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51 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas

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21. Modern Waves Platinum Blonde

Modern Waves Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a baby pink jacket

If you’re a person with long hair that is curly, you’ll have to consider getting the most value from your the texture. This is where the current styles of platinum blonde and waves could assist you. By adding black on your hair you will easily enhance the texture and enhance your hair’s appearance.

22. Short hair with a root shadow Platinum Blonde

Short Hair with Root Shadow Platinum Blonde - a woman with an eye tattoo on her back shoulder

Are you wondering how to increase the volume of your hair that is short? If so, check out these hair colors. The platinum blonde accents will make you appear like you have lots of hair. Hair coloring styles can bring the most effective results to hair with at or above shoulder length.

23. White Ash Platinum Hair

White Ash Platinum Hair - a woman in a black background and is wearing an old rose sweater

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White ash is a hue that any blonde can utilize to lighten the appearance and feel of their hair. This hair coloring technique to give the wavy appear more appealing too. If you’re not keen to change your blonde hair it is an excellent alternative to think about at present.

24. A sophisticated Loom with Platinum Balayage

Sophisticated Lob with Platinum Balayage - a woman wearing a football shirt and a mask

Platinum Balayage is one of the most stunning shades you can add for your hair, making it appear stunning. It is a perfect match with the various cool tones that are platinum blonde. This is why you can have the perfect hair color by using this. This hair coloring style will be perfect for many occasions, too.

25. Iced Coconut Platinum Blonde

Iced Coconut Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a glittered blouse

Are you looking to spice the dull bob with a more cool tone? If so, check out platinum blonde iced with coconut. It is sure to help to enhance the skin that has been ravaged by sun. Additionally you can create a gorgeous look for your hair with this hair coloring technique.

26. Warm Platinum Blonde

Warm Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a white t shirt and is holding her hair

Giving a touch of heat to blonde hair will not be an option you’ll regret. We would suggest you to look at this hair color. The warm platinum blonde will not only help enhance your hair’s appearance however, it can also provide an essential boost to protect your hair.

27. Peachy Keen Platinum Blonde

Peachy Keen Platinum Blonde - a woman in a salon wearing an orange knitted top and has a tattoo on her back neck

Are you looking to achieve a the color of peach on you blonde locks? We highly recommend you to glance at the hair color style. It is ideal for people with short hair. You can show off your best look by using it.

28. Ice Platinum Blonde for Short Pixie Cut

Ice Platinum Blonde for Short Pixie Cut - a woman in a gray printed shirt

If you’re wearing a Short Pixie Cut, the choices for coloring your hair are restricted. We would suggest you to look at at the ice platinum blonde hues. You will get the most from this by sporting blue eyes.

29. Perfect Platinum Blonde A-line Bob

Perfect Platinum Blonde A-line Bob - a woman wearing an army green shirt and a black strap

Anyone sporting an A-line bob might consider going with this hair color. If you’re looking for an easy-going appearance that is low maintenance it is the best option to think about right now. It will also allow you tone down your face.

30. Platinum Babylights With Root Smudge

Platinum Babylights with Root Smudge - a woman wearing surgical facemask

You can eliminate the dull appearance of your hair with this natural color. There is a chance to enhance your hair by using this.

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