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45 Cute and Effortless Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

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#11: Straight Straight Cut with Blunt Bangs

Straight, slender bangs that are sleek and sleek can be a perfect complement to blonde bombshells. If you’re wearing this hairstyle throughout the summer it is certain that the sun will be there to shine through your best features. If you are planning to go out make sure to curl a few pieces to give feminine, soft touches.

Blunt Bangs For Long Layered Hair

#12 A Rich Brunette Shag Featuring Dynamic Waves

Layered bangs with a rich texture always make it easier to save time looking in the mirror every morning. Instead of styling your hair with sprays or an iron, you can make your own cup of coffee to bring to work.

Long Hairstyle With Waves And Layered Bangs

#13: Shattered Bronde with Bangs

We are the very first ones to proclaim that long-layered hairstyles with longer bangs have returned! This gorgeous shaggy style with textures all over is making a comeback. With fullness and bounce at the top you’ll find yourself moving your fingers through your hair from time to time.

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Long Shag Haircut With Long Bangs

#14: LONG Cut featuring Delicate Face-Framing

Add some spice to your long-layered outfits by adding fringe. Bangs do not have to be over the top and can be cut in a subtle way in order to fram your facial features beginning at the cheekbones.

Long Layered Black Hair

#15: Layered Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Hair that is layered and parted work with each other like peas within one pod. Make a dramatic smokey eye for a glamorous look, or wear those cool sunglasses at the beach to finish the look.

Long Layered Hair With Parted Bangs

16: Sexy Layered Styled and Long Peekaboo Bangs

If you have thick and long hair Then peek-a-boo bangs are created specifically for you! Bangs with long layers are instantly attractive when swept sideways. Be sure to keep the length of your bangs, but ideally, you should start your hairline on the side of your chin.

Long Layered Cut With Bangs For Thick Hair

17. Dramatic Long Brunette Shag with waves

What can you do to improve your long-layered locks of hair to take it up a? Give a little kink several layers that are shorter. The bangs that are short and thin can be tied back to keep them in place for night-time parties or tucked loosely on the forehead to create an easy look.

Long Shag With Thinned Out Bangs

#18: Long Cut featuring Feathered, Highlighted and Feathered ends.

Layered hair with feathered edges and highlights can’t get any more beautiful. If your style in for is lively and flirty, feathered could be the perfect choice for you. With face-framing bangs that draw attention to your eyes, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be the person to be noticed by everyone.

Layered Hair With Face Framing Bangs

#19: Brunette Balayage for Thick Hair

This gorgeous hairstyle is stunning. The hair is full and layered with subtle balayage highlights of light brown that become more fuller toward the end. That’s a beautiful idea for making your hair appear bright, but not overly out of place.

Long Balayage Hair With Straight Bangs

#20: Gorgeous Layered Cut for Thick Long Hair

A sweeping style is ideal for hair that is layered because they make the appearance natural and seamless. Hair that is thick can take the style the best, since you’ll require some volume for backup.

Layered Cut With Long Side Bangs

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