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107 Quick and Easy Updos for Medium Hair to Try in 2024

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If you’ve always dreamed about being stylish with your medium hair , but you’ve always found yourself with your hair in ponytail for a whole week then this article is perfect ideal for you! We looked on the internet for simple, easy medium hairstyles to create a stylish look in just a few minutes!

I. Ponytail Updos for Medium Hair

1. Short Amped Up Ponytail

For this updated version of your regular hairstyle, you must first fix your bobby pin at the location you’d like to form the ponytail’s base and it will aid in maintaining hair’s volume. Then, pull all hair back, combing it using your fingers to achieve this sexy style. The hair tye should be covered with a second hair strand, and then spray lots of hair spray to hair to ensure it remains looking tense and airy.

Short Amped Up Ponytail

2. Hairy and messy ponytail Updos for medium hair

Keep your hair’s volume at the maximum by using these messy and teased high ponytail that’s much simpler to create than any other you’ve ever thought of. For the messy, fun look, tease your hair thoroughly before creating the form of a high ponytail.

 Messy Teased Up Ponytail

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3. A Messy Half Pulled Low Ponytail with a Headband

For this hairstyle to be interesting You’ll need the perfect headband in a color that is different to your hair. Once you’ve put the headband and pull the hair in the form of a ponytail. Stop halfway to form the desired loop. Then keep the ends free for a broom-like appearance. It’s chic and easy!

Messy Half Pulled Low Ponytail with Headband

4. Knotted Ponytail Updos for Medium Hair

This isn’t your usual ponytail braid! Take a portion of your hair, split it into two pieces, and tie it in a knot. Next, grab the remainder of your hair and tie it to the knotted pieces. Then tie it back or tie it into the ponytail!

Knotted Ponytail Updo for Medium Hair

5. Wavy Sleek High Ponytail

Once you’ve pulled it up in high ponytail, and careful covering your hair tying with a hair strand and an iron to make your ponytail curl but without being too vigorous, enough to form small waves that make an elegant style! Don’t let the color of your hair identify you. Instead, take inspiration from our selection of hairstyles that work well with black hair!

Wavy Sleek High Ponytail

6. Mini Bubble Ponytails for Medium Hair

For this feminine adorable look, begin with a middle part in your hair . Then, draw two front strands together in an elongated side ponytail. As you go towards the back, grab another strand and tie it with the first one using an elastic band of a different color Then voilĂ ! Mini bubble ponytails that take less than one minute!

 Mini Bubble Ponytails for Medium Hair

7. Jasmine Bubble Ponytail Updos for Medium Hair

Named after the famous Disney character Princess Jasmine This fun and buoyant hairstyle requires little effort and just a little hairspray.

 Jasmine Bubble Ponytail Updo

8. Short Twisted Ponytail Updos for Medium Hair

Ideal for those with hair with layers This easy but attractive style for medium hair can be achieved by pulling two hair strands out of your temples and twisting them to the nape and covering the ends with an elongated ponytail created with the hair remaining. Genius!

Short Twisted Ponytail Updo

9. Puffy High Ponytail for Kinky Curly Hair

There’s no better and more effective method to wear your curls other than pulling them up in an up-swept ponytail and letting them flow freely all over your head. The volume is stunning!

 Puffy High Ponytail for Kinky Curly Hair

II. Half-up, half-down Updos suitable for Medium Hair

10. Half Ponytail Updo for Straight Hair

Inspired by the style inspired by the look Bratz dolls, and also the retro style that is back with this season, the half ponytail style for medium hair can be a great option to make your face appear longer and hold your hair in place during the go. It is important to collect the baby hair, and then use a different colour scrunchie for this style. Also, those golden hoops an absolute must as well!

Half Ponytail Updo for Medium Hair (1)

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