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21 Gorgeous Long Pixie Haircuts

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The long pixie hairstyles are a stunning option to wear short hair. A lot of celebrities are currently sporting this look, since the ideal pixie hairstyle can be glamorous chic and elegant. This article will provide the best hairstyles and the way they work. If you’re tired of your hairstyle and need a new look then a long pixie cut might be the perfect option for you! There are a variety of pixie haircuts. It could be clean and proportional, or striking and symmetrical. It could be with an undercut, and longer over the top, or with a longer front, curly, messy wispy, shaggy messy, choppy, etc. If you’re not sure how to start There’s a good thing for you! Here are 50 examples of various long pixie hairstyles. There’s something for everyone and you’re bound to discover a style you’ll like. The pixie cut was able to climb up the charts of popularity for 2022 and is expected to impress for 2023 as well; and we’re so happy! Are you looking to increase the length of your pixie to a higher level? A longer pixie cut will keep your hair sexy, but offers some more options when you’re seeking length and versatility. In terms of hair accessory choices to trendy shades and more, a longer pixie is a charming 2023 hairstyle for a girl who’s fashionable at all times, always on the move and doesn’t hesitate to go for a cut. Pixie cuts are adorable and frame the face beautifully and creating an overall contemporary, lively, and bouncy fashion. However, if you’re worried about cutting your hair completely think about a longer pixie cut such as the 21 in the gallery below!

Cool Colors and Side Swept Bangs

What’s not to like about this style of hair? It’s vibrant and vibrant with pink, purple as well as blonde hair, the cut is absolutely stunning. It’s asymmetrical and then flipped around the ends, this fashionable and youthful look is perfect for ladies who want an exciting and flirty style with lots of body and a wavy. Add some stunning earrings and a thick set of eyeshadow like this gorgeous woman here!

longer pixie cut with long bangs - pink red yellow color

Gray and Blonde with shorter Sides

Shaved side hair was a massive success in 2021-2022 However, if you do not wish to go for it however you still desire to indulge in this look think about this cool and adorable pixie haircut. Its sides have been cut short, while the side-swept bangs remain longer, making them perfect for framing the face, especially oval or round faces. Hairstyles that pop with grey and blonde combination is extremely trendy, creating one of the most stunning hairstyles.

side view of short blonde pixie cut

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Golden Blonde Layers

Bold and edgy, this layering hairstyle has plenty of body due to the mixture of long and short layers. The front section is made long that makes the face appear more softer and gives a stunning look. We’re in love with the golden blonde shade against dark brown roots and a dazzling mix that’s stylish and chic. You can easily dress it up with a black dress , or go casual with a blue t-shirt and blue jeans.

layered short ombre pixie cut - hair color ideas

Gray Long Pixie

Gray hair has been an unfashionable style for many years however, it’s now an essential fashion trend for 2022! If you’ve been eyeing on this fun and distinctive trend, we suggest that you try it. While you’re adding it, cut your locks down into ultra long pixie layers as we can see here. It’s an excellent option for fine hair or thin hair. It can also be made to look stunning with black eyes, lips and dark brown!

short blonde pixie cut for fine thin hair

A-Side Length, with Blonde Bangs

If you leave your pixie cut longer will give you one major advantage: you are able to curl your hair! This chic cut can be cut shorter one way and leaves the other side with significant length for curls, waves and much more. Make a chic and elegant hairstyle with lots of gorgeous curls. And don’t forget add some luster to your face by adding some gorgeous glowing blonde color. Ideal for ladies and girls of all ages, no matter if you’re a teenager or over 60!

cute long curly pixie cut with bangs for girls

Funky Chocolate Brown Layers

If you’re having trouble with the excessively thick hair One easy method to reduce it and trim it down is to use some fun layers of all sizes and shapes! This fun long-layered pixie cut is adorable and casual, and has a gorgeous chocolate brown shade which looks stunning with skin that has been tanned.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Framing Long Layered Pixie – Cute, A-line Short Hairstyles

We must say that we love this hair shade. It’s deep and gorgeous ideal for the autumn and winter which is beautifully accentuated by dark shades of violet. The hair’s colour gives the overall appearance a shiny appearance. The long layer of hair frames your face stunningly. We’re absolutely in admiration of the look of this pixie cut!

long pixie cut with bangs for medium thick hair

Shaved Side Accented with Brown Highlights

Cute and stylish that’s also hot? We’re fine with it! This stunning pixie haircut shows a gritty shaving side. The remaining half is left strong and long it is easy to curl and turning back to give a classy appearance.

