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50 Gorgeous Mahogany Hair Color Ideas for a Luxe Look

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11. Soft Mohagany Hair

a woman wearing a teal blouse

This soft hairstyle has gorgeous mahogany hair soft tones, as well as simple curls. For this style ensure that your hair is at least shoulder-length and curl it at about half way down, and you’re all set.

12. Mahogany Bob Hair

a woman wearing a brown shirt

Following your next bob cut try adding this gorgeous mahogany color. The model here chose cutting her hair with a sharp edge around the sides, and then added the middle. You can also put side bangs on the event that you want to add some character to your look.

13. Mahogany Dream Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

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The next style is beautiful. This is a gorgeous mahogany hair color that runs throughout and loose curls at the bottom. This is a great hairstyle to experiment with in case you’ve noticed your hair growing slightly and want to try some new hairstyles.

14. Mahogany Tones on Dark Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

Dark tones and red tones work well together. Here , she has kept the black as the base color, with touches of red with lots of gorgeous curly curls and loose ones. This style can be worn with long hair, as she does here, however it could be just as beautiful with shorter hair.

15. Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a green shirt

This look is the perfect red hue in the brown locks. It’s a pretty brown hair around shoulder length, and curly styled. It is possible to achieve this look using a curling tool or iron, it’s your choice.

16. Layered Mahogany Blend Hair

a woman wearing a blue KN95 facemask

Layering your hair can help make your hair appear larger. In the photo above, she’s sporting long layers that have the addition of a red color. Split it in the middle and you’re done.

17. Mahogany Hair with Bangs

a woman wearing a black cape

Blunt hairstyles are always ideal choice when considering doing your hair in a different method. She’s kept it straight at the shoulders and tucked the straight fringe and it looks amazing.

18. Mahogany Brunette Hair Mahogany Highlights

a woman wearing a yellow blouse

This hairstyle for women features red highlights set against an all black base, and it’s stunning. The hairstyle is loose and loose which help showcase her beautiful new hair colors.

19. Brown Plum Mahogany Hair

a woman wearing a pink sleeveless shirt

Plum is among the most sought-after hair colors for women of 2022. Here , she’s maintained her hair long with a side parting with loose curly curls. Hairstyle it straight to create a more sleek look and you’re done.

20. Auburn Mahogany Red Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

This shiny look would be perfect for you. This is how she maintained it in a mid-length, and has gave it a beautiful red hue throughout. The stylist added some beach waves to create some texture. It was a fantastic idea.

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