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21 Lovely Pixie Cuts with Bangs

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Pixie hairstyles are extremely adaptable elegant, fashionable and, most importantly, simple to keep! If you’re looking for the perfect new short cut and you’re looking for a stylish alternative, we recommend the pixie hairstyle. This is not only an extremely popular haircut for 2016but it is a great fit for almost every face shape, no matter if it’s an oval or square face. Cute pixies with bangs can range from extremely fashionable to chic and chic and all the way in between.

Wispy Layered Bangs

The cut is incredibly attractive and classy. The top part of the platinum blonde has been split into elegant moderate bangs, while the remaining hair is shaved to a very short length.

short messy pixie haircut

Extra Long Side Sweep

This is among the longest bangs we’ve seen, but they’re cute! Ideal for young girls who love some body parting in front. Add layers of long hair and then pull them all to one sidewhile embracing her face with a nice hug at the side.

short pixie cut with long side swept bangs

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Flipped Bangs

Of course, it is possible to keep your hair in a straight line but why would you, when you could enhance your hair with a stunning curl at the end? A simple twist can give the hair a flirty and voluminous style that’s perfect for a dates night.

blonde pixie cut with long bangs

Shaved Back and Tousled Bangs

Shaved locks were a massive fashion statement in 2016, and we love the way she made a pixie cut which embraced the style. The top of the head is left shaved while the rest of the hair is sloppy in the form of untidy bangs.

layered short pixie cut with long bangs

Contrasting Layered Bangs

You’re looking for a feminine and attractive look that you can wear anywhere? Look at this cute and airy hairstyle that has many beautiful layers, from short to long.

side view of short pixie haircut

Short Curly Haircuts with Bangs Bangs

Discuss hair in a professional tone. GREAT! The mane of hers is adorned with elegant romantic curls. She is always watching her bangs that really bring out her face and create a stunning style.

short black curly pixie haircut for black women

Choppy Side Bangs and Lengthy Side Sweep

One side is cut short and ripped. The one side is long and fun with a rolled side. A flirty and cute style which can easily be transformed from night to day.

easy daily short haircut - pixie cut with bangs

Vibrant Blue Thick Bangs

An iconic pixie cut, with an extremely short back and long bangs that sweep towards the side, and heightened by the deep blue hues. Blue is the trend of 2016 , and should you feel a little daring, you should consider this blue look.

cute long pixie cut with bangs for oval faces - hair color ideas

A flattering cut with side-swept Bangs Simple Everyday Hairstyles for short hair

The hair is combed to the top of the eyebrows and swept towards from the sides, this side swept look is stylish and sleek. These are great for women who want a soft style that frame the face, and draws attention to the eyes.

cute short pixie cut with bangs for thin fine hair

Bowl Cut with Layered Bangs

It’s true, the bowl cut is coming back and we are loving it! The days of bowl cutouts that have gone out of fashion are long gone. This adorable pixie cut is trendy with a set of layers of bangs and some thin strands of hair to make a flirty, sexy look.

short layered pixie cut with bangs for black women

Super Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are always fashionable and trendy Super styled bangs that are swept take fashionable styling to a whole new degree. Here’s the most extreme sidepiece transformed with lots of gorgeous layers as well as fringes that range between shorter and longer to create some serious contrast in style.

short dark copper pixie cut for women over 40

Lengthy Front Bangs

Classy and elegant This long front bang is ideal for women who want to look stylish. The platinum blonde locks of her are pulled back and forth for the most attractive appearance.

tomboy haircut - messy pixie cut with bangs

Sleek Extreme Side Sweep

Are you looking for a perfect and stylish haircut? This image is perfect the one for you. Curly brown hair is left straight and swept to the edge, giving an elegant appearance.

best short pixie cut with bangs

Bowl Cut with Extreme Side Sweep

A textured hairstyle that is full of beautiful blonde highlights that bring her darker-colored hairstyle to life. The hip-style is amplified by layering her hair throughout particularly around her face.

simple easy daily haircut - highlighted pixie cut for medium to thick hair

Bright Red Short Layered Bangs

Red hot? Absolutely! This vibrant and bright red hairstyle has a lot of long layers to create a full head of hair. The bangs are cut a quarter of an inch above her eyebrows and open her face and letting her gorgeous eyes shine.

easy short red pixie cut with bangs

Lengthy Side Sweep

The perfect choice for women older than 50, this hairstyle is easy and fun. Long, layered bangs that are tucked to one side, making a timeless style of pixie.

short blonde pixie cut with bangs for women over 40

The Shaved Back is Layered with Front

Shaved back and layers of hair in front and layered in the front; it’s not much more trendy than this! We’re loving her highlights shining up the entire hair, while her side-swept bangs are chic and casual. Absolutely a simple cut!

short red pixie haircut for round faces

Shaved Back/Side with Fringes Layered

Shaved hair doesn’t need to end in the back. It’s better to bring it to the sides to create a cool hairstyle. Bring out the body and vitality by laying layers in the rest of the hair and then throw it in the direction of a forward-facing swish to create a trendy and exciting finish.

easy daily pixie cut with bangs for fine thin hair

Chunky Layers

We must begin by saying how much we are in love with this gorgeous hair colour that has purple and grey shades all over. Incredible trendy and dazzling. The layers of her hair are chunky and strong, creating a striking look that will make heads turn.

Classical Short Pixie cut in Pastel Blue

After seeing these beautiful haircuts, you’ll be able to see your desire for the pixie cut! Pophaircuts.com What kind of bangs do you want to choose? Do you prefer short with layers, or long and swept away to the side?

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