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22 Short Wavy Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

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A short wavy haircut is an attractive women’s hairstyle that runs from jaw to shoulder length that is hairstyled with waves. With a slick, clean strand being embraced for their stylishly low-maintenance need, everyone is eager to get into this gorgeous hairstyle! The A-listers as well as Hollywood celebrities Emily Ratajkowski, Miranda Kerr Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Alexa Chung shaved off their long locks, and wore to this chic short style and did you know? You can now create their gorgeous and wavy hair yours! Talk to your trusted hairdresser about your preferred length and the style of your waves, since these play a crucial factor in making your cut that is perfect for you. Be aware that oval, round and heart-shaped faces are the best for the wavy-bob style and your hair’s density will determine how you’d like your beautiful curls to lie and dance. Learn how hairstylist, stylist and expert in beach waves Sonia Elise from Malibu snips her clients to perfection using natural-looking wavy highlights that match and stunning hair texture. For a wavy-looking hairstyle that is naturally dimensional, you can use light-weight products such as styling balm, texturizing balm or spray. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be on the move and ready to take on the world within a matter of minutes! Explore this latest gallery and find the hottest short wavy bob hairstyles and hairstyles for your next hair salon!

Chin-Length Wavy Bob

#1: Chin-Length Wavy Bob

You should think about a chin-length wavy hairstyle If you’ve been looking for the perfect short haircut that offers both texture and movement. Get rid of your end-of-the-line because this sharp long chin-length bob is set to transform your life. This cut is perfect for any hair type however, it is particularly suited for the finer hair type, since the blunt length makes the ends appear bigger and more hefty. Add messy waves if you’re trying for a way to add volume and texture and finish it off with a texture spray and then rough it up using your hands, and voila – you’re appearing stunning.

wavy short bob with blonde highlights

#2: Wavy Short Bob, with Blonde Highlights

A wavy, short bob with blonde highlights and bangs that are curtain-style is ideal for women with wide or round faces since it conceals the side of the face, giving the illusion of being narrower. Highlights add extra dimension and texture that is ideal for medium to fine hair thicknesses. Use a tong to curl or straighteners. You can also spray it with hairspray and play around with your fingers.

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Short Cute Dark Brunette Bob with Waves

#3 Cute dark Brunette Bob and Waves

Consider the dark brunette wavy bob when your hair is making you feel weighed down. Cutting your hair shorter can make you feel more relaxed and helps your hair appear healthier. You can ask for soft layers and a bit of face-framing and the result will be amazing. If you’ve got wavy hair you can dry it with air. Straight haired women will require some curl using the help of a brush. Request an oil-free sealer to really let that brunette shine.

the angled wavy bob haircut

#4: The Angled Bob

This short, angled wavy hairstyle is beautifully stacked, featuring subtle blonde highlights. For a gorgeous beach wave you can use your Babyliss 1” curling iron.

choppy bob for wavy hair

#5: The Choppy Bob

The messy and unruly shorter wavy bob isn’t a sloppy look, but rather it’s an edgy vibe of your normal shoulder length hair.

short wavy bob with bangs haircut

#6 The 6th Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

A haircut for your bangs is juxtaposed with a shorter shaggy cut that is trimmed to your hair tips. A short, wavy bob with bangs is ideal to women who have rounder faces as it creates a round frame around your face.

wavy bob with fringe

7: Wavy Bob with Fringe

The chocolate-brown transition is stunning with curls and a curtain fringe. If you’re looking for a cute short wavy bob hair this is the style you’ve been searching for. This hair color is ideal for people with fair skin and the fringe is perfect for those who wish to draw attention to their eyes.

Short wavy a line bob

#8: A-Line Bob

This is a stunning short bob cut in the A-line. Short wavy bobs look great when styled in loose waves which give a chic and messy look. If you’ve got naturally curly hair you can try using a straightening tool the night prior to. The next day, add some light products or wet your hair, twirl it and let it dry naturally.

blonde wavy bob hairstyle

#9: Blonde Wavy Bob

If you’re blonde who wants a shorter Wavy Bob haircut, then this hairstyle and shade is the perfect starting point. The lively combination of A-line cut and the short beach waves creates a modern and contemporary look. This is especially appealing when you have blonde hair and thick and lively hair.

Short wavy graduated bob

#10: Graduated Bob

Longer layers can be found when you climb towards the top, creating this gorgeous bob that has graduated. The secret to getting the most beautiful short wavy haircuts is to make the cut more round in form. This helps maintain its natural shape when the hair is growing out.

