Simply cut it all off! Hair that is short has many advantages in terms of style, manageability and flexibility, just to name just a few. This article will discuss 39 different angular bob styles, and give you an insight into the reasons why they’re so popular and well-known! The angled bobs are among the most flexible of all hairstyles. It is possible to wear it straight or wavy. You can also style it with in half up or updos. These are the best hairstyles to try.

The Most Inspiring Angled Bob Haircuts

#1: Blonde Contouring

wispy asymmetrical brown bob with blonde balayage

Short-angled hairstyles are characterized by gorgeous designs that can be made more attractive with color. The layers of this asymmetrical brunette hairstyle are covered in golden blonde streaks with the emphasis being on the front section that is angled.

#2: Medium Golden Bob

long wavy bob with highlights

If you’re looking for the angled bob hairstyles, photos that show the view from the side are most inspirational. These medium-sized curls are slightly angled downwards and to the shoulders, creating a more rounded appearance in front.

#3: Twisted Sister Chop

disconnected wavy ombre bob

This medium-length shoulder length design is easy to make, but oh so attractive! With longer layers angled toward the front, and then stacking on to the rear, this style can be made using large rollers, or just simple twists of curling iron. You can then spray it and go!

#4: Wavy Pastel Pink Bob

Messy Curly Lob

A soft pink hue paired with curly curls that are wavy can balance the edge of the angled hairstyle with a feminine slant. Shades that evoke unicorns are the way to go if you’re trying to showcase your charming side.

#5: Purple-Pink Asymmetrical Bob

Steeply Angled Straight Bob

Beautiful shades of magenta as well as violet brighten this elegant angle hairstyle. The subtle, subtle dye job adds visual impact, and the darker backs adding dramatic and depth of the cut.

#6: Blonde Balayage Bob

Wavy Centre-Parted Bob

Make your brown hair pop with an elegant balyage. Cool blonde accents boost the style of the chin-length bob The loose waves add to the effortless look.

#7: Choppy Blonde Hairstyle

Messy Blonde Balayage Bob

Cuts that are angled by nature create the illusion of volume hair strands that are fine. If your hairstyle is choppy and layered, it increases the volume even more. A bonus is that you don’t need to worry about your layers being neat and neat as the frizz enhances the stylish style.

#8: Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights

White Blonde Layered Stacked Bob

Platinum blonde is definitely attractive, particularly on the angled bobs. If you’re looking to stand out make sure to pair the bleached hair by adding pastel highlight and lots of volume. Make a tease of the top of the head using an extremely fine toothcomb. Use hairspray to create the look of a bob, with enough volume and height as in the photo.

#9: Brunette Medium Angled Bob

Dark Brown Angled Lob

Just barely skimming shoulders The medium-length bob an elegant choice that anyone can make. A long side-part adds an extra dimension, yet it is still elegant and chic.

#10: Loose Curls and Bangs

Messy Angled Lob With Bangs

There is nothing more delicious than bangs and curls however, a rich brown shade will keep the angled look from appearing too innocent. Frizzies and flyaways can improve this look by increasing its texture. If you’re looking for a haircut that reflects your laid-back style This messy cut is perfect for you.

11. Caramel Bob and Side Bangs

Chin-Length Bob With Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle with bangs that is angled makes an excellent case for how beautiful a simple bob can be. Side-swept hair is always an attractive option, particularly when you have straight hair. It’s a low-maintenance haircut but still stylish. Simply give it a few fluffy flutter before you go out and you’re good to go.

#12: Jet Black Long Bob

Black Angled Lob For Straight Hair

The angled front falls just below the collarbone, this lob is as sexually attractive as it is stylish. The dark black shade increases the luster. It is possible to choose highlights or colors if you are looking to enhance the style however, the dark hue is the best choice for a hairstyle that exudes confidence and polish.

#13: Voluptuous Balayage

Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Never think about the potential that loose curls can bring. Their captivating texture transforms a coif that was once boring into something that is full with volume and femininity fashion. Blonde balayage is a great way to enhance its elegance and class.

