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50 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Women

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11. Collarbone Bob with Wispy Layers. Bob featuring Wispy Layers

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

Generally speaking, the longer the hair is, the more heavy it appears however, a thick hairstyle could appear as light as feathers with the proper layers and color. If you’re looking for a light hairstyle that oozes freshness choose a wispy, razored layers , and a delicate blend of cool shades.

#12: Curly Bob with Highlights

Long Bob For Curly Hair

To create a striking dimensionless bob, opt to layer your hair in layers that highlight highlights and shadows. Because of the stunning shades, these curls look much more similar to swirls. Curl the bottom, top and middle layer in alternate directions to create a stunning feminine look. This video tutorial will show you how the art of curling your short hair.

#13: Pretty Bob with Stacked V-Cut Layers

Inverted Bronde Bob

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For many years hairstyles for bobs have been cut with curls that are inwards. For this style make sure you heat your straightening iron up to 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, gently secure the hair starting from the midshaft or root, according to the texture of your hair. Once you have reached the ends, you can begin moving to move the iron position to a horizontal position to create the required bend.

#14: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Blonde Tapered Bob

Hairstyles that are layered and layered with shades of balayage are extremely popular in the present. If you love the sleekness of bobs however don’t want cut off their length, opt for an angled collarbone cut that taper and you’ll not be disappointed!

#15 Medium Shaggy Bob with Subtle Highlights

Shaggy Brunette Bob

The idea is to wear it messy A medium shag is laid out in various lengths before being it is feathered through. This makes your hair more full, but thin towards the end, and gives the impression of a relaxed and cool impression.

#16 Short Layered Bob with exact Edges

Mushroom Bob with Layers

It is crucial to be precise in order to achieve the perfect bob short and layered with precise edges. Inspired by the retro style and Mary Quant’s hairstyle in Sixties times, this style has been given a modern new twist thanks to highlights and messy layers.

#17: Inverted Layered Ash Bronde Lob

Stacked Long Bob Haircut

A long-layered inverted bob cut is subtle when it is compared to the standard inverted bob. It has the same wedge shape , but is softer due to its length. It also reduces the appearance of the jawline and neck which is an advantage for those with a large face.

#18 The Short Inverted Golden Blonde Bob with Layers

Strawberry Blonde Stacked Bob

A nape-length cut with shorter, angled layers can create a more attractive and full-bodied style. It’s definitely worth a sophisticated shade, such as a subtle copper or a gorgeous strawberry blonde.

#19: One-Length Bob Bob and Random Layers

Below-The-Chin Combover Bob

The shorter length that falls below the chin is flattering for all face types. Do a side-part and then tuck the other side of your hair in the ear. This can emphasize and lengthen your neckline. Add some layers to make the hair more manageable.

#20: Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair

Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

The inverted shape of a hairstyle looks sleek and attractive on straight hair, particularly because the nape is elevated. With shattered layers, you can create a rough look that makes your facial features look sweeter by contrast.

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