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52 Popular Medium Hairstyles With Bangs in 2023

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The addition of bangs to your medium hairstyle can be like adding a cherry on the final ice-cream sundaethe look is complete. No matter if you have straight hair, curly hair, or anything in the middle, these are some gorgeous medium hair with bangs hairstyles to think about!

#1: Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

A side-burn can relax the angular jawlines as well as strengthen bone structures within your face. They are adaptable to your style. You can unwind them freely or conceal them by putting them on a pin whenever you’d like.

#2: Trendy Medium Bob With Bangs

Trendy Medium Bob With Bangs

Extra-layered hair looks elegant when you pair this with an elongated, layered fringe.

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#3 Dramatic Layered with Bangs

Dramatic layered medium length hair with bangs

Choose a more striking style of modern shag. If your hair’s color is natural Ask your stylist to alter the style a bit more. This allows your stylist to achieve enough motion and shape using the use of a blade, and the process of hand-styling using a diffuser as well as the use of a thick cream is easy. The cut is thickly wrapped around your face, which will open up your cheekbones and the bangs make your eyes appear more attractive. It’s a very low-maintenance style that is able to air dry by itself or be styled quickly by simply squeezing the cream in the hair to create an organic wave as it diffuses at a slow speed.

#4: Super-Sweet Wispy Bangs

Super Sweet Wispy Bangs on Medium Hair

Have fun with this easy summer style. It features long layers that look great together and the hair is an eye-catching part of your face. It draws the attention of your eye with that length. For bangs, particularly in the case of first getting them, I recommend that you comb them down the bangs and then style them at first before styling other hair. Because the bangs are shorter than your other hair, and the hairline could be difficult to manage and control, it’s best to style your hair prior to drying. For other hair types, the long layers are easy to manageable for every life style! They’re so versatile in hairstyles, regardless of texture or density, color and more.

5: Romantic Medium Layered Haircut with side Bangs

Romantic Medium Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Are you unsure of the haircut you should try? Choose a medium layered haircut that has side bangs! This flattering and universally flattering cut can be worn with confidence on any cut, color or even texture.

#6 Traditional Medium A-Line Bob featuring Bangs for thin hair

Classic Medium A-Line Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs that are thick and sleek are never trendy. The cut itself is easy to maintain, however the blunt, thick bangs could require trimming often.

#7: Stylish and Sultry Long Bangs

Stylish and Sultry Long Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

Are you having a difficult time getting bangs? You can try long bangs with a chic medium-length hairstyle that is layered.

How to Style:

  1. Make sure you have thermal heat protector.
  2. Create a side piece.
  3. Utilizing a curling wand or a curling iron that is one-inch in diameter, move hair away from your face.
  4. Let curls cool before using a wide-toothed comb backcomb the ends.
  5. With a styling oil, apply a small amount to the roots of the bang region.
  6. Make sure you pull your bangs in and spray hairspray the roots
  7. Mist hair in the rest of the locks with hairspray.

#8: Timeless Medium Choppy Bangs

Timeless Medium Choppy Bangs

If you’ve got neck to shoulder-length hair, it is possible to wear timeless straight hairstyles. If you’re not sure what style to wear with the hair, then a messy, choppy cut is always a good option.

#9: Versatile Angled Side Bangs

Versatile Angled Side Bangs

Straight, long side-swept bangs that are the most flexible option for any medium length haircut. Let them down for an appealing effect, or apply a brush and pin them to the sides to keep them from your face.

#10: Sassy & Cute Baby Bangs

Sassy & Cute Baby Bangs for Medium-Length Hair

The cute bangs will totally enhance your appearance. They’re also the kind of hairstyle you’d like to purchase if you’re not ready for the upkeep that regular bangs demand.

#11: Perfect Medium-Length Radiant hair with Bangs

Radiant medium length hair with bangs

A subtle frame for your face using delicate waves and beautiful side-swept bangs will help make your face appear more full. oval or heart-shaped face. The golden blonde shade can also help make your face appear radiant and glowing every day.

#12: Classy Blonde Hair With Bangs

Classy blonde hair with bangs

Get ready to look cute and flirty in this cute girl-next-door style! The dark hair and highlights balance the volume of your hair, and let the style of your ends in gentle waves of beach.

#13: Elegant Updo with Bangs

Elegant updo with bangs

Create a stunning, elegant look with an updated look by wearing an layered fringe with an effect of framing your face. This messy loose braided look is ideal for any occasion you’d like to wear the most elegant dress.

#14: Popular Bangs For a Round Face

Popular Bangs For a Round Face

The messy, shoulder-length haircut can be an appealing style when you are looking for a quick low-maintenance style. Additionally, straight curtain bangs can make your face appear more open and lengthen your face.

