Messy Layered Lob

Messy Layered Lob #layeredbobhairstyles #layeredbob #hairstyles #haircuts

Teased layered looks seem never to lose their popularity. It can be a long wavy chevelure with a hint of messy oomph or a super short pixie with a textured, sassy top. The point is that messiness always makes things better, and this layered lob isn’t an exemption.

To keep up with style like this, we recommend you to wave the top portion of hair, changing the direction of curling iron by every lock.

Bronde Bob With Long Feathered Layers

Bronde Bob With Long Feathered Layers #bob #layeredhair

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out what plunge to take – blonde or brunette, you can simply find the golden ratio between the two forces. Bronde hair color is a fantastic blend of blonde and brown hues, where both colors are added equally to form the perfect balance.

And it goes without saying that such a color combination will be complementary to layered bob hairstyles. Since it features two contrastive shades, you can benefit from it by putting the lighter tone to longer front tresses and creating dimension with brown on the rest of your locks. To make the look big, ask your stylist for feathering, and you will see your bob amp up.

Bronde Bob With Thin Layers Throughout

Bronde Bob With Thin Layers Throughout #bob #layeredhair

Now, meet another side of bronde bob. Here, the new approach is taken not only to the play of shades but also to the play of layers. The lighter tone prevails on the front, whereas the brunette portion hides under the strands, making the color more organic.

As for the haircut, it consists of lots of thin layers running throughout the length, which makes every single lock so distinctive. Therefore, if you’re really into waves, make sure to steal the cut.

Finely Chopped Tousled Bob

Finely Chopped Tousled Bob #bob #layeredhair

As it turns out, tousled silhouettes are not all about crazy messy looks with various layers doing their own thing. In fact, they can be well-shaped and well-groomed cuts with a slight hint of tousling that adds more interest to the whole look. Of course, it requires a properly cut bob and close attention to the edges, so finding a skilled stylist is a must. Once you get a look, your hair type and face shape won’t ever matter: this cut will take all matters in its hands.

Deep Side Part Bob With Waves

Deep Side Part Bob With Waves #bob #layeredhair

With the styling tools, a deep side part can showcase the natural hair you never think you had. A round brush and a nozzle attachment on your blow dryer are the two fundamentals for a perfectly styled side parted bob. To recreate this indescribable wavy bob, you need to start drying your side-parted hair from the very roots, holding the tool at an angle so that it gives a fuller shape. Then, use a cool shot button to lock the volumized roots in place and go on to create waves. Needless to say, they will look their best if you do them on layered hair.

Messy Bob With Stacked V-Cut Layers

Messy Bob With Stacked V-Cut Layers #bob #layeredhair

Although V-cut layers are more famous for their longer version, they actually work wonders when done on short bob haircuts. And while many women who need a volumetric haircut simply go for a stacked bob, you can go a slightly different way and opt for stacked layers on a classic bob. They will create a lot of movement and dynamics to your hair while giving a sharp and, most importantly, voluminous appearance. A tip: a touch of messiness will set the charm of the look into motion.

Dishwater Blonde Bob With Layers

Dishwater Blonde Bob With Layers #bob #layeredhair

Dishwater blonde is another stunning match to layered bob hairstyles whatever they are. In general, this color is a blend of neutral blonde and dark brown hues that from a harmonic dark blonde ensemble. And should we mention how awesomely this color can reveal the beauty of layers? The words, indeed, are not enough to describe how youthful and modern your look can be, so we’d better let this pic do the talking.

Sophisticated Bob With Subtle Layers

Sophisticated Bob With Subtle Layers #bob #layeredhair

If you don’t want to go too much with edge and definition, subtle layers will do just great for your delicate and moderate image. They will spruce up your hair with some natural movement and give your bob a balanced shape, without creating a super defined, drastic, and sharp finish. Besides, you can turn your bob into an amazing wash-and-go in this way.

Touchable Easy Wear Bob

Touchable Easy Wear Bob #bob #layeredhair

On properly layered bob hairstyles, waves can stay in place all day long without fear of weighing down or splitting up. In other words, you can shake your head, touch those waves, and do whatever you please if your natural hair pattern is slightly wavy by default.

When you get the edges layered and unlock the wavy charm, let styling products come in. Wash your hair, apply some softening mousse for wave definition on your damp hair, lock the style with a hairdryer, and look in the mirror to get amazed.

Angled Greyish Bob

Angled Greyish Bob #bob #layeredhair

If not a strikingly structured bob, what can make the gray hair trend complete? Colors and cuts have always gone hand in hand, don’t forget about it. Grey and platinum hair colors, for instance, look their best on sleek and straight hair, as such texture enhances their shiny and glossy tones.

This idea seems to have perfected the sleek grey hair look with its creative angled twist. By the way, the lower layers are a bit lighter than the rest of the hair in order to make the color transition more dynamic.

Blonde Shaggy Layers

Blonde Shaggy Layers #bob #layeredhair

Layers have come to this world to open you the doors into another world, the world of endless experiments. They split into many different cutting techniques with which you can build a flattering look that will make you stand out in the crowd. This time, the layers are horizontal and gradual. Short layers on the top work for volume and movement while long cascading layers at the bottom create a fantastic round shape. Yes, shaggy layered bob hairstyles are full of surprises. To make them work for your face shape, you can also spice them up with bangs. But, make sure to ask your stylist for a seamless blend between the fringe and your layers.


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