Inverted bob haircuts are totally in style for 2022! So, get ready for some serious inspiration with this super trendy type of bob! This is an iconic cut that transcends time for women of all ages, shapes, and personalities. When bob hairstyles are inverted, they bring an edgy and dramatic short style to the traditional stacked bob haircut by having a long front while smoothly decreasing towards the back. A fuller and more bodied shape at the nape offers a flattering look to add more volume without having too much bulk. You can pair this inverted haircut with a fringe to balance an oval or heart-shaped face. Paint an inverted bob with highlights to accentuate the dimension. Or, if you have thin hair, add lots of choppy layers for a stunning texture! Tailored to fit anyone’s lifestyle, it boasts as a low-upkeep and an easy-to-style haircut. Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of inverted bob haircuts.

The Dramatic Inverted Bob

The dramatic inverted bob

The dramatic inverted bob isn’t dramatic enough without the sharp, angled perimeter. Ladies with straight locks can enjoy this chop. Such a hair type can turn this cut neater and much more flawless-looking. It may not be hard to grow out, but it needs regular trims, too!

Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs

curly inverted bob with bangs

“A curly inverted bob with bangs with some graduation is a modern twist in a classic Sassoon haircut called the shake,” according to its stylist Chrissy Hutton of London, UK. This curly bob with layers and a fringe features a “shag style at the front as the fringe connects with the layers and length,” says Hutton. Hutton recommends enhancing your natural hair texture by using Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip on wet hair. “Then, defuse the hair with a Ghd hairdryer and diffuser,” she adds.

Short Inverted Bronde Bob

Short inverted bronde bob

A short inverted bronde bob features a precisely cut short back with longer face-framing pieces. Stacked back layers create a more curved haircut. Add in bronde hair coloring, which consists of dark and light tones, to create a gorgeous dimension.

The Slightly Inverted Bob Cut

slightly inverted bob cut

The slightly inverted bob is ideal for creating a bulk, rounded shape at the back of the head. It makes a great go-to look for ladies with thin, fine locks.

Inverted Lob with Bangs

inverted lob with bangs

An inverted lob with bangs can look both cute and sexy. It works wonders on thin, fine hair. The choppy ends plus the textured style make a great match, creating this stunning wispy inverted bob. The wispy fringe can accentuate alluring eyes.

Inverted Bob with Side Swept Bangs

inverted bob with side swept bangs

This inverted bob with side-swept bangs carries out a sweet, flattering hairstyle. By side parting the hair, most ladies can nail this look! It demands less maintenance and manipulation if the hair has a fine, straight texture. This neck-length cut has layers that are subtle. Now, opt for this bob when wanting a long rounded bob.

A Very Short Inverted Stacked Bob

A Very short inverted bob

A very short inverted stacked bob is low-maintenance and easy to style. Add some texture, and any woman who pulls it off is ready to go! This haircut is perfect for tresses that need root volume. The rounded shape adds a livelier feel to the locks.

The Popular Messy Inverted Bob for Wavy Hair

The Popular Messy Inverted Bob

When a messy inverted bob pairs with waves and dimension, it radiates a lived-in vibe! The neck-length bobs are in, and they look great with a warm blonde color. Jazz the hair up with beachy waves to form a messy style, and they’ll boost the color’s texture. If you’re considering this look, keep in mind that it demands more effort to style it.

The Funky Inverted Bob With Black Dip Dye

The Funky Inverted Bob With Black Dip Dye

The funky inverted bob is something that’s trendy and fun to wear! This straight, jaw-length hair appears chic with an icy blonde hue plus the black dip dye. And, it isn’t that funky without a surprise. Try a hidden undercut to help the locks feel weightless.

Extreme Inverted Bob

extreme inverted bob

This extreme inverted bob results in a drastic makeover, so it’s not for the faint of heart. The stacked layers at the back look dramatic, creating a voluminous shape. This haircut allows longer strands at the front. Wear it is like embodying Victoria Beckham when she wore her classic, famous bob cut.


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