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30 New Stacked Bob Haircuts For Women 2024

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Want something fashionable and stylish? This is exactly what the hot and trendy stacked bob hairstyle offers you the latest fashions that everybody will admire. With so many advantages and a few positives and also an appearance that is suitable for all face shapes hair type, face shape and even your personal style The stacked bob certainly holds in its own when it comes to the best short hairstyles.

1 – Added Dimension and Texture

For the most attractive, stacked bob hairstyles rock the world of short hair. If you apply the stacking with an A-line-bob you’ll also add some bulk and volume to the look as well. When you include highlights or other dimensions to the mix and you’ll have a look that’s incredibly flattering regardless of what the occasion.

30 New Stacked Bob Haircuts For Women 2024

2 – Bright Purple and Sleek Stacked Bob

Colorful colors can help short bobs shine, particularly when you’re looking to stand out by showcasing your hair. You can pick your favorite shades as well. The purple color is a major draw and with all the possibilities, you could be able to be slightly naive.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 2

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3 – Lilac Toned Blonde Stacked Bob

The lilac hue is perfect when you’re looking to add some color however, not too much. A white toner can often aid you in getting the white and lilac color at home, if you’ve had the cut completed in the salon. The soft, pretty layers are the ideal way to highlight every shade that was used in the cut.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 3

4 – Soft & Stacked

These bobs stacked add layers in the back, which is why they get the name. (It almost gives away the fact in the end, isn’t it?) These layers have many uses however, and are able to be worn in conjunction with both longer or shorter layers. The most significant benefit they provide is, obviously, providing more volume to dull and lifeless locks.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 4

5 – Icy Blonde Stacked Bob

One of the greatest advantages of having short hair is that it’s generally faster and simpler to wake up and get prepared. Longer hair will take a lot more time to dry, wash and style than shorter hair. With locks like this, you’ll be dressed in no time. An extra few minutes in bed is a good idea isn’t it?

30 Stacked bob haircuts 5

6 – Seamless Stacked Bob

The problem is that you won’t be able to pull your hair in some kind messy bun or easy ponytail if you decide to go for the chop. This is usually the most shocking surprise for those who switch from short to long hair in a short time. Make sure to know what you’re dealing with when you decide to go with stacked bob haircuts like this one. It is necessary to follow some kind of hairstyle routine every morning. Do not do a quick-fix-and-go.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 8

7 – Short & Sassy Stacked Bob Haircuts

Keep it simple and chic with this adorable blonde stacked bob style. The lighter and darker tones from blonde are mixed perfectly to give this style bounce and dimension. The layers stacked to the back, and some of the sassy layers truly make the entire design seem more alive.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 11

8 – Purple Tinged Stacked Bob

If you’re looking to experiment with some new shades or colors but you don’t want to go for hues that are too bold and bright the purple-tinged look is one you can draw inspiration from. Sometimes, a subtle splash of color can make more impact than bold shades.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 12

9 – Awesome Angles Stacked Bob Haircuts

The reverse of this look requires a skilled stylist, so be sure you’re selecting the correct hairdresser to do the task. The stacked cut is a result of layers that are added onto the front in an order that they add an extra oomph and volume. If done in a incorrectly, it may cause your hair to look much more sluggish and uninteresting.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 15

10 – Grey Toned Stacked Bob & Flat Iron Curls

Curling using flat irons is now popular right now and is a lot more simple than you’d imagine to replicate at home. Instead of pulling downwards on your hair using the straightening irons, you can flick the hair instead. Different direction of the flick and tightness can give you different styles, so take an enjoyable time and see what results.

30 Stacked bob haircuts 17

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