If you’re unhappy with your hairstyle and need a new look A long pixie cut might be the perfect idea for you! There are numerous kinds of long pixie hairstyles. It can be sleek and proportional, or strong and asymmetrical, with an undercut that is longer on top, or with a longer front. loose, messy wispy, shaggy messy, choppy, etc. If you’re not sure how to begin your search There’s a good thing for you! We’ve put together 47 examples of various long pixie hairstyles. There’s something to suit everyone, and you’re sure to find a hairstyle you’ll enjoy.

1. Asymmetrical Silver Pixie Bob. Silver gray has an extended fringe that is side-swept on one side. This creates a sleekand uniform look. The two different tones create a pop!

2. A tapered Pixie Bob featuring Ash Blonde Highlights. The soft feathering and highlights of this long pixie will make a lasting impression on anyone!

3. Long Sleek Undercut Pixie. The shiny layers of honey blonde are perfect for highlighting your cheekbones. It could be a fantastic dimension-enhancing hairstyle for people who have fine hair.

4. Silver Choppy Pixie with long Bangs. The wispy, angular pieces and the trendy gray shade are just a few reason why this style is fashionable and trendy. Because of its texture this cut is perfect for hair with fine texture.

5. Pastel Purple Choppy Pixie. If you’re a fan of a splash of color Choppy pixies cut by lengths of pastel violet could be a good fit for you. The long face-framing fringe is what makes it trendy, and the purple color adds modernity and class.

6. Dark brown Pixie with long Bangs. The longer side and the shorter front make a great pair to complement your facial shape. You can make your face appear longer by using long diagonal lines, or cover your forehead with a wide one. It is also possible to slim your face by covering that area behind the ear.

7. The Pixie has long Highlighted Layers. Long layers that cover a sleek undercut, along with sparkling silver and light pinkish highlights, are the features that make this look absolutely stunning.

8. A Textured Pixie that has Subtle Highlights. The choppy, layered Pixie cut has a subtle Balayage. But, the color isn’t what’s important the texture and layers are the main the spotlight.

9. Layered Brunette Pixie with Bangs. This long-layered style is perfect with straight hair. The face-framing side-swept hairstyles paired with sideburns are a beautiful look aren’t they?

10. Long Golden Blonde Pixie. The golden blonde long layers are meant to flatter your face, regardless of its shape. it’s perfect for those who favor simple hairstyles.

11. Rosewood Tapered Pixie. If you like the look of pixies with tapered edges with a cut that’s like this could be a good choice. It’s longer in the front and the bangs are attractive, particularly for those with round faces.

12. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut. This is a beautiful and attractive pixie cut for people with naturally long hair that is thick. The sleek black hair that is cut into attractive layers shimmers with an attractive sparkle. The bangs that frame her face and side are the windblown layers are perfect for the long pixie hairstyle.

13. Long Shaggy “Bowl” Cut. Although the cut might seem straightforward at first but it’s able to show an abundance of texture and fashion. The wispy parts are a great choice for hair that is thin However, the layering makes thicker hair feel more light.

14. The Platinum Pixie Cut with Long Bangs. Even without the fashionable accessories that gave a perfect match to her appearance Her asymmetrical pixie cut is stunning. The fine and soft wispy texture, the stunning platinum blonde hair color and closely cut sides are awe-inspiring. This low-maintenance style could be the next hairstyle you want to try for those who have naturally smooth hair.

15. Piece-y Pixie Haircut. Here we see deliberately twirled layers of short, slender blonde hair. If you’re looking to take over the crowd, you can be sure to enjoy this enthralling short and long Pixie hair.

16. Choppy Platinum Pixie. Although a platinum Pixie is already fashionable and attractive The layering of the choppy makes it cooler, and it’s particularly suitable for hair with thick layers. It’s long at the top, and the fringe on the front frames your face beautifully.

17. Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut. The Pixie bob is a trendy and fashionable pixie style. The balayage, which is dirty blonde, looks great with brunette hair that is dark at around her neck. It creates a an elegant and dramatic look that’s pleasing to the eyes.

18. Thick Hair Long Pixie Cut. Pixie haircuts are the perfect method to make hair that is thick easier to manage and manage. The hair is cut short and layers that are stacked will give the needed depth to the low maintenance pixie cut. The subtle golden brown highlights to the back are a bright aspect to her style.

19. Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut. This incredibly cute hairstyle is ideal when you’re searching for an easy-to-maintenance long pixie cut. Cut the strands into pieces over the top and you’re all set to go out on the road. The stacked look of this cut with bangs that are swept to the side and elegantly cross-cut at its ends looks stunning.

20. Honey Blonde Pixie Bob. Think about a look with razored layers and a lovely honey blonde color. Also, it’s partially shaved. The opposite part is dark, buzzed.

21. Jaw-Length Pixie Bob Haircut. A cute long pixie haircut that has a long side parting will surely enhance your appearance It is universal!

22. Dirty Blonde Stacked Pixie Bob. Think about a stacked cut that has layers of long, chunky texture. You can add highlights and you’ll have a great easy-to-maintenance hairstyle to help you get out of your hair stagnation!