Short wavy sew in bob

#11: Sew In Bob for Black Hair

This brown sew-in wavy hairstyle is a versatile hairstyle. The short wavy bob style is suitable for any professional setting, and is ideal for night-outs. I suggest cutting off freshly cut ends (long layers, if you can) and regular treatments to ensure longevity for this hairstyle. Also, having the proper amount of heat protection will benefit your hair! Be aware of your hair and your life style! The most dangerous thing we could do is to rush and find the hairstyle we want but we don’t like it. If you have very straight hair and aren’t able to maintain an elongated curl, it might be better to look into the roller set or an asymmetrical perm instead. A different scenario is when your hair isn’t properly trained. When I say trained, I mean that it was that it has been styled and treated regularly and it’s simple for your hair to change back to its original form. Additionally, if you’re someone who likes who is a regular exerciser then this might be an issue without pining it up. But, this look is awe-inspiring! This is why this look is great for women who are styled often and who want to maintain the appearance. For styling, apply an application of moisture steam, followed by a moderate heat round brush blow-dry as well as dusting the cut. Utilize a mix of heated sprays as well as thermal ones to complete the appearance. At times, a little spray of shine spray may be applied.

messy wavy layered bob hairstyle

#12: Messy Wavy Layered Bob

A short, textured and wavy bob with the perfect mix of sexy, messy, and doesn’t appear too sexy. Short hairstyles are suitable for any face type that requires some softness on their face. To style at home, apply the lightest salt spray or mousse or salt spray, then blow-dry using a shine and wax spray or dry the hair with a texture spray. The short wavy hairstyles are ideal for women who are active or on the go women as they look best when it is brushed.

shaggy, stacked and wavy hairstyle

#13: Shaggy, Stacked and Wavy Hairstyle

The shaggy, wavy and stacked bob style for short hair is the most easy to maintain. There’s no effort required because the style is constructed so that you do not have to think about the best way you will style it. It’s one of my most-loved cuts since it is great anytime, any day at any time. If you are considering a bob cut for short hair with wavy texture, ask your stylist to utilize naturally round details of your hair to give volume to the entire cut. It will create an organic and timeless look. The bob cut looks fantastic for all hair types but the most crucial aspect to maintaining this look is to find the best product that suits your hair’s type. Because the cut is designed with styling, it’s extremely easy to maintain.

Wavy Inverted Bob

#14: Wavy Inverted Bob

Incorporating wavy curls into an inverted short, wavy haircut will highlight the depth of the hair while adding the sass to an otherwise classic cut. This bob cut short for wavy hair is perfect for women who want to be able to style their hair in a variety of ways since it looks stunning when straightened. Because the length is kept at the front it is able to flatter all face forms. It is possible to style this using the flat iron. Protect your hair from heat when using flat irons or curling irons. When the curls have established, a light-hold spray is needed to hold the curls however, they should still be able to move.

a very short wavy bob hairstyle

#15: A Very Short Bob

If you have a short, curly bob, you’ll enjoy healthy hair with some length still enjoy. This is a great choice for anyone who wants shorter hair, but not the pixie look and also offers a natural texture or body to their hair! Short bobs for curly hair are perfect for women with the natural curls and bends within their hair. It is possible to remove weight beneath the occipital bone in order to stop the back from sagging out to the area where hair is thickest and therefore it is suitable with thick hair too. This is an easy and fresh look for women who are always on the go with a texturizing cream to add more dimension and control. To style this wavy bob you can use Oribe Matte Waves followed by a part dry or diffused. A flat iron or wand will give you an effortless wavy appearance if your hair isn’t cooperating. This cut is suitable for all facial shapes. For round faces, it is possible to create more length in the front of the face to create a longer appearance.

cute curly wavy bob for women over 40

#16: Cute Curly Wavy Bob for Over 40

A bob with wavy, shorter hair is great for women who are older than 40 as it’s extremely versatile and is effortlessly curled and smoothed. It’s a classic style of bob and fringe that has modernized twists it’s a simple hairstyle that only requires a quick flick of curly hair, smoothing out the fringe and you’re prepared for your day! There’s a variation on this short cut that could be appropriate for different hair kinds. Hair with more volume can be styled with a forward fringe, curtains bangs for fine hair, or a side-part fringe that can be used for a variety of styling. To style, this waved bob can be styled using the smoothing iron along with either a comb as well as the paddle brush. Make a C-shape beginning at the base and working downwards toward the ends. A heat-protectant spray can be ideal for daily refreshes that don’t damage the shorter pieces. If you’re looking for short curly bob, with the absence of direct heating, just twirling several pieces at a time and letting it dry will keep the side bangs. If you’re an physically active person, acquiring basic twists, braids or even having some hairpins or hairbands can allow for the quick brush of hair off the face.

