There are a variety of different versions of blonde strawberry hair available. There are some natural shades and some are created by salon hairdressers and DIY queens using boxes of dyes. Whatever you decide to do, whether you opt to have your hair styled in a salon or go with DIY approach however, you must be aware of the color you’d like to have prior to beginning the process. This list will help you in determining which of these stunning strawberry hues will be perfect for your next stylish and simple hairstyle for the year the year 2018. Before we get into the list, we’d like to offer some tips on how to get your strawberry blonde hair in a DIY fashion before you go to the market to purchase a box with strawberry blonde dye!

1) Trendy Pink Toned Beachy Waves

Trendy Pink Toned Beachy Waves

The loose, beachy waves are trending right now and are a look that can be created easily at your home within a relatively short period of time. To replicate this look you’ll need more curling irons for barrels and a texturizing spray to make your hair look more attractive. The beachy waves highlight the two-tone strawberry blonde!

2) Edgy Chic Strawberry Blonde Bob

Edgy Chic Strawberry Blonde Bob

Many people believe that bobs are hard to style However, as you see in this photo, the right shade and cut work well together. This strawberry blonde is accentuated by darker tones. You can easily achieve this look at home with an iron with a flat surface and you’ll leave the house going!

3) Long Luscious Subtle Strawberry Blonde

Long Luscious Subtle Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde doesn’t have to be a striking color, especially in the case of natural red hair. This is a great way to showcase a delicate strawberry hue that can bring out the beauty of your hair. Another benefit of this style is that it looks natural and curly which makes it easy to create!

4) Brown, Blonde, and Strawberry Balayage

Brown, Blonde, and Strawberry Balayage

Are you a brunette or blonde who just wants to dip your toes into the strawberry-blonde pool before making an extreme change? This is the ideal colour for transitions between brunettes and blondes because it has a gentle warmth, without the dramatic red or pink tones. You can show off your style by curling your hair loosely!

5) Sexy Blonde Based Strawberry Blonde

Sexy Blonde Based Strawberry Blonde

This is a excellent color option for hair that has a natural blonde. With gentle strawberry blonde highlights you can add warm hair, while preserving the natural appearance and color. It will also require more manageable since you’re not coloring your entire hair.

6) Strawberry and Vanilla on Ice

Strawberry and Vanilla on Ice

If you’re looking for hair colors with amazing pigmentation that is sure to make you stand out This combination is for you! The deep strawberry and vanilla hues look amazing when styled in intricate braids, but be equally beautiful allowed to fall naturally.

7) Classic Red Toned Strawberry Blonde Hair

Classic Red Toned Strawberry Blonde Hair

This is the ideal style to get if you’re looking for something more red in the sense of the strawberry blonde hair color. This is a fantastic shade for anyone looking for a natural appearance. It is evident in the picture, this color looks amazing straight , and it would be stunning curled.

8) Soft and Subtle Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Soft and Subtle Strawberry Blonde Ombre

The color changes from a darker, root-colored color to a light strawberry blonde hue through the entire hair. Since this is an ombre style rather than traditional highlights, depending on the size of your hair you might be able to last longer between shades! This shade looks fantastic when you loosely curl the hair’s ends.

9) Bold and Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Bold and Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Are you a fan of the ombre look but want something a bit more striking? This is the ideal shade for you! This is best for longer hair, so you get the full effect of ombre. Think about the addition of extensions in your hair even if your hair isn’t naturally long!

10) Trendy Icy Strawberry Blonde Lob

Trendy Icy Strawberry Blonde Lob

This cool-toned hairstyle is perfect for those with dark roots that are present in their natural hair. The dark roots are effortlessly blended with the cool tones of blonde with warm, strawberry-pink tones. This hairstyle looks fantastic when curled on short lobs (long hair) but it would look great with long hair too!

11) Beautiful Dusty Strawberry Blonde Waves

Beautiful Dusty Strawberry Blonde Waves

The hair color is an essentially pink base, with highlights of dusty blonde scattered throughout the shade. When these two colors are used together, they produce a gorgeous, muted hue that is best viewed with gentle waves. This is an excellent color for those who want something striking but not too loud.