23. Black Pixie With Curly Bangs. This hairstyle is voguish when worn with curls. The model’s locks were cut with the front curly hair are slicked back into a fluttery bang that graze the eyebrows, while the sides were trimmed to beautiful sideburns. This low-maintenance style is perfect for people with naturally curly hair.

24. The Tapered Pixie With Long Bangs. There’s the best way you can showcase your hair’s short, blonde locks this season than with this stunning hairstyle with side-swept, wispy bangs! The runway-ready style will do you a lot of good, particularly in the case of hair that is fine as well as naturally light blonde.

25. Long Layered Brunette Pixie. Long dark brown pixie with light highlights with a thin layer is sure to be different from the rest not just because of its color, but also because of the cool messy style as well.

26. Shaggy Long Pixie Cut. Beautifully gorgeous shaggy pixie with an angled front, messy piecey hair on topand wispy long, side-swept bangs. This effortlessly stylish long pixie requires little maintenance and can make you appear younger. Stunning!

27. Long Bangs Short Sides. Short sides, long bangs and a shiny, soft brown hue are the main elements of this fashion that makes it feminine.

28. Bronde Highlighted Pixie Bob. The soft layers and highlights of honey blonde add to its softness. A short front and side pieces make it a perfect fit for faces with round faces.

29. White Blonde Waves. This hairstyle features delicate white-blonde layers that have an unruly texture intended to attract attention. Growing a pixie no longer a problem.

30. Rock’n’Roll Long Pixie Haircut. Have fun with this saggy, party-infront, business-in the-back long pixie cut. The long pixie is cut with a slick edge with layers of long and short to give a dramatic look. In addition, there are the stunning silver highlights set against the dark base, and the impressive Orange dip dye pieces.

31. Undercut Long Pixie Haircut. This silvery, wispy hair that has full bangs on the sides and layers of teased hair on top gives amazing vibes. The nape is cut short and cut into fluffy pieces over the top to create an appearance of bulk this unique long pixie cut is a great look for the young and confident. It’s also a fantastic idea for women of a certain age who aren’t afraid to show their gray hair.

32. Choppy Pixie Bob Haircut. For those who have brunette hair This is a great long pixie cut to experiment with on your next visit to the salon. The choppy, piecey layers look great on brunette hair that has gold-colored highlights. The long fringe frames her face, and the chunky, textured pieces make a statement on her sleek hair.

33. Brown and Gray Long Layered Pixie. If you are looking for designs that make a statement and stand out, a layered brunette with a gray balayage might be the best option for you. We’re just in love with it!

34. Platinum Blonde Long Pixie. The cut is modern and chic The platinum hue makes it cooler and shining!

35. The Asymmetrical Pixie has a V-Nape. While this style has eye-catching blonde layers, its most notable draw is the undercut, which has the cool style.

36. Jet-Black Steeply Angled Pixie. Pixies that are tapered are usually an excellent option, and this isn’t an exception. The asymmetrical cut has the long fringed bangs which get longer towards the chin. They are meant to enhance the shape of your face.

37. Pastel Pink Long Pixie. This pastel pink style features a volume-boosting undercut that has long shaggy pieces over it. But the most appealing part of this style is the lip length side-swept bangs.

38. Long Dark Brown Pixie. The soft feathered layers as well as the dark brown hue of this style makes it unique, while the subtle highlights add a touch of spice!

39. Silver Undercut Pixie. This messy cut of silver comes with the nape’s undercut and is perfect for those who don’t want to style their hair too much. The more messy the more messy!

40. Light blonde pixie with A Side Shave. The lip-length hairstyle has bangs that are swept to the side . They are intended to draw the attention of your cheekbones and eyes. It can also be great for those who want to increase their hair length to a bob-length, because it appears natural and easy.

41. Long Messy Razored Pixie. This long pixie with a choppy cut could be ideal for people who like cuts that are simple to make. Move bangs towards the side, and add an extra volume in the crown and your ideal everyday hairstyle is now in place!

42. Straight Half-Shaved Pixie. This style is ash blonde and features layers of wispy lengths that are swept toward the ear. This is likely to emphasize your most attractive features. The opposite side is shaved, it’s a wonderful surprise!

43. Silver Gray Long Pixie. The choppy layers of a silver shade create a stunning texture that requires only an elegant tapered shape to make a great appearance.

44. Chocolate Brown Messy Pixie. If you’re fond of messy, chic and hairstyles that are easy to style this layered pixie will tick every box!

45. The Long Layered Pixie featuring Highlights. Long, feathered layers that frame your face ensure that your pixie stays fashionable and chic.

46. Chin Length Choppy Pixie. Longer layers are always beautiful and, when they’re rough, the cut appears much more intriguing. This kind of texture could be suitable for long hair and fine hair.

47. Simple Blonde Highlighted Pixie. This simple pixie cut has beautiful lengthy layers which are nicely put together, but they aren’t formal and proper. The length and layering are ideal for hair with fine straight hair.


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