14th episode: Wavy Medium-Length Bob with Highlights

Choppy Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights

Hairstyles with angled bobs don’t necessarily require cutting styles that are dramatic and sharp to look trendy and modern like in this image and other photos. Just a bit longer at the front than in the back, there’s a significant enough difference to make it count. The slanting lines and subtle layers gives it an appearance of depth, and highlights throughout add depth.

#15: Sharp Angled Black and Purple Bob

Angled Layered Bob With Purple Highlights

The dark black base against the bright violet highlights makes for a punk-inspired style that is a step above the fashions. The sleek lines and playful shades are an ideal choice for those who want to show off their more serious side while maintaining a touch of fun.

#16: Ashen Lilac Angled Bob

Wavy Choppy Side-Parted Lob

Classic haircuts like Wavy lobs make the perfect backdrop for more daring hues. They cut down the color to ensure that your hairstyle appears slightly more refined for work or casual. Choose a subtle shade, such as this subdued shade of lilac, to create an elegant hairstyle that highlights your individuality while looking professional.

#17: Black Beauty with a Bob Stacked Bob

Steeply Angled Black Bob

If you are a fan of a short cut but you’re not able to cut off all of your locks, then why not go for a longer hairstyle that is angled. Make sure you hold on to your length by using the longer front, and then opt for the back that is stacked to achieve the desired ease with shorter hair.

#18 Angled Haircut featuring Subtle Highlights

Black Angled Stacked Bob

Sometimes, a color that is solid can appear plain, and high-contrast lines may not be the best choice for you. If you’re looking to spice up your appearance with a subtle approach highlight your hair with highlights that are one hue or two light than the base. These will add the added oomph that you’re seeking.

#19: Sunset-Hued Bob

Rose Gold Bob

The vibrant pink and peach hues make a style inspired by sunsets, with the sleek hairstyle with a angled angle as a background. The warmth of the colors is perfect for skin with tan. Additionally the chin-length strands can lengthen the face, which gives you the appearance of slimming.

#20: Grey and Wavy Tresses

Silver Blonde Choppy Bob

Grey that has been washed out gives an exotic twist to this sleek haircut. The hue looks particularly ethereal when paired with lighter skin tones, however it will still look stunning against darker skin tones. Make the most of the hairstyle with the deep side parting and let your curly locks slide across your face.

#21: Wispy Balayage

Wavy Angled Bronde Bob

Wispy waves and blonde balayage can be a great way to keep a chin-length hairstyle modern. It’s an easy and sensible option if you don’t want to go all-in with a length of bleach blonde hair. Simply add some lighter hair pieces to make your face appear more radiant and create that sought-after , trendy style.

#22: Sharp Angled Fuschia Bob

Blunt Cherry Red Angled Bob

If you want to go with bold or vibrant colors, it’s recommended to choose a slim hairstyle. If your hair is short and straight and straight, it gives the electric color the focal point. There’s no reason to think that huge curls or long locks can’t be stunning with a vibrant fuchsia color however there’s something appealing with a cut cropped that exudes class.

#23 Gorgeous Blonde Bob with Layers

Choppy Blonde Balayage Lob

With the wavy layers and highlights this bob’s short and angled has a lot of volume. This simple hairstyle is adorable however, it’s also appropriate for special occasions. In essence, with a hairstyle such as this, it’s difficult to not appear stylish every time you go out.

#24: Anakin Skywalker Bob

layered short bob with elongated front piece

Are you in search of fresh ideas for styling hair that is straight and short? Try this sleek short bob that has a little amount of layering in the back. A little violet streaks the longer front part and adds a little spice to a degree!

#25: Classy and Professional Bob

wavy chin-length bob

Hair with waves has advantages and disadvantages, and often, these waves require the shape of a bob in order to manage the waves. Try this look with a medium length for something different. It’s still an angle however it’s not as clear, giving you the chance to play between the ends.

#26: Silken Waves of Long Bob

steeply angled black bob

If you want a fresh, modern style that is stylish and ready for any occasion Try this stunning long hairstyle. A steep angle is able to shoot into the front and down and the smooth nape is adorned with the flaring line that runs across the back.

