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50 Gorgeous Mahogany Hair Color Ideas for a Luxe Look

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31. Red Tones

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

This is a deep red shade that works in her natural skin. Part your hair in the middle, and then add layers to frame the face. You can then twist them to create the entire look of the image.

32. Mahogany Red Ombre Hair

a woman inside a salon

An Ombre is always a good option when you’re considering creating a color scheme for your look. This time her style was designed by keeping the highest portion dark, and then gave a red tint to the bottom.

33. Messy and Wild Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

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Hair that is messy can give an unattractive look. In the image above, she’s got long hair, and she’s wearing it straight. It’s very popular as you can style it in a different way or draw your hair in a backwards direction to keep off your face.

34. Dimensional Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black sexy sleeveless top

Hairstyles that are dimensional for women are always the best option. Here , she cut it shorter around her shoulders, and then added curtain bangs on the sides. Here , she’s kept it straight with only the ends, which have been slightly flipped.

35. Inverted Bob Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt with black jacket

This chic hairstyle is stunning with her curls that are spiral and layers. She opted for a gorgeous red hair shade all over and it looks beautiful. This is a fantastic hairstyle for fall.

36. Face Framing Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a black shirt

Next up is this hairstyle that has layers of face-frames in the front. It is possible to wear this gorgeous hairstyle straight, curly or with a little small amount of a wave, as she is doing here. The hair should be parted down the middle is the best option when you are deciding to opt for face-framing layers that keep the sides in line.

37. Gorgeous Mahogany Melted Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

If you’re seeking a subtle approach to color your hair, then the color melt is the ideal choice. This is how she added a mahogany colour melt in her hairstyle and finished it off with gorgeous waves.

38. Red Balayage

a woman wearing a white shirt

In the next look, she’s added an balayage style to her hair by using warm tones of red. For this style request your hairdresser to have your hair left at shoulder length. Add curly curls that are even throughout and you’re all set.

39. Angled Hair

a woman wearing a sleeveless top

This style of angled cut is and trendy in 2022. A cut that is angled to your look can be a great way to add a little style without much effort. She also chose an all-over burgundy hue and it looks stunning.

40. Vibrant Mahogany on a Straight Hair

a woman with tattoo wearing a black sleeveless shirt

This is a gorgeous hair color that will look amazing on straight hair. She chose to keep the top portion dark red, with hints of black , and gradually faded out the other part of her hair until it looked radiant and bright on the ends. It was stunning.

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