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26 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions

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Nowadays, very few women choose to have their hair cut in a one-length style. Shag haircuts are more modern, sleek, and well-designed. Modern shags can have different layers and finishes. Each hair type and length has its own ideal shag. When choosing a haircut for you, consider your face shape and life style.

Modern Shag Haircuts

Take a look at the pictures below for inspiration before you head to the salon.

#1: Layered Shaggy Hair

medium blonde layered hairstyle

For shags that reach the shoulders, multiple layers can be a great idea. This fun and sassy style can be completed with some waves using a large barrel curling Iron. Consider subtle highlights to lighten dark hair. You can add some color to your final look and bring out the best in you.

#2: Blonde Shag With Emphasized Layers

modern medium shag haircut

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This modern shag is highlighted with subtle highlights and downlights. It features pronounced layers that create a showy, jagged edge. To bring out the oval face, the front tresses have been flipped in while the back locks have been flipped out.

#3: Medium Cut With Cropped Top

heavily layered medium shag haircut

It might look a bit too Carol Brady to have hair cut with thick layers and trimmed longer at the ends. If done properly, it can help to reduce the weight of hair that is very heavy or give hair a new lease of life. A salon is a better choice. You can’t avoid the 1970s look by trying this at home.

#4: Tousled Auburn Bob

modern shag haircut for thick hair

This shag haircut is characterized by its incredible thickness and unique texture, which are enhanced with glossy auburn highlights. The current trend is a shag that runs straight through the length, but gets shinier towards the ends.

#5: Brunette Layers and Centre Part

modern long layered shag haircut

For oblong faces, long centre-parted shags can be used to add volume to the sides. This shag is also very easy to style and has amazing texture.

#6: Shoulder-Length Shag With Babylights

Medium Brown Shag With Caramel Highlights

Baby-lights can instantly give a shag haircut a new look. These baby-lights are made with a delicate coloring technique and include caramel highlights. This is done to imitate the natural lighter color that your hair gets from the sun.

#7: Medium Layered Messy, Messy Hairstyle

Layered Messy Bronde Cut

A messy, effortless style is a great way to show off a shag that’s longer than your shoulder. You can achieve this by curling small sections with a curling iron. For added volume, use your fingers to comb the curls. To finish the look, add texture paste or gel.

#8: Medium Shag With Bangs for Fine Hair

Strawberry Blonde Shag With Bangs

Pictures of shag haircuts on fine hair show how they can look soft and feathery. You can create the illusion of depth and thickness by using bangs, especially if you choose a soft, warm color. Medium-length bangs will frame your face and highlight your features.

#9: Brunette Shaggy bob

Dark Brown Textured Bob

A shaggy haircut is a great choice for a dynamic and textured medium-length haircut. You can style it in a variety of ways depending on your occasion. It is also easy to maintain, making it ideal for those days when you are just looking for something to wear.

#10: Layered, mid-length Ash Blonde hairstyle

Medium Layered Cut With Bangs

Layered ash blonde highlights can add interest to the classic shag with bangs and mid-length length. This style works well with thin to medium-textured hair, as thick hair can look bulky from the many layers. For a chic, sassy look, style your hair with a little bit of a curl.

#11: Medium Silver Layers

Silver Shag With Black Roots

Because there are both long and short layers, the hair appears to flow in a random way at all angles. This style is best for petite faces and slim faces.

#12: Medium to Long Feathered Cut

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

Long feathered cuts are medium to long and provide lots of bounce. Because they are usually done with a razor to create the fine-textured layers, this is why. Feminine and flattering feathered cuts look fantastic tousled to show their natural fluffiness, swing and femininity.

#13: Mid-Length Platinum Blonde Shag

Blonde Messy Layered Hairstyle

A modern shag haircut is vibrant and striking with a platinum blonde color. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence have made this look very popular in fashion. You only need confidence to rock this look.

#14: Medium Cut, Chunky Swoopy Layers

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

For women with medium-textured hair, a shag is the best choice. Swapy layers are a great option if you’re looking for something unique. Swoopy layers offer instant volume and dimension while giving a modern twist to the shag cut.

#15: Wispy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

Dark Brown Shag With Bangs

These images show how wavy shag hairstyles can bring back retro vibes of the 70s and 1980s. For inspiration, think Joan Jett or Debbie Harry of Blondie. To make your hair stand out, ask your stylist to apply wispy layers all over your head.

#16: Brown Choppy Wavy Bob With Bangs

Medium Wavy Razored Cut

For a unique take on the shag, try a cool and quirky choppy hairstyle with bangs. How to style it? Beachy waves will show off your thick layers best. These are easy to achieve by spraying your hair with sea salt spray and scrunching it.

#17: Long Warm Bronde Style With Swoopy Layers

Medium Layered Caramel Bronde Hairstyle

You’ve found the perfect shag style for you if you are looking for something glamorous and modern. This look has swoopy layers with a warm bronde colormelt. For a polished, smooth downdo that has movement, simply blow dry your long bronde shag using a round brush.

#18: Lovely Two Tone Choppy Lob

Caramel Shag For Medium Hair

You can instantly update a choppy lob with a two-tone effect. You can style your lob in a variety of ways, including straightening it or making it wavy. Add some volume powder to the roots to create a gorgeous texture.

#19: Shoulder-Grazing Flared Blonde Shag

Medium Bronde Shag

Mid-length shag cuts look great when they touch your shoulders and flare out at their ends. For a trendy, chic look, add a little styling product to your naturally tangled locks.

#20: Short Shaggy Hair Bob

Blonde Layered Bob With Bangs

Curly hair looks amazing when it is cut, styled and teased a bit. You can rock curls, no matter what color you are, whether you’re blonde, brunette or something else. You can also notice the untidy bangs that scream punk.

#21: Medium cut with flipped ends for thick hair

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle

Flip your ends if you want a shag with a more traditional look and thick hair. This vintage-inspired cut uses the natural texture and volume of your hair. Simply blow dry your ends with an outwards curve or use a straightener to flip them.

#22: Perfect Bangs & Wild Layers

Brunette Shag With Straight Bangs

The 90s are back, and it’s not hard to see why. Although straight, full bangs are a throwback, it is worth trying new styles. For a modern twist on the shag, keep the hair at shoulder length. Layers that are sharply angled throughout the shag will blend textures and create finishes.

#23: Medium and Short Layers for Fine Hair

Medium Blonde Layered Hairstyle

For thick hair, shorter layers are the best option. Layers around the crown can make fine hair look beautiful and wispy. It can be difficult to style layers of hair, but it is possible with some styling and feathering.

#24: Side-Parted Layered Bob

Chestnut Brown Layered Bob

Although most shag hairstyles include layers, this layered bob is a standout among its peers. You can create beautiful textures with layers of hair that are swept down to one side.

#25: Medium-Thin Hair with Bangs

Messy Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

If you prefer to keep your hair natural and loose, a medium shag with bangs will work best. This style is best for medium-textured hair, but it can also be used for fine hair.

#26: Platinum Balayage Shag

Mid-Length Blonde Layered Hairstyle

A blowout with maximum root lift and swoopy layers will give your shag a polished look. Your style will be irresistible with the help of Balayage coloring.

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