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26 Shades of Burgundy Hair: Dark Red, Maroon and Red Wine Hair Color

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#21: Subtle Burgundy Hair Color for Rich Chocolate Hair

Long Delicate Burgundy Balayage Hair

If you prefer a subtler solution to balayage, it’s possible. It’s still stunning, but it’s best suited for those with rich chocolate hair who want to add some flavor.

#22: Black Hair with Brown Highlights and Burgundy Hair

Muted Burgundy Balayage For Black Hair

To make your black hair look like dark maroon, add warm brown highlights and burgundy-red highlights. It’s not as bold as other effects but it is still very chic.

#23: Black Hair and Ruby Balayage

Long Scarlet Balayage Hair

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Black hair with red ruby balayage, which is one of the most bold burgundy looks, is highly popular and will turn heads. This look is not for the weak-hearted. However, it’s possible to rock it with confidence.

#24: Subtle Merlot Wavy Merlot Hair

Burgundy Balayage For Thick Black Hair

This is one example of a situation where burgundy with brown makes for the perfect power duo. For the most beautiful wavy balayage effect, add soft merlot tones at the ends. You can also curl your hair with a curling iron to create defined curves.

#25: Burgundy Shag and Copper Babylights

Burgundy And Auburn Hair Color

This burgundy shag might be for you if you love dark red hair. This hairstyle looks messy but carefree and is perfect for those with copper babylights. It is an extremely fine color technique that mimics naturally blonde hair.

#26: A Purple Balayage for Black Hair

Black Hair With Subtle Purple Balayage

Applying the balayage method to black hair can quickly and easily create subtle red-purple highlights. This style is more subtle and natural-looking than an all over color. It’s elegant and classy, but still stands out from the crowd.

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