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53 Trendy Medium Hairstyles With Bangs for 2024

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The addition of bangs to your medium hairstyle can be like adding a cherry on the final ice-cream sundaethe look is complete. No matter if you have straight hair, curly hair, or anything in the middle, these are some gorgeous medium hair with bangs hairstyles to think about!

#1: Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

A side-burn can relax the angular jawlines as well as strengthen bone structures within your face. They are adaptable to your style. You can unwind them freely or conceal them by putting them on a pin whenever you’d like.

#2: Trendy Medium Bob With Bangs

Trendy Medium Bob With Bangs

Extra-layered hair looks elegant when you pair this with an elongated, layered fringe.

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#3: Dramatic Layered with Bangs

Dramatic layered medium length hair with bangs

Choose a more striking style of modern shag. If your hair’s color is natural Ask your stylist to alter the style a bit more. This allows your stylist to achieve enough motion and shape using the use of a blade, and the process of hand-styling using a diffuser as well as the use of a thick cream is easy. The cut is thickly wrapped around your face, which will open up your cheekbones and the bangs make your eyes appear more attractive. It’s a very low-maintenance style that is able to air dry by itself or be styled quickly by simply squeezing the cream in the hair to create an organic wave as it diffuses at a slow speed.

#4: Super-Sweet Wispy Bangs

Super Sweet Wispy Bangs on Medium Hair

Have fun with this easy summer style. It features long layers that look great together and the hair is an eye-catching part of your face. It draws the attention of your eye with that length. For bangs, particularly in the case of first getting them, I recommend that you comb them down the bangs and then style them at first before styling other hair. Because the bangs are shorter than your other hair, and the hairline could be difficult to manage and control, it’s best to style your hair prior to drying. For other hair types, the long layers are easy to manageable for every life style! They’re so versatile in hairstyles, regardless of texture or density, color and more.

#5: Romantic Medium Layered Haircut with side Bangs

Romantic Medium Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Are you unsure of the haircut you should try? Choose a medium layered haircut that has side bangs! This flattering and universally flattering cut can be worn with confidence on any cut, color or even texture.

#6: Traditional Medium A-Line Bob featuring Bangs for thin hair

Classic Medium A-Line Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs that are thick and sleek are never trendy. The cut itself is easy to maintain, however the blunt, thick bangs could require trimming often.

#7: Stylish and Sultry Long Bangs

Stylish and Sultry Long Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

Are you having a difficult time getting bangs? You can try long bangs with a chic medium-length hairstyle that is layered.

How to Style:

  1. Make sure you have thermal heat protector.
  2. Create a side piece.
  3. Utilizing a curling wand or a curling iron that is one-inch in diameter, move hair away from your face.
  4. Let curls cool before using a wide-toothed comb backcomb the ends.
  5. With a styling oil, apply a small amount to the roots of the bang region.
  6. Make sure you pull your bangs in and spray hairspray the roots
  7. Mist hair in the rest of the locks with hairspray.

#8: Timeless Medium Choppy Bangs

Timeless Medium Choppy Bangs

If you’ve got neck to shoulder-length hair, it is possible to wear timeless straight hairstyles. If you’re not sure what style to wear with the hair, then a messy, choppy cut is always a good option.

#9: Versatile Angled Side Bangs

Versatile Angled Side Bangs

Straight, long side-swept bangs that are the most flexible option for any medium length haircut. Let them down for an appealing effect, or apply a brush and pin them to the sides to keep them from your face.

#10: Sassy & Cute Baby Bangs

Sassy & Cute Baby Bangs for Medium-Length Hair

The cute bangs will totally enhance your appearance. They’re also the kind of hairstyle you’d like to purchase if you’re not ready for the upkeep that regular bangs demand.

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