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50 Stunning Brunette Hair Color Ideas in 2024

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31. Golden Brunette Hairstyle

a woman inside a salon

Hairstyles for golden brunettes are among of the most popular styles to rock at any season. Here she’s sporting cut her hair in a v-shape with beautiful waves and highlights.

32. Black to Brunette Brown Ombre

a woman wearing a black cape

Ombres can be a wonderful method of adding colour to your hair. In this style the hair was colored with hair that was black, which faded to a lovely brown shade towards the lower.

33. Honey Brunette Hairstyle

a woman wearing a white blouse

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Hairstyles with classics such as this honey blonde hairstyle are never out of fashion. Her hair is long and has some layers added and the ends are curled slightly, and look stunning.

34. Brunette Highlights on a Short Hair

a woman with necklace wearing a pink sleeveless shirt

This is a beautiful short hairstyle featuring brunette hair with gorgeous blonde highlights that are light brown. Combining brown with brown can create a natural and beautiful hairstyle that looks stunning regardless of what age you are.

35. Soft Waves Hair

a woman wearing a white blazer

The gorgeous style has long hair, with soft waves incorporated. This is the middle section of dark hair, with some highlights that are lighter to frame the face in a perfect way. The soft curls are always a good idea. they are a great style for work, running through the streets, or even out to dinner and always look great.

36. Long Layered Hair

brunette - a woman wearing a black facemask

This is the next long, layered elegant style. To achieve this style one must first stretch your hair out a little and add a few hair extensions, then put on a few layers at the front. The style is stunning when worn straight like she does in the picture above.

37. Brunette Hair and Twist

brunette - a woman wearing a gray longsleeve

Curtain bangs have the rage at the moment. Here , she is sporting large curtain bangs layered on top of her long blunt style , with stunning twists. It appears as if she’s also added a few light highlights that add some the look with some texture.

38. Dimensional Balayage

brunette - a woman wearing a black facemask

Dimensional hairstyles are created by blending different hair colors However, they all blend beautifully. Here , she is wearing the dimensional brown hair, with highlights that are dark and light.

39. Purple Tone Hairstyle

brunette - a woman with tattoo wearing a red top

You can also go for this new style to get an all-over brunette style. Here, she’s made her hair to a long length and kept it at just one length. Then, she has added simple waves and now you’re all set.

40. Root Melt Hairstyle

50 Stunning Brunette Hair Color Ideas in 2024

If you’ve not had the opportunity to experience the term “root melt,” it’s a hair coloring method whereby your stylist adds an additional color to your hair’s roots, and then gradually apply it to the rest of your hair. This technique was done with a light brown hue that is stunning.

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