21 Totally Perfect Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs, combed to the side, will always be the perfect detail of a classic hairstyle. Whether it’s short bangs or long side swept bangs, it will add interest to your haircut. Plus, they can be simpler than straight bangs. Often side bangs are an intermediate stage where shorter bangs grow out.

Creating Your Ultimate Side Swept Bangs Look

Side bangs are the most versatile bangs. They can go great with longer layers and look great on chic updos and ponytails. Bangs are known for framing the face, while side bangs are a more relaxed cut. Whether your hair is textured, straight, very short or very long, there’s a beautiful side swept bang for you! So let’s see what they offer us.

Blonde Bob With Layers

Blonde Bob With Layers Most often we see oblique bangs on a short and bold bob. They work so well with hair that has many layers to create a cohesive look.

Here the hair is straight but slightly tousled and textured. Side bangs are perfect for this hairstyle. If you have thin or thin hair, consider this layered blonde bob.

Long Hair With Bangs

Long Hair With Bangs Side bangs are always interesting on long hair because they are not particularly common. They look great on round or oval faces because they add just the right amount of dimension and interest to softer face shapes.

This look is made up of multiple layers cut into the hair, so the bangs just complete the look.

Up-Do With Side Swept Bangs

Up-Do With Side Swept Bangs Side-swept bangs are the perfect accessory for both chic and casual hairstyles. They frame the face beautifully and keep the hairstyle from looking too severe when pulled back.

If you have gorgeous eyes or a jawline that you want to soften, comb your bangs to the side and lift your hair.

Side Swept Auburn Pixie

Side Swept Auburn Pixie Pixies look very beautiful with bangs combed to the side. With this haircut, bangs are a huge part of this style.

This gorgeous auburn chestnut comb is gently styled on the back and frames the left temple perfectly. Leave some extra hair around the sideburns.

Retro Inspired With Side Bangs

Retro Inspired With Side Bangs This 1960s-inspired look is a great way to style sideways bangs. This creates volume at the crown for this trendy style. It is also perfect for a formal event.

However, you are not required to fully accept this view. The bangs, laid to the side, are easily complemented by a deep side parting and long lush strands thrown over the shoulders.

Sassy Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Sassy Pixie With Side Swept Bangs This hairstyle with side bangs has so much style! It is perfect for framing a beautiful face. A short ponytail adds height and style to this bold haircut.

These bangs are beautiful and layered, with the longest layers ending around the temple. This look is great for an oval or round face.

Shoulder Length And Textured

Shoulder Length And Textured Shoulder length hair is always in style. Adding side bangs to a textured haircut like this is always a good idea!

Don’t worry about covering your entire forehead with this style. This haircut is made for movement, and side-swept bangs only help style.

Long Brown Hair With Bangs

Long Brown Hair With Bangs This hairstyle with side bangs stands out for its rounded shape. Here, the bangs are clearly combed to the side, but overall it looks pretty polished.

You can see how easily the bangs flow smoothly into the layers surrounding the face. It really adds interest to plain long hair.

Long Side Bangs With Long Layers

Long Side Bangs With Long Layers Side bangs don’t have to be short. They can actually be quite long and work with existing hair layers.

This hairstyle is quite long, so longer side bangs actually look better with this straighter hair texture.

Medium Length With Side Swept Bangs

Medium Length With Side Swept Bangs

Show off your pretty face with a bob hairstyle. Side-swept bangs frame a pretty face and add interest to a regular hairstyle.

We love how her hair is slightly textured. These side bangs are cut fairly short down the center of the forehead for a playful look.

Silver Rounded Bob

Silver Rounded BobThis hairstyle is all about side bangs! They pair especially well with the rounded shape of the bob.

When the hair is short, you can also play with the color. We love these bangs in this bold grayish silver color.

Textured Hair With Long Side Swept Fringe

Textured Hair With Long Side Swept Fringe Side swept bangs can be short, long, or somewhere in between. These bangs are on the longer side, but still short enough to fall into the fringe category.

With this look, longer bangs are great for long and oval face shapes. Side bangs are easier to rock than regular bangs, so if you want to break up a long face shape, have your stylist recreate this look.

Cropped Bob With Side Bangs

Cropped Bob With Side Bangs Add side swept bangs to your cropped bob hairstyle! The short length of this bob breaks up an especially long chin. These subtle side swept bangs provide some much needed balance.

If you’re not interested in a thick fringe, try these sweet side swept bangs on your short bob hairstyle.

Side Bangs With Seamless Layers

Side Bangs With Seamless Layers It’s hard to say what is more beautiful; these gorgeous auburn highlights or the side swept bangs and layers. Both fall naturally for a flowing and seamless feel. Ask your stylist for layers like these, whether your hair is solidly colored or has plenty of highlights.

Layers and side swept bangs are great for styling and up-dos. We especially love this look on straight hair textures.

Straight Bob With Sweeping Side Bangs

Straight Bob With Sweeping Side Bangs This bob hairstyle looks yummy enough to eat! The soft pink color is perfect for highlighting these gorgeously chopped side swept bangs.

While these bangs are layered, they can easily be smoothed together for a cohesive look or texturized for more attitude.

Textured Side Bangs For Fine Hair

Textured Side Bangs For Fine Hair Side swept bangs go perfectly with this layered and textured bob. If you’re looking for a sexier style with movement, try out a cut like this one.

These side bangs blend seamlessly with the bulk of the front layers. For babes with thin or fine hair, this look provides a lot of volume.

Side Swept Bangs For Long And Thick HairSide Swept Bangs For Long And Thick HairIt seems that side swept bangs were meant for this babe! Her oval face shape needs framing to throw off its balance, and these bangs do the trick perfectly.

By blending the side bangs with the body of the hair, an effortless look is achieved. If you love to wear your hair long, we recommend this deep side part and side swept style.

Textured Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Textured Pixie With Side Swept Bangs This hairstyle may be short but it has all the flair hair ever needs! If your hair is thick and curly or textured, consider this beautiful cut.

These side bangs add interest to an oval shape, as seen here. The bangs have plenty of volume and dip glamorously just below the eyebrow. To pull the look together, the bulk of layers should be focused on the side of the head where the bangs sweep.

Wispy Layered Side Bangs

Wispy Layered Side Bangs Looking for a sophisticated way to wear side swept bangs? This shoulder length cut is modern and fun yet polished. These side swept bangs are a bit on the longer side. To achieve this look, the first layers should hit at the apples of the cheekbones.

The cool part of this look is the way the wispy layers are mirrored in the layered ends at the collarbone. For some versatility, you can wear these layers flipped out or curled under with a round brush.

Long With Lots Of Layers

Long With Lots Of Layers This side swept bangs hairstyle is nothing short of stunning. Rock this look if you prefer to wear your hair nice and long. In fact, the side swept bangs are nice and long to match.

Cut loads of layers to achieve beautiful tresses like these. To seal the deal, you’ll need tons of moisture. Be sure to use a deep conditioner and follow up with lightweight oil.

Straight And Stacked Pixie

Straight And Stacked Pixie An edgy style may be what you need to rock side swept bangs. This beautiful pixie is round and angular in all the right places. Plus, it does wonders at showing off your pretty face and stunning cheekbones.

This cut is stacked and round at the back of the head. Cut those side bangs into layers that frame the cheekbones. Here, a piece of hair is pulled out in front of the ear.



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