#27: 60’s Long Bob

long bob with short straight bangs

This cute and popular hairstyle offers all the advantages of a shorter style, but has enough length to go beyond the shoulders. The longer, straight hairstyles emphasize the top part of the face. soft curls in the bottom of the frame finish it gently.

#28: Asymmetrical Lob

long asymmetrical bob without bangs

Are you looking for a longer hairstyle? This classic and easy style has a tiny little bit more than the opposite side. You are able to choose which is your preferred. The bottom should be shaped to curl under, then include a side that is curving to add more depth.

#29: Sleek and Stealthy Stacked Bob

sleek angled bob

With a little bit of stacked hair in the back This angled bob is perfect for those with straight hair. The principal shape of the style is that it covers the front of the head, appearing almost like an Flapper style, however the point just below the ears suggests otherwise.

#30 Angled Bob and Bangs

asymmetrical angled bob with cropped bangs

To make a round face appear longer You want to make the front look longer. Make sure to use light side-swept bangs, which are shorter or longer, and be sure to give the ends a little of texture. The slight burgundy tinge around the tips will allow the style to sparkle through the underside.

#31 Choppy Blended Bob with Bangs

angled bob haircut with bangs

The messy, layered bob an ideal hairstyle for women who want to look a little bit stylish but also feminine. The texture of the layers makes the cut more sharp which is simple for you to wear and style every day. Due to the hefty layers of forehead bangs it creates slim appearance, diminishing the forehead while highlighting the eyes. This kind of cut is ideal for people with oval and oblong facial forms.

#32: Classic Blunt A-Line Bob

classy a-line bob haircut

The classic blunt A-line bob the classic hairstyle that is suitable for every face shape. It usually falls between the jaw and shoulder. It’s enough long to be able to wear in a ponytail , and shorter enough to stand out when styled in an updo. Additionally, it provides an appearance that resembles thicker hair!

33: Blonde Bob With Straight Bangs

blonde angled bob haircut with straight bangs

The blunt, shoulder-length cut of the bob is extremely chic glamour. It has a particular couture quality that makes the wearer shine. Since it has the collarbone length, it doesn’t appear to sag at the jawline. It makes the face appear more elongated and reduces the size of the cheeks. The forehead bangs are shaved off to highlight the lips and eyes in the most gorgeous way.

#34: Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical angled bob haircut

This asymmetrical, blunt hairstyle is very flirty and can give any face a an elegant appearance. This style is gorgeous for square faces, because its length extends beyond the jaw line, and lengthens the face. The deep side partof the face tricks the eyes into thinking it is a more narrow face shape. The asymmetrical cut looks stylish and trendy!

#35 Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs

side-parted angled bob haircut

This asymmetrical, blunt hairstyle with long bangs is incredible for people who have more rounder faces. Additionally, the delicate layers at the ends make the appearance to be more striking! This is exactly what you need when trying to make a statement in fashion.

#36: Rounded Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

angled chin-length bob haircut

Anna Wintour’s signature hairstyle is adorable and charming! It’s great for hipsters who are outgoing. The benefit that comes with a round chin length brush is that you will have enough volume and body. You can get the height you want at the crown by gently tapping or rubbing with the round brush while drying!

#37 The angle of the Haircut with Feathered Ends

short angled bob

The jaw length, feathered hairstyle is a cute way to style your hair professionally! It declares “Here’s an ambitious businesswoman” and also says, “She is young and enjoyable!” With the length reduced to a minimum, and the layering to an optimal level the feathers appear visible and they fall elegantly. This cut highlights the chin and squaring cheeks.

#38: Easy-Going Collarbone Bob

cute angled bob

A rounded lob usually is at the shoulder. It is possible to cut the ends as in the image – curled to the face to create a an elongated form to the hair cut. The flatness of the root makes it easier to emphasize the shape in the middle.

#39: Posh Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

stylish angled bob haircut

The chic bob is an incredible fashion for those who like to look fabulous every day. It’s very easy to maintain but it has a strong look! After being split in through the center, it glides across the edges of the face yet still being edgy and slick with razor-sharp angles.


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