your hair and blow dry, creating volume at the ends.

#8: Blunt Chin Length Cut

blonde chin-length blunt bob

This trendy bob is great for people who aren’t afraid to make a statement. This style is best for fine- to medium-textured hair. It will make fine hair appear thicker due to the one-length cut. To create the messy, dishevelled texture, use a hair wax or styling putty.

#9: Messy Lob With Lightened Ends

long messy brown bob with balayage

Sometimes a long, messy bob is better than its shorter counterpart. This is because you have more options, such as updos. However, a loose-flowing style like the one in this photo is still an option that you can enjoy when you are short on time or lack of styling inspiration.

#10: Razored Brunette Bobalayage

brunette choppy bob with chocolate balayage

You can achieve a very sharp cut when you trim the ends of your hair with a razor. This will make it look great in messy hairstyles. For more color variation and interest, try delicate balayage. Combining dark brown and chocolate is always a winner.

#11: Dark Chocolate Waves

collarbone shaggy bob

You don’t need to keep your blunt bob neat and tidy. You can create a casual and relaxed vibe with sloppy waves like this one. This look can be easily recreated by using a flat iron to bend your hair.

#12: Medium Hairstyle With Loose Waves

brown to blonde messy ombre bob

The texture and color of this brown blonde bob are modern and chic. Start with a medium-shaggy cut. Then you can choose the hair color that you like and style your hair in loose waves. Combining ombre and balayage is often a good idea.

#13: Textured Bob and Bangs

graduated bob haircut with bangs

Even if you don’t spend much time styling your hair, layers and the right length for your bob haircut will guarantee beautiful texture. This style is equally good for thick and fine hair. The bob is a great complement to this cut.

#14: Messy Layered Bob

Messy Layered Bob

A quality messy bob haircut is one that has layers that are either coarse and chunky, or fine and delicate. You can make your decision based on your facial features.

#15: Brunette Bob and Face-Framing Balayage

collarbone messy wavy bob for thick hair

For thick hair, a long bob with choppy endings is a good medium-length option. How do you style this cut? A great styling option is to create messy, barely there waves with a straightener. This flatters the cut and the natural texture of thick hair.

#16: Modern Teased hairstyle

brown messy bob with blonde and caramel highlights

The modern teased Bob is not like the perfect teased bobs from the past, which were heavy backcombed and then covered with an extra smoothed-out top layer. It is messy and imperfect. This texture is best when you have a shaped cut, such as this cute round bob.

#17: Shag with Highlighted Laces

angled shag bob with balayage

An easy style for a messy bob is to use layers. The ends of the layers allow you to do cute natural twists. You can enhance your hair with caramel, dark blonde, or light brown balayage. This will create depth and dimension.

#18: Choppy Chin Long Bob

short brown choppy messy bob

It is simple to style and maintain a short, messy bob with the right hair products and hair care products for you hair type. Although it appears a bit unkempt in texture, with uneven, disconnected ends sticking out in various directions, the silhouette is easily readable and very appealing.


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