long pixie cut with bangs

Platinum Blonde Layered Pixie

If you imagine the term pixie haircut and think of a pixie haircut, this is what you think of with a platinum hue and hair that’s cut into tons and many gorgeous layers that run from front to back, particularly in the front where the hair can be a perfect cover for the face. The entire look is perfect, and it has a modern twist thanks to a set of big, dark pouts and gorgeous eyes that are dark.

long pixie cut for short hair

Extreme Side Shave

If you’re a girl who are into rock and roll, and who prefer coats made of leather and Doc Martins, here’s a style for you! This stylish and edgy style features a dramatic side shave that leads towards layers of long lengths that are pulled back effortlessly. The best part about this look is that you can spruce the glam with studs or dress it up by wearing a dress with heels.

edgy long pixie cut

Short in Back, Long in Front

This is a timeless style that will never get old. It’s a fantastic option for women who are older than 50, as it’s easy and chic, yet not overly extreme with a few strange cuts or layers. The sleek haircut is made with a razor-sharp cut at the back, and luscious long bangs that provide a hefty dose of softness on the face.

cute layered long pixie cut

Short Light Blonde Single Side Cut

Let’s simply give a huge applause for the stunning hairstyle. The big romantic curls are stylish and can be easily seen at the wedding or at any other fancy celebration. Let’s move on at the style: shorter on the sides, this cut is a less intense variant of the shaved-side that lets it be elegant but also fun.

long curly pixie cut

Gray and Purple One-Sided Volume

Hey, ladies. Do you want to know a hairstyle secret? Violet and gray are two of the most sought-after hair colors of 2022. In this regard it’s easy to discover why we’re in awe with this hair color. The super pale violet color highlights gorgeous gray locks to create an extremely fashionable style. The cut is long enough to leave lots of length the one side of the head that is great for faces with round faces!

long pixie cut with long bangs

Super Sleek Cut

A different iconic pixie hairstyle, this gorgeous cut has the famous deep side with a shorter length on one sideand larger lengths on the second. The hair is left smooth and straight. This is ideal for older women who desire a gorgeous hairstyle that is easy to make.

simple easy short haircut - pixie cut with long bangs

Slicked Back Lengthy Bangs

Hairy, long bangs around the face can create a soft and more feminine appearance. If you’re planning to shed your long hair and go for the look of a pixie hairstyle, you may think it’s impossible. But think again! This gorgeous long pixie hairstyle features long bangs at the front. The rest of the hair is cut extremely short. We’re loving not just the shade but also the slicked back look too!

two toned long pixie cut with colored bangs

Lengthy Top and Short Back: Layered Short Hairstyle

For women in their 30s who want to enjoy an pixie cut it is the perfect one to consider! This gorgeous cut has plenty of length across at the crown, allowing it to hang elegantly across the forehead, and then off to the side. The back is kept shorter to allow for simple hairstyles. Add some stunning light curls such as those shown here!

long curly pixie hairstyle with bangs

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

There’s a shorter length here, a longer one here, and then chopped into every length layer you can imagine. That’s the idea behind this amazing asymmetrical long pixie cut is about. The layers offer even the most thin locks an enormous amount of volume, while remaining very simple to cut and style.

simple easy long ombre pixie cut

Extra Long Side Cut

When you think of ‘pixie’ you may not be thinking of a hairstyle like this and yet it’s stunning! If you’re in need of a little length, we strongly recommend this stunning ‘do. It’s easy, sweet and stylish with a long side , while the opposite half is buzzed short. You can keep it straight and sexy or add a little wave to add some depth and flirt.

messy long asymmetrical pixie cut

Intoxicatingly Pink Layers Innumerable

Okay, if you’re searching for a bold and dazzling look-at-me-hairstyle think about this amazing and wild deep pink/purple hair shade. It’s stylish, trendy and stunning, drawing the eyes of anyone who comes across it. As for her cut style, she lets her hair long for the cutest side part. all of her hair is cut with layers in abundance. Great for adding volume!

long pixie cut - redhead -red hair color

Blunt Pixie with a Longer Side

Ideal for square faces This rough pixie is as smooth and refined as it is could be. A majority of hair gets in the same length, the one side is much longer than the opposite. Pophaircut is a simple but powerful blunt cut can wear to work, and paired with a miniskirt on a girl’s evening out.

long pixie cut for short hair

Platinum Long Layers

Glam and summery These platinum locks make an elegant appearance wherever they travel. We’re loving the long , layered layers that can be swept off to the side. With an easy flip of the ends, this sleek hairstyle can be transformed quickly. Hairstyles and haircuts that are great to wear to any event!

cute long pixie haircut with long bangs

You can clearly see the long pixie cuts can transform from wild and lively with a flurry of layers, to calm and classy with gentle curls that are ideal for homecomings or weddings.

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