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24 Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hairstyles that are Cute and Easy

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Highlights are definitely an enjoyable method to add some spice to your hair. Balyage hairstyles are particularly appealing. They can give your hair the natural, soft look and add a fresh dimension of colour. We all get bored of our hair shade, but aren’t ready to completely eliminate it. Highlights can be a wonderful way to add some heft to your hair’s coloring But do you really want big, chunky, obvious streaks? What if you’re seeking cute, easy hairstyles that allow you to highlight your hair color and retain a natural appearance? Balayage hairstyles are a highlight technique that does precisely this. Take a look at these hairstyles for Balayage below for some ideas for your next adorable hair color:

1) Easy and Flirty Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Easy and Flirty Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Are you looking for fun and new hairstyles? These highlights are a great way to emphasize the blonde. This beachy, fun color is slowly introduced from the dark brown roots. With darker highlights in the lower part this is a fantastic summer style for those who want the perfect blend of subtlety and drama simultaneously.

2) Beautiful and Golden

Beautiful and Golden

If you’re looking to keep dark hair while adding highlights it is a gorgeous mix of golden, dark and nearly white blonde. This balayage-style mix is more in the style of the ombre look – the darker shade fades to more of a dark blonde at the top, and then fades to more of a lighter hue towards the lower.

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3) Caramel-to-Blonde Flowing Balayage Beauty

Caramel-to-Blonde Flowing Balayage Beauty

If you have hair that is longer and a balayage-style of highlights on your hair can be accentuated even more. When you color your hair specifically in this type, there’s plenty of space for a long head of hair to let every shade to shine. The caramel is a perfect and effortless transition between darker roots and the undertones, and highlights of platinum blonde.

4) Frosty Blonde Textured Balayage Hair Highlights

Frosty Blonde Textured Balayage Hair Highlights

Balayage is so versatile because you can incorporate an array of diverse shades to your hair, and still appear natural. This style are gentle shades which give a more icy appearance. In contrast to the darker shades this look is stunningly smooth and textured.

5) Soft-and-Subtle Blonde Hair

Soft-and-Subtle Blonde Hair

If you want a more subtle style of balayage that still has unique it is a gorgeous alternative. The highlights of blonde are made slightly darker to allow for a simpler appearance. There are many shades that blend seamlessly to create a look that is that is so subtle, it’s simply stunning. If you’re looking to play with your hair’s color but not be too bold it is a straightforward and beautiful look.

6) Bold Ombre Balayage Textured Hairstyle

Bold Ombre Balayage Textured Hairstyle

Sometimes, the fashion of your shade can be both balayage as well as ombre. The overall tones of this super cool style begin with a distinct dark shade, before gradually fading to a striking and stunning bleach blonde color. The techniques here are almost all blonde, however the mixing technique used here is an elongated effect that is the hallmark of the highlight technique of balayage.

7) Ombre Balayge Beautiful Princess Locks

Ombre Balayge Beautiful Princess Locks

Another style that is the blend of a balayage effect and an ombre effect this striking look is particularly beautiful with long hair. As you can see in this instance the addition of curls makes it appear beautiful and effortless. It gives it that perfect princess-like appearance that we all want.

8) Flawlessly Fading Blonde Look

Flawlessly Fading Blonde Look

This is a great representation of the very definition of balayage: the highlights appear to be flawlessly flowing throughout the hair. This style, with brunette hair that has blonde highlights weaves blonde highlights in from every point on the head. On the front the blonde highlights stretch all the way toward the top. This is an excellent example of the sun-kissed effect that you can achieve with highlights in the balayage style.

9) Full Spectrum Blonde Hair

Full Spectrum Blonde Hair

This style allows you to highlight almost every blonde shade that you can think of on your highlights. Each shade is precisely placed to give it that natural look you expect from highlights that are balayage. Even people with darker hair can get a gorgeous blonde appearance with this type of hairstyle.

10) Subtle Dark-to-Light Ombre Balayage Highlight

Subtle Dark-to-Light Ombre Balayage Highlight

At first look, it appears as it’s a completely blonde hairstyle. It’s easy to miss the tiny portion of hair that is darker on the top. The subtlety of this style is also elegant , allowing each blonde shade show through. The darker tones at the top of the list can be seen throughout the entire collection. They’re just so seamlessly integrated that you don’t even realize that it’s there.

