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40 Exclusive Female Examples Of The Wolf Cut Styles 2023

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The edgy Wolf cut is taking off hairstylists are battling to make this hairstyle adaptable to any hair texture and lengths. We have compiled the results into an inspirational photo collection.

What Is a Wolf Cut and Will It Flatter You?

Before we dive into a huge selection of hairstyles for Instagram first, let us be able to answer the most important question: What is the cut called a wolf? It was created as a modern form of the shag of the 70s and the 80s mullet this cut has short, chunky layers beginning at the top and more layers that taper towards the ends. A lot of weight loss makes the wolf cut give a flattering lift at the top, and is complemented by the utmost texture across the length. What is the reason it’s known as the “wolf haircut”? It’s not clear however a number of hairstylists believe that it is a resemblance to the mane of an Wolf. The source? The wolf cuts originate from Korea.

Do you find it difficult to get the wolf-like haircut? Yes, as lots of hairdressers know how cut fashionable hairstyle of the wolf. Are wolf cuts low maintenance? This isn’t a wash-and-go style. It requires styling. Wavy and curly wolf cuts benefit from products that texturize hair (creams or mousses) Straight cuts look the best when they are buffed dry at home. How much will it cost to buy an wolf haircut? The cost is typically around $100. Do you think a wolf will cut fit your needs? The wolf haircuts look great for any hair length hair types and hair types. But straight cut wolf hair, of course will require more styling. You’ll need make a shaggy and messy appearance by curling or teasing hair products. What are the ideal face shapes? These pictures will demonstrate that there’s an ideal hairstyle for any face shape!

40 Short, Medium, and Long Hair Wolf Haircuts

This modern version of the shag is extremely versatile and enjoyable and fun, so let’s see the options available to you and how to create a wolf cut that is depending on the hair’s type length, texture, and length.

1. A thin Midi Wolf Cut with Korean Feels. Girls who do not have the luck to have a beautiful hairstyle must adopt this technique as soon as possible: curls of the crown that are styled to the front of the head creates a beautiful crown halo.

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Midi Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

2. Multi-Layer Wolf Cut Hair in Sunshine Yellow. Do you want a sultry hairstyle that you can rock in the warmer season? Combine your fashionable haircut with a bright, sunny hue and watch the flames’ tongues flitting on your face.

Vibrant Yellow Long Wolf Cut

3. The Ample Wolf Haircut, with Blowout. Although many women like this style due to its wash-and go ability, a little blow-waving is a must for hair that is straight.

Blowout for Long Wolf Cut

4. Elvish Wolf Cut for Medium Hair. This image illustrates that cut “wild” cut could be made delicate and airy with the wispy texture and layers that are well-blended.

Airy Wispy Medium Wolf Cut

5. A sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Double Contrast. It’s hard to ignore the striking cyan accent pops against silver hair. But we also love the visual contrast created by the powerful edge and soft layers.

Silver Wolf Cut with Soft Layers

6. Ethereal Long Wolf Cut with highlights. If you’re afraid of being too harsh with the cut and want to ask your hairdresser for the cut that is more delicate and have it professionally accented for a soft, airy look.

Highlighted Wolf Cut for Round Faces

7. Perfectly Cropped Wolf Cut for Curly Hair. While curly crops can be difficult to control however, an oversized curly wolf cut is an entirely different matter because it has the weight being removed from the crown, letting the ringlets slide right to the right the right place.

Coily Medium Wolf Cut

8. Chunky Wolf Cut on Brown Hair. It has a lot of pieces and bits around your face. This cut is awe-inspiringly effective at transforming the hair into a gorgeous frame to support the bone’s strong structure.

Long Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

9. The Crazy Bangs have Flipped Out The ends are flipped out. It is unlikely to come across an attractive wolf cut with no bangs because they’re a an integral part of the shag’s magic. You can however enhance the look by adding a fringe that sticks out.

Wolf Cut with a Thick Fringe

10. A Dense Shag with Color Blocking. This is another from our cut wolf designs offering to add some spice to the shag by adding chunky pieces of an contrasting color. The design has plenty in body and volume on its crown but the color adds a bit of contrast to soften the look.

Wolf Cut Idea with Peekaboo Highlights

11. Mesmerizing Wolf Cut for Long Hair. The platinum blonde locks are cut carefully to create longer crown layers and provide the desired slicing on the face.

Long Platinum Wolf Cut

12. Disconnected Layers on Long Hair. This is a bolder version of wolf cut hair for women who do not want to cut off the length. This hairstyle is well-defined and clearly separates the middle and bottom.

Long Wolf Cut with Mid-Length Layers

13. A Subtle Take on the Wolf Cut. This cut is made with longer top layers that get shorter at the end, giving more smooth overall appearance while keeping the perfect shaggy feel.

Smoother Wolf Cut with Long Layers

14. The messy Wolfcut is paired with Statement Jagged Fringe. The choppy bangs are an essential element to the shaggy appearance of the cut, however it doesn’t mean the fringe can’t conceal your gorgeous facial features.

Jagged Long Wolfcut Hair

15. Long Wolf Hair cut with Naturally all-over waves. This cut is a fantastic option for women with hair with wavy textures but not much the time (or desire) for styling because it lets you air dry your locks, then apply your favorite wavy hair products and then get ready for the day.

