22 Stunning Long Bob Hairstyles

The long bob, also known as the forehead, is one of the most popular hairstyles today. They are loved for their great length and fresh chops that can be styled to suit your needs. Long hairstyles are perfect for growing short hair, but they are short enough not to get in the way.

Creating Your Best Long Bob Hairstyle

If you are looking for a trendy hairstyle that does not require many hours of styling and maintenance, then an elongated bob is for you. Long bobs look great with bangs, textured curls, or straight styling. They look amazing in natural colors and are a lot of fun in more vibrant colors. The only thing you have to decide is whether to cut it down to the chin or down to the tips of the shoulder blades. We’ve rounded up the best of the best, so let’s take a look!

#1: Chestnut Balayage Lob

Chestnut Balayage Lob This long bob hairstyle is fashionable not only because of its length, but also because of the highlighting technique it includes. The lighter brunette highlights shine in all the right places.

This long bob is slightly flipped for more length to frame the face. This especially helps beautiful, organic looking balayage shine.

#2: Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob Are you interested in an intricate longer bob hairstyle? This asymmetrical look is not only gorgeous but also has a sophisticated style. We love that it’s perfectly straight.

You can create this look with a mid section, but a deep side section looks the most natural. Whether you are a bright blonde or a dark brunette, an asymmetrical bob will suit you.

#3: Blunt Cut Lob

Blunt Cut Lob Give your pubis a rough, fresh chop for a super trendy look. The straightness of the cut looks especially great in contrast to the textured waves.

This blunt-cut long bob has a beautiful balayage blend that puts this look on the map. The color makes it easy to grow hair without too much fuss and frequent trips to the salon.

#4: Textured With Fringe For Fine Hair

Textured With Fringe For Fine Hair If your hair is particularly fine or thin, this long hairstyle might be worth trying. Soft layers and textured waves give hair the volume it naturally lacks.

Longer thin bangs complete this hairstyle in a chic and playful way. Ask your stylist to cut the ends of the bangs a little longer at the temples so that they are seamless.

#5: Curly Bob With Layers

Curly Bob With Layers Just in case you’re wondering, curly babes can wear long bobs too!

The key to achieving a smooth feel is to create an interesting shape with lots of layers.

These layers give roundness to this haircut. Add beautiful highlights and curled side bangs for extra style.

#6: Inverted Long Bob

Inverted Long Bob Who doesn’t love an upside down bob? This style is great for slimming a round face shape or hiding the harsh lines of a square face.

To create an inverted bob, the bottom layers are shortened and the hair takes on a rounded shape. The pieces framing the face are long. Here they hang over the collarbones and the hair is silky soft.

#7: Straight Blonde Long Bob

Straight Blonde Long Bob Don’t be afraid to show some root growth on a long bob. This style was shunned in the past, but these days it is not only acceptable but also popular. We love the slight stature of this straight blonde bob.

Another great aspect of this look is the slightly off-center part. If you think the center piece is too stark, consider this arrangement to change up your look.

#8: Platinum Gray Long Bob

Platinum Gray Long Bob With a long bob hairstyle, it can be fun to play with color. If you’re used to being blonde, you might want to complete your look with a trendy platinum gray shade like this one.

It’s also proof that long bobs are great for older women too. We love this textured look with subtle layers carved throughout.

#9: Textured Long Bob

Textured Long Bob Long bobs are great because they are versatile. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your hairstyle or find a beautiful way to wear it every day, consider soft, textured waves like these.

When the hair is tied into a long braid, you will still have enough length to show off the thin and sexy curls.

#10: Curly Red Bob

Curly Red Bob Curly hair looks great in a long bob. Since curly hair is denser, try to keep it as long as possible to avoid uncontrolled volume.

These curls are loose, but tighter curls work well with some layers. With a long bob curly hair becomes easy to manage reat the pink color as they would the rest of the lighter blonde highlights and paint sparingly.


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