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51 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas

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41. Silver Blonding in Platinum with Foils

Platinum Blonding with Foils - a woman facing a wall is wearing a black shirt

This is among the most popular hair coloring styles is available at present. If you have hair that is long can give you your hair looking romantic with this.

42. Black Hair with platinum streaks

Black Hair with Platinum Streaks - a woman sitting in a salon chair and is holding her hair

If you’re a blonde but prefer dark hair, then you could consider following this hair coloring trend.

43. A Wavy Lob With Platinum Blonde

Wavy Lob with Platinum Blonde - an Asian woman with a thick eyelash

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Are you looking to make your blonde wavy hair appear more attractive with a more lifted appearance? This could be one of the most effective solutions to take into consideration right the moment.

44. Platinum Pixie with Fun Cut

Platinum Pixie with a Fun Undercut - a woman wearing a gray shirt and multiple earrings

This platinum pixie will provide a fun undercut, and you’ll be able to ensure that your hair will never look boring once more.

45. Silver Fox Platinum Blonde

Silver Fox Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a black salon cape

While keeping the classic shine, you’ll be able to bring in an entirely new look through this hair coloring hairstyle.

46. Ash Platinum Blonde

Ash Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a thick jacket

Are you considering adding a matte platinum hue on your locks? You can do it by applying this hair coloring style.

47. Platinum Blonde Layered cut

Layered Cut platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a sleeveless shirt and a black facemask

Anyone who has a messy bob might think about this hair color style. It could help you showcase your platinum matte color with ease.

48. Moonlit Platinum Blonde

Moonlit Platinum Blonde - a woman wearing a yellow sweater

The Moonlit Platinum shade among the most distinctive platinum shades that you are able to add for your hair starting today. It’s sure to give an energizing look to your hair.

49. Creative Color Melt on Long Hair

Creative Color Melt on Long Hair - a woman wearing a white shirt and has bracelets

It is possible to create your own style with this hair coloring look. Every woman is bound to find themselves in love with the cool, glossy appearance and feel.

50. Tone Down Ashy Platinum Blonde

Tone Down Ashy Platinum Blonde - a woman in a street wearing a red shirt

The tone-down of ashy platinum blonde could impart more ashy undertones and can help you to upgrade your blonde in a snap.

How do you color Your Platinum Blonde hair?

Hair with platinum blonde highlights is enjoyable, but coloring it could help to enhance your appearance easily. However, it is important to be cautious when it comes to the process when coloring platinum blonde hair well. We’ll share a few helpful suggestions regarding how to dye you blonde locks.

Select a Platinum Blonde Color Based on the Skin Tone

If you are of a lighter skin tone, we’ll assist you in getting Ash blonde hair. It’s not a good option to choose blondes with warmer tones. However women with moderate skin tones can consider having platinum or honey blonde shades. Anyone who has a darker complexion is advised to try the caramel hair.

Adding Highlights to Your Platinum Blonde Hair

No matter the appearance that your hair has platinum-colored you might consider adding highlights. This will allow you to give more depth to your hair easily.

Use Conditioner or Shampoo Designed for Blondes

The last thing to mention is that we recommend using shampoo or conditioner that is specifically designed to be used on blonde hair. It should be an integral part of your haircare routine too.

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