Wolf Haircut for Long Wavy Hair

16. Wolf Cut Hair with Feathered highlights and a smooth finish. This long mane is trimmed to remove some weight and replaced by feathered facial framing layers that open the face.

Feathered Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

17. Sleek and Light Wolf Cut Bob. This shiny blonde haircut has an elegantly clean cut and a lot of fullness on the front, giving the feeling of thicker hair.

Clean Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

19. The 70s-inspired Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs. The hairstyle is decorated with Farrah Fawcett-like flirty pieces all over the face, and an extended fringe that is parted in the middle, yet it’s not completely unkept and contemporary.

Flirty Wolf Cut with a Long Fringe

20. Wispy Wolf Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair. It’s a great idea for women who want to transition from their old-fashioned locks to something beautiful and gorgeously smooth.

Textured Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

21. Soft and illuminated Wolf Cut with Bangs. A full-length fringe that grazes the brow is a perfect alternative to curtain bangs in an wolf cut. The more because it brings more volume in the back.

Wolf Cut with a Brow-Grazing Fringe

22. Sleek Wolf Cut for Short Hair. This photo proves that this cut doesn’t have to always be messy, and the more smooth version of it can serve as a fantastic base for incredible color changes.

Smoother Wolf Cut Style

23. Fun Green-Tinged Wolf Cut for Straight Hair. While some women have a difficult time getting green out of their blondes. Others are brave enough to include the color in your rockstar braids.

Straight Fine Wolf Cut Shag

24. Lived-In Hairstyle for Thick Manes. Because clever layering lets you take extra weight off your head, while taper cutting is the ability to create waves even with straight hair You will enjoy the desired “I have woken up this way” look without any hassle.

Long Shag Hairstyle for Thick Hair

25. Face-Hugging Wolf Shag Choppy baby bangs. This one has lots of volume on the top, with thin layers, but the micro fringe helps keep it in check, drawing focus towards the eyes.

Wolf Shag with a Micro Fringe

26. Heavily Layered Face-Framing Pieces. It is likely that there is an wolf cut that is suitable for women who prefer the camouflage of tresses and with balancing particular areas that make up the facial.

Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Layers

27. Dirty Blonde Wolf Cut for Fine Hair. Here’s a fantastic illustration of the style’s voluminous effect, and it is paired with a seamless mix of shades that create more depth.

Good Volumizing Wolf Cut

28. Modern Hime Cut to Wolf Shag Transformation. Cuts like this one combine the best of shag, mullet and hime hairstyles to give you a completely unique fun style.

Playful Wolf Shag Hairstyle

29. Shaggy Blonde Beach Waves. While you’ll need some styling tools such as the use of a heat tool as well as a spray for texturing to achieve this style with ease, the beachy vibes are definitely worth the effort.

Medium Shaggy Cut with Beach Waves

30. Deep Mullet that has Sassy Bangs. This look has a super shaggy look on the top, however it’s not overwhelming when paired with glasses that are large due to the noticeable length of layers that run down the bottom.

Long Mullet with Shaggy Top

31. A Textured Fine hair with highlighted ends. The short layers that boost volume on top of the crown as well as the thick , piecey fringe work well together to provide the fine hair with the look of texture.

Medium Piece-y Cut for Fine Hair

32. Honey Blonde Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs. Didn’t we mention that wolf cuts are very flattering to different bone structures? See how effortlessly the correct shape and length can lengthen the face round, without losing any volume.

Long Wolf Cut for Round Faces

33. Sexy Peach Blonde Waves. The delicate blush blonde is gorgeous by itself, but it transforms into the most sexy look when it is incorporated in this messy look.

Disheveled Layered Hairstyle with Waves

34. Wild Wolf Shag with Bottleneck Bangs. Get your hairdresser to suggest an extended fringe that has shorter strands towards the middle, and longer sections that are tapered toward the temples. Wear it loosely and make it look cool.

Wolf Shag with a Deep Fringe

35. Fiercely Layered Vintage Hairdo. This hairstyle impresses us with lots of movement and texture on top of the gold blonde hair. It takes our attention back to the hippie-chic style of Woodstock.

Long Layered Blonde Shag

36. Blended Copper Layers that have Metallic Shine. If you’re looking to wear this trendy look, be sure that your layers are evenly distributed throughout the length, instead of having the top and bottom completely separated.

Shag with Blended Layers

37. Edgy Shoulder-Skimming Wolf Hairstyle. It’s not like anyone will advise you to keep the majority of the layers close to the face, rather than scattering them all over the head.

Wolf Hairstyle with Layers around the Face

38. Platinum Wolf Cut Mullet with Shadow Roots. People who wish to enhance their style will certainly enjoy this style that is both sculpted and a lot of contrast.

Sculptured Platinum Mullet

39. Bedhead Style with deep Auburn Curls. This dimension-based style offers easy maintenance for curly girls and can be worn with the mullet portion either up or down as they like.

Low Maintenance Shag for Curly Girls

40. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs. We love the blurred flicks and bits framing the face, and the rebellious locks that cascade down to the back.

Wolf Cut with Choppy Pieces

The wolf cut fashion is not going out of fashion any time in the near future, which means you have an excellent chance of wearing multiple versions of this stylish mullet reincarnation. Begin with a soft shape and thicker layers as you dip your toes into the style gradually moving on to more choppy styles if you feel at ease. Do not forget to take your hair-inspiration wolf haircut picture to your hair salon and best of luck!

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