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26 Shades of Burgundy Hair: Dark Red, Maroon and Red Wine Hair Color

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#11: Sleek Dark Purple Hair

Long Straight Dark Burgundy Hair

It’s the stuff of dreams to have long, smooth amethyst-colored hair. You can make it a reality by coloring your long hair a crimson-purple color and letting them fall naturally. No muss, no fuss.

#12: Exquisite Burgundy Tinted Brown hair

Long Curly Burgundy Hair

These tresses are the perfect burgundy-colored all-rounder. They have been dyed to make red-brown hair that is truly fashion-forward. This shade is great for both short and long hair.

#13: Choppy Plum-Brow Lob

Red Violet Hair Color

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Purple is a bolder and more creative option than red burgundy. It is less natural-looking than traditional burgundy tones and more fashion-forward, especially when paired with a long, choppy lob.

#14: Bright Burgundy with Black Roots

Glossy Black And Burgundy Hair

Black burgundy hair is a two-toned option. It’s also an alternative that offers a more striking contrast. This color is great for adventurous people who are willing to try new things. A balayage is a way to create a more harmonious look between the two colors.

#15: Spicy Burgundy Balayage Hair

Bright Burgundy Hair Color

For a subtle, yet striking look with different tones, ask your hairdresser for some red highlights to enhance your burgundy locks. The two-tone effect makes roots appear healthier and shinier due to their natural shine. Result.

#16: Subtle Burgundy Brown Baalayage

Black Hair With A Burgundy Tint

You can try reddish-brown hair if you are new to burgundy hair. You can achieve this look by simply balayaging your brunette hair with thin, subtle ribbons of color. This is a great way to start with burgundy brown.

#17: Burgundy & Magenta Balayage

Black Lob With Bright Burgundy Highlights

You can ask your hairdresser to create a stunning, vibrant style by combining magenta pink with deep burgundy and the base color black. Balayage is the best option, as coloring your whole head magenta can be too overwhelming.

#18: Medium Black Hair and Purple Tint

Subtle Black Purple Hair

If you have black hair or would like to add a twist to it, a purple tint style is a great choice. It’s subtle and chic but still looks good. It tends to take longer to the ends. This gives your hair a darker look at the roots and gradually lightens as it flows down to the bottom.

#19: Rich Plum Rouge Hair Color

Curly Bright Burgundy Hairstyle

Short burgundy hair styles can look just as good as long ones, especially if they are rich in color. This highly pigmented plum colour enhances your features, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

#20: Dark Chocolate Hair With Cherry Highlights

Subtle Red Highlights For Brown Hair

It’s completely different from having brunette hair highlighted with burgundy highlights. The combination of dark chocolate and cherry colors creates a delicious look that is a delight for the eyes. For fun and unique locks, ask your hairdresser to add subtle cherry highlights to dark brown hair.

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