#15 Messy Waved Hair, with Bangs

Messy Medium-length wavy hair with bangs

Thin layered waves look amazing on oval faces since they increase the width of your head. Additionally, the bangs conceal the length of your face, and highlight your gorgeous face and eyes.

#16: Flattering Shoulder-Length , Long and Straight Hair with Bangs

Flattering Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

Pick a look that is fashionable for girls and women of all different ages. It is a layered single length cut that has long side-swept bangs. The colour is a titanium coating over hair that was previously lighter. If you’re in the market for this look There are a few things to take into consideration. It can take anywhere from 12 – 16 hours at the salon to transition from dark brown to blonde with bleaching services from the hair to the ends. There will be regular maintenance and will require quality salon-grade shampoo, conditioner as well as styling tools to keep your style. I would suggest that if you’re looking to have fun go out and have your stylist create a trendy look!

#17: Curly Hair that is Low-Maintenance with Bangs

Low-Maintenance Curly Hair with Bangs

Choose a strong, curly shag for a look that feels rock-n’-roll but is also feminine and soft. Curly bangs can be used for a variety of purposes and the overall style is easy to maintain. The curls can be grown out and it can be made to the side with bang trimmings. It is easy to style by pulling all your hair in the direction of forward by pushing the curl back and then applying the styling cream (Hairstory Balm for Hair Balm is a favorite) or air drying or drying using diffusers for more volume and curl.

#18: Fashion-Forward Angled Bangs With Layers

Fashion-Forward Angled Bangs With Layers

Opt for a stylish long hairstyle with bangs. Request your stylist to through an extended “V” to your hair’s fringe. Then, blow-dry your fringe in a direction that moves it towards the side to define the side-swept. This requires blow-drying, curling hair and going to the salon to be checked every 5-7 weeks.

#19: Modern Mid-Length Bangs For Oval Faces

Modern Mid-Length Bangs For Oval Faces

You can try a new approach to an old-fashioned cut. The cut has been my preferred cut for quite a while because of its versatility. The cut is ideal for straight-wavy, medium-thick hair. If your hair is curly but do not wish to blow it out, then I would not suggest this cut. It is necessary to have an appropriate texture product in order to get this style. I employed R+Co Sail. After blowing out then spray it on damp hair, then let it dry instead, spray your hair that is damp to let air dry.

#20: Naturally Curly Bangs

Naturally Curly Bangs

If you’ve got curly hair, try naturally curly bangs! It is possible to embrace your curls as natural and display them in a playful way. They are easy to manage and they can be a major impact. Request your stylist to cut your hair on the long side , as you know just how curls bounce. Additionally, a the right styling product is essential. You require a quality curl cream that is able to reduce frizz while keeping your curls. It should appear like it’s soft to the touch and not hard.

21: Bold Medium Angled Bob Bangs for fine hair

Bold Medium Angled Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

Opt for a long-angled hairstyle with messy waves. This style is perfect for those who are aware of the care and maintenance requirements of fringe. Most bangs require a trim every four weeks. If you have an active life, this cut is ideal because it’s a feminine form, yet the length remains for you to tie your hair into the middle or low ponytail, if you have to! It’s great for thin, flat hair that needs shape and volume!

#22: Sleek Straight Bangs for Thick Hair

Sleek Straight Bangs for Thick Hair

What I like about this style is the whole 60’s style of the blunt and short fringe and the bright red hair. This hair length is relatively easy to maintain. It’s not full of layers, so it’s great for those with fine hair and would like to give the illusion of fullness. Begin styling your hair by applying a heat-protecting spray such as the Nioxin Therm Activ spray, and use a smooth blow-dryer or flat iron and blow-dry. The fringe needs some sort of styling using the round or a flat paddle brush and a blow-dryer. It is quick and easy when you have your hair often or are in a hurry!

#23: Vintage Choppy Bob Cut with Bangs

Vintage Choppy Bob Cut with Bangs

Take a look at this new version of a classic medium-length haircut! The bangs look adorable too! Be sure to keep in mind the texture that makes this style ideal for the beach style that’s in fashion! Make sure you have your preferred volumeizer along with sea salt for effortless everyday style!

#24 A Fresh Inverted Bob including Bangs and Highlights

Fresh Inverted Bob with Bangs and Highlights

To get the haircut you want, ask your stylist to apply a razor to get a smooth, sleek cut that is simple to style yourself. This cut is compatible with all hair types. If you have hair that is thicker it will require more time to style it. If, however, you have more fine hair, and cut properly, this will be done in a snap. Just a little bit of hand-over direction with your blow-dryer will result in this cut falling perfectly to the right the right place.

