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50 Edgy Short Pixie Cuts for Women

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31. Fine Magenta Edgy Pixie

Fine Magenta Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing salon cape

Magenta is a gorgeous hair color that is wearable throughout the year, but it really is most noticeable in the spring. Here , she is sporting an elegant and contemporary hairstyle with a thick hairline which can be with a comb or messy bob for a gorgeous hairstyle.

32. Brushed Up Disconnected Pixie

Brushed Up Disconnected Pixie - a woman wearing black jacket

Disconnected lines aren’t just for guys and women wear them every day. Here’s a brushed up and unconnected pixie, with two horizontal lines incorporated just above the ears.

33. Side Parted Copper Edgy Haircut

Side Parted Copper Edgy Haircut - a woman wearing black jacket

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Copper hair is a great color to go for dark tones. In the image above, they’ve kept the sides and back buzzed shorter, with a few longer layers of hair on top. Be sure to keep your sideburns long to make the most of this style.

34. Pixie’s Back View of Edgy with Tints

Edgy Pixie Back View with Tints - a woman wearing beige top

If you are looking for a shorter stylish and edgy look that is low maintenance, then you must definitely give this haircut to try. Here’s her wearing her new pixie hairstyle with blonde hues at the top. the back is cut back to match her natural hairline.

35. High Shave Edgy Pixie

High Shave Edgy Pixie - a woman wearing skintone long sleeves

The half-shaved haircut isn’t ever going out of style. Here, she’s shaved off one side of her hair and left the other side in a long swath and brushed to the side to create the perfect contrast. It will surely draw attention among the crowd.

36. Side Parted Edgy Short Pixie Cuts

Side Parted Edgy Pixie Cut - a woman wearing floral sleeveless top

Side-parted pixies are adorable, regardless of the type of hair you’ve got. In this look she’s also added gorgeous blonde highlights all over to give a perfect look.

37. Fuchsia Textured Edgy Pixie

Fuchsia Textured - a woman wearing pink shirt

Fuchsia is such a delightful hair color to play around with and makes you appear so bright. To finish your new look you can add the textured pixie cut that the ones shown here and you’ll enjoy your new hairstyle.

38. Retro Edgy Pixie Cut

Retro Cut - a woman wearing punk silver jewelries

Retro styles are always back in fashion when you are patient enough. This time, they’ve revived a cool retro style, with shaved sides as well as thick layers all over. They’ve also added peekaboo details using blonde hair and it is so cool and edgy.

39. Edgy Pixie with a Designed Cut

Designed Undercut - a woman wearing stripe top

Another method to make your hairstyle distinctive is to include an undercut. If you’re looking to stand out more, you can add cut-in designs. The lines were beautiful throughout the undercut while making the top layer longer and messy.

40. Fine Nape Edgy Short Pixie Cuts

Fine Nape - a woman wearing printed blue blouse

This style cuts a V-shaped cut on the nape. This stylish and chic cut for women will make you look at your best. Be sure to keep the hairline around the nape just a few inches long, and then stroke it towards the side to capture the overall look of the image above.

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