11) Effortless Hairstyle for Light Hair

Effortless Hairstyle for Light Hair

Balyage hair styles can be very effective for naturally lighter hair, too. With this hairstyle there isn’t a noticeable darker section of hair. This technique of blending works great if your hair is typically lighter however, you’d like to enhance the look and feel you get from the balayage hairstyle.

12.) Blonde Bombshell with Lowlights

Blonde Bombshell with Lowlights

In this look the highlights stand out enough to make the lowlights which stand out the most. The darker hair strands that are woven flawlessly throughout the hair raise the blonde hair to a whole new dimension. This is a beautiful way to style your hair if you are looking to go blonde hair and want it to appear natural.

13) Sunny Winter Frost

Sunny Winter Frost

If you want to make a dramatic shift between dark and light it’s a great hairstyle suitable for any season. The frosty tips work perfectly with a cold wintery look, but shine and glow in the summer sunshine. The brilliance of blonde is evident when combined with darker shadows.

14) Golden Sunshine Gradual Bayalage Hairstyle Idea

Golden Sunshine Gradual Bayalage Hairstyle Idea

For a soft and gradual ombre transition between your natural dark brown and glowing blonde, look at these golden caramel-like highlighted highlights that are swept through the hair. This enticing color scheme reminds us of a baked marshmallow, giving us an inviting, warm feeling with a unique hair shade.

15) Golden Beach Wave

Golden Beach Wave

Another timeless beachy sun-kissed style hairstyle, these classic blonde locks appear to flow forever down from darker tones on the top. It’s impossible to tell where the change is beginning and ending in this fashion creating the illusion that your hair has been tamed by the summer sun. the sun, not an afternoon in the salon.

16) All-Natural Blonde Highlights

All-Natural Blonde Highlights

These highlights are arranged so that they sweep across the hair’s top layer. Instead of slowly fading into an ombre effect, these highlights start from the top, but let the naturally darker shades appear to allow some gorgeous hair shades. This is perfect for people who would like to look blonde but you don’t want reveal that it’s fake.

17) Curly Effect

Curly Effect

Add dimension to your hair color , and especially successful when you have curly hair. With curly hair laid across your skin in such a beautiful smooth way, it will enhance with added dimension that comes with having a variety of colors. Color and curly hair can work together!

18) Natural Tow-Head

Natural Tow-Head

Children can be blessed with gorgeous white blonde hair, which can slowly darken as they grow older. The balayage highlights here are applied using an ethereal blonde shade in a manner the hair appears appear to be that innocent, soft blonde, almost as if it had never was a part of the hair you grew up with.

19) Gradient Balayage Blonde Highlights

Gradient Balayage Blonde Highlights

In terms of hair color, you can get an ideal blend of the two. This charming style proves it is possible to have gorgeous platinum blonde and gentle golden blonde simultaneously. Each color is gently swept through a darker natural shade to create a beautiful variation of color.

20) Flirty and Fun Blonde Highlights

Flirty and Fun Blonde Highlights

The addition of balayage highlights to the shorter hairstyle will yield amazing results too. These frosty tips fade from a naturally dark hue on this cut will give your look the look of a flirty and fun style and still unique and not too extravagant.

21) Flirty All Season Balayage Hairstyle

Flirty All Season Balayage Hairstyle

This is another stunning look that is very versatile. Darker highlights are a gold hue, which adds an enchanting sun-kissed look to the look. But, this hairstyle also features those gorgeous frizzy ends that are ideal for those looking to brighten up your winter-time hair.

22) Ultra-Textured Summer Blonde Hair

Ultra-Textured Summer Blonde Hair

There is a variety of blonde shades available in this style of highlighted. This is a smooth and easy hairstyle that’s executed in a particular manner to create the next summer fashion. The lighter highlights that are visible on the outermost layers of your hair allows the golden hues to shine through, perfectly sun-kissed and totally cool.

23) Polarizing Dark-to-Light Hairstyle Idea

Polarizing Dark-to-Light Hairstyle Idea

Who said a Balayage type of highlights cannot be bold as you would like the look to be? You might see this type of style as more of a method to increase the dimension of your look while appearing natural but it can be an excellent option for a bolder appearance too. This style is polarized by dark hair on top, and white tips that are frosty on the bottom to create an exuberant version of Balayage highlights.

24) Easy, Creamy Caramel Hairstyle

Easy, Creamy Caramel Hairstyle

A hairstyle that is effortless and beautiful, these delicately placed caramel highlights fall to a gorgeous soft blonde on the ends. The entire hues blend together to create a gorgeous mix of gorgeous shades and textures. It is a perfect way to blend the dark with the light!

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