Short Wavy Bob for Women Over Fifty

#17: Flattering for Women Over 50

A short bob with curly hair can be flattering for women who are over 50 since the hair can be styled numerous ways. It is possible to air dry and then finger curl and blow it out straight or curl it using the curling iron. This is a trendy and fashionable hairstyle that is a hybrid! Every woman can sport this style with only minor modifications to suit facial shape. For this look, apply the root lifter as well as an all-day humidity defense to stop the hair from getting frizzy in humid weather. The likelihood is that someone with little knowledge will be able to create this look in around 30 minutes of blow-drying, curling and blow-drying with a curling iron.

Short wavy pixie bob with an undercut

18: Pixie Bob with an undercut

A pixie bob cut undercut on short wavy hair looks stunning when paired with the caramel balayage shade. The color offers an ethereal to dramatic shift depending on what the desired brightness is at the ends. It is a hairstyle that can be styled straight, waved, pin-up, parted in either direction, or combing forward or back. Pixie bobs cut undercut for wavy hair are perfect for women with coarse or thick hair as it gets rid of bulk but yet appears full. If you have medium-to thin hair, the cut may be suitable for you as well. The majority of people have hair in the nape than the sides and the top. For styling this pixie bob I suggest using Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream and Keune Care Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum to blow-dry and then curl with a flat iron and apply Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray to complete. If you have hair that is finer I would suggest applying volumizing products such as Keune Style Blowout Gelee or Keune Style Thickening Cream to blow dry , and Keune Style Sea Salt Mist to complete. The bobs that are cut are extremely versatile and can be worn with every face shape. they can be cut very short on the top or make longer until mid-neck length. An undercut could be located in the nape or above the nape ears, or as an upper shave. It is a plethora of possibilities in lengths, styles and sizes.

the blunt bob for wavy hair

#19: The Blunt Bob

This is a stylish look. Straightening the ends makes for a chic look. If you have a stronger bones, it is possible that you can take pleasure in this stunning short, blunt wavy cut by adding gentle waves into the look. A short, blunt cut will give your hair a more light texture. The urban cut was developed by using a cutting method that is suited to every hair type and style because it’s no longer only about cutting hair , but as well as delivering style and style. If you’re a woman who wants a short cut with a blunt cut it is important to choose the appropriate products to match your hair’s style.

Asymmetrical Bob

#20: Asymmetrical Bob

A chin-length, asymmetrical, texturized haircut for short wavy hair will emphasize the jawline, and lengthen your face. Hair with a medium texture is great for styling with soft waves for an illusion of volume as well as an ethereal, textured look. The addition of a blonde balayage emphasizes both angles with purpose. One side highlights the jawline while the other is to create the illusion of hair that will draw your eyes downwards. This is a different approach to the asymmetrical bobs, think about texturing weight out rather than heavy layers. I like moderate to fine texture suitable for creating soft curls, instead of coarse to thick hair which can make more curly curls that are more structured. For styling this look, Materialist created by Kerastase is a fantastic thickening spray to spray on your hands to create a great distribution prior to blow-outs for extra dimension and control. A final touch with an iron that is 1 1/2 inches long will give the hair a polished appearance. The great thing about wavy, short bobs is that with properly hair texture, you can go for days without washing your hair and remain gorgeous.

short blunt bob with beach waves

#21: A Short, Blonde Bob With Beach Waves

Blunt bobs seem to be in fashion these days, so you can pair the short blunt bob with beach waves to create an easy and trendy style. Hair that is tousled gives a chic and relaxed vibe to any style and aids in creating soft volume throughout your hair. For a more beachy look add a little sea salt spray over your hair before slicing it into a scrunch.

messy wavy bob with middle part

22: Messy Wavy Bob with Middle Part

Do a middle-part bob , with a few messy waves instead of the straight-style general. It’s softer and enjoyable alternative to create a unique style. The look can be easily made by using a large barrel iron and a small spray of working and lots of finger styling.

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