12) Long, Delicate strawberry blonde hair with waves

Long Delicate Strawberry Blonde Hair with Waves

If you want a simple transitional color that is great for those who want to create natural hair, opt to go with this shade! It’s great for hair that is long, so you should consider using extensions for your hairstyle even if your hair isn’t as long. This look can be styled using a curling tool for easy, effortless curls!

13) Long Frosty Strawberry Blonde Locks

Long Frosty Strawberry Blonde Locks

byleIf you’re looking for an icy look, dye your hair with strawberry blonde, by adding blonde highlights. This shade looks fantastic with an swooped-back hairstyle that can be easily done with the large curling iron, barrel or. You can add layers to this look to give your hairstyle added depth!

14) Muted Pink Tone Strawberry Blonde

Muted Pink Tone Strawberry Blonde

Have you ever dreamed of having hair that was pink? If yes, a soft strawberry blonde shade could be the answer to getting the hair you’ve always wanted but without going to a full-on pink. In a closer look at the color you will see the soft blonde integrated into it.

15) Caramel Dipped Strawberry (Blonde) Hair Color

Caramel Dipped Strawberry (Blonde) Hair Color

This is the perfect shade for a girl who is looking for the golden blonde hair shade. The strawberry hues soften those cool highlights of this hairstyle. Because it has the brown color it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to experiment with the strawberry style without commit to a red-toned hair color. This gorgeous blonde hair will surely become your next hair color!

16) Stunning Multi-Hued Strawberry Blonde

Stunning Multi-Hued Strawberry Blonde

Like you see in the image, this color is multi-hued and coloured with blonde and pinks that make a soft orange in some areas of hair. Together with the darker hair it is a fantastic shade if you’re wanting to try something new but aren’t looking for unattractive color.

17) The Perfect Pastel Strawberry Blonde

The Perfect Pastel Strawberry Blonde

This beautiful color is the perfect strawberry toned pink with cool blonde tips. Based on the natural color that your hair has, it can be a very maintenance-intensive shade as there is no change from the color of the hair to the hair’s base color So take this into account when deciding on your color.

18.) Cool-Toned Brown, with Blonde and Strawberry

Cool-Toned Brown with Blonde and Strawberry

This color is perfect to anyone who is looking for a darker strawberry-like brown color. This color takes it one level further, by adding blonde toward the ends of hair to change the shade wonderfully. If you’ve got blonde hair that is light brown to begin with, this might be a great low-maintenance hair choice for you!

19) Natural Brown with Subtle Red Tones

 Natural Brown with Subtle Red Tones

Another fantastic hair color to consider If you’re looking for something with subtle red tones and brown as the base. The lighter brown base with warm highlights could be the perfect way to test whether you like the look of strawberry blonde. one you’re looking to fully be a part of. Hairstyle this color with soft waves to highlight the lovely blend of colors.

20) Unique Strawberry and Purple Hair Color

Unique Strawberry and Purple Hair Color

Are you searching for hair coloring that is different from others? This unique color is guaranteed to impress! It begins with a dark-colored base at the roots , and gradually transforms into a violet or magenta shade before turning to a soft pink before ending in platinum tips.

21) Frosty Platinum Strawberry Blonde

This frosty style is ideal for those who want to get at the top of the spectrum that is strawberry blonde. It might require a few color changes to achieve this cool shade So be ready for dyeing your hair in a series or regularly visit the salon. You’ll be rewarded for your perseverance when you are able to achieve this stunning shade!

22) Cool and Casual Red Tones

Frosty Platinum Strawberry Blonde

A gorgeous subtle style for natural brunettes. This combination of red and blonde highlights gives this a relaxed and sophisticated shade. Straighten this look to showcase your natural beautiful shade.

23) Amped Up Natural Red Head

Cool and Casual Red Tones

A fantastic look for redheads. Adding blonde highlights can cool the shade and give you strawberry blonde look. You can achieve this look by reducing your hair’s red shade and then adding blonde highlights to add dimension and depth. You can play around with the amount of highlights to find what works best for your individual style

24) Naturally Bold and Beautiful Red

Amped Up Natural Red Head

Let your gorgeous locks go to the next level by adding this stunning warm blonde color with red and brown undertones. Make the most of a layered cut if the length of your hair lets it display all the different levels of your color! When your hair’s longer and you don’t have enough length to layer consider adding bangs!


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