#25: Lovely Long Bangs

Lovely Long Bangs

You can try a medium-length cut using long layers and the long side bang. Cool-toned balayaged highlights were added to create a soft splash of colour. I love the comfort in this haircut. It can be worn straight or curly and the hair color requires very little maintenance! This cut is perfect for those with fine hair. The longer side bangs are an ideal length for those who want to move your face, but you still need an unpretentious appearance.

#26: 70s-Inspired Bangs and a Middle Part

70s-Inspired Bangs and a Middle Part

Try a shorter dark brunette hairstyle with a smooth fringe on the curtain. The best part about this cut is the fringe. The fringe of the curtain is a modern tribute to the 70’s icons such as Farrah Fawcett or Stevie Nicks. This cut’s length is incredibly flexible. It can give the appearance of thickness even if your hair is thin. If you have hair that is thicker adding short layers could make this length enjoyable, while also taking away weight. The fringe of the curtain really is the star of the show because it draws your eye to your cheeks and eyes. It also it slightly broadens your face, giving it a diamond-like shape. This cut is ideal on oval or round faces, but it can be adapted to accommodate other facial shapes. The possibilities of styling are infinite.

#27 Ideal with Glasses and Bangs

Black medium-length hair perfect with glasses and bangs

It is an unsymmetrical blunt cut. When I say blunt, it’s refer to cutting sharp lines, without layers. It’s sophisticated, but edgy. One of my favorite things to this haircut is how the sharp lines will highlight the different aspects that make up your appearance. The cut will keep its shape for a long time , and will pretty much fashion it self.

#28: Popular Blonde Lob For Women Over 50

Popular Blonde Lob For Women Over 50

It’s a simple to wear LOB which is perfect for an older woman. If you’re looking for something unique and modern, but you don’t wish to shed any or a lot of length it’s generally my choice. If you’ve got curly hair or coarse, fine, or curly hairs, then you can nearly always get the lob to work. The face shape is a crucial factor to take into consideration when designing the hairstyle. The way you texture the look you want to achieve is the goal. This is where you can create the unique cut.

#29: The most fashionable Mid-Length Bob with Bangs

Trendsetting Mid-Length Bob with Bangs

Your soft bangs can be paired with an elegant square bob that only falls over your shoulders. To make it easier to transition from the bangs into the bob, make the appearance of a bend close to the cheekbone using an iron that is flat. This style is perfect for straight hair with wavy or curly hair. If you have cowlicks on the front, simply blow-dry your bangs side to side when they’re soaked to break up the wave. In the event that your hair’s very thick and thick, layering it will bring more lightness and texture to your bangs. Keep your hair at a single length will suit all facial shapes, however in the case of a round face or you’re in need of length, request the cut you want to have a little longer at the front.

#30: Textured Shoulder-Length Shag Cut

textured shoulder-length shag cut with bangs

The way I describe the style as a shag with a texture that is mid-length and textured. The most appealing aspect of this style is certainly the bangs. They are so easy to lay down and tie the whole look together! This style is great with medium to finer hair. Apply Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair to complete your appearance. It provides that natural appearance that allows your hair to move with a smooth and distinct texture.

#31: Elegant Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Sophisticated Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Choose a style that’s elegant and chic with a hint of edge. When you’re considering bangs or the bob, there’s much to consider. One of the first things to be aware of when deciding to go for bangs or not depends on the shape of your face. If you have a large face, a bang could be a great way to reduce your overall face length. If you have an oval face, the ideal length of your bob for you will be under the chin. Keep all your hair at the same length on both side of the face. This will create a cheekbone and eyes that appear more prominent. A bang as well as a short hairstyles require more attention to detail than you would normally, especially when you have an unnatural cowlick that is incompatible the bangs. If you can take time out of your schedule to dedicate to making your hair look more stylish it can to make your outfit appear more elegant.

#32 Textured Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Textured Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Longer bangs can be an exciting change for those who want a totally new look, without sacrificing too much length. The addition of the texture of your bangs and permitting them to make your eyebrows appear cute and “grown-up” as they draw attention towards your eyes. Long layers that drop just below your shoulders with a quality styling product will allow the natural hair texture to keep the majority of the look. I’ve noticed that curtain bangs for medium length hair look great when they are dried without too much hassle. Drying them straight down makes them appear smooth without compromising cowlicks. They can be separated easily and frame the eyes.

#33: Achievable Mid-Length Haircut with Bangs

Effortless Mid-Length Haircut with Bangs

Choose a medium-length cut that extends past your collarbone. I love the way this style can lengthen your face, giving the appearance of an oval-shaped shape. I love the way that the bangs frame the look. For this look you can use the medium Texture Paste from