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50 Stunning Brunette Hair Color Ideas in 2024

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21. Dark Brown Hair with highlights

a woman wearing a blue shirt

Dark brown hair is a common option for women during the cold winter season. Here she’s maintained her dark hair, with stunning copper highlights that she has added.

22. Warm Brunette Brown Hair

a woman wearing a black jacket

A warm brunette style are always stunning. In the above photo she’s created a chic oil style that has a warm brown hue to her natural brown style.

23. Brunette Espresso Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

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Who doesn’t like a good morning cup of coffee? This deep espresso hair color can be described as a darker brown shade which looks stunning for women of different age groups. Here, she’s added gorgeous curls, and they look great.

24. Fresh Highlighted Brunette

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Fresh highlights don’t just make your hair look nice and look great, but they’ll also leave you feeling confident. Here’s a gorgeous dark hair, with beautiful subtle highlights and a nice money piece that was added to the mix. Divide it in half and then add some curls and you’re ready.

25. Warm Brunette Tones

a woman wearing a tiger print jacket

This is a different style that has long brunette hair. In this particular style she’s got warm tones incorporated into her brunette hair and has even chic curls.

26. Black Brunette Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask

You can always opt for the black brunette hairstyle for a more dark look. This is a gorgeous style that features long layers and a long fringe at the front. Hairstyle this style wavy like the hairstyles here you can straighten the hair to create an entirely different look.

27. Dark Brunette Hair with Side Part

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

Although middle-parts are in fashion at the moment there are many women who are standing the line with their side part. If you’re in the same boat, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. The model here keeps her hair one dark shade, putting the side part and styled it long and curly to create a perfect look.

28. Caramel Brunette Balayage

a woman wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt

The gorgeous caramel tone has been set to the dark brunette hair which is stunning. She’s kept it mostly straight with only one or two waves to frame her face, and also to highlight her new hair color.

29. Dimensional Brunette Highlights

a woman wearing a purple sleeveless shirt

Another gorgeous way to wear brunette hair to wear subtle light brown highlights. Here , they’ve parted her hair into the middle and then added some face-frames and curls. It is stunning.

30. The hair was flipped Brunette Hair and Bangs

a woman wearing a white printed top

Another hairstyle that is suitable for women who have thick hair. In the image above, she has flipped the ends of her layered hair and created a thick fringe on the front. There are plenty of lighter brown highlights that add some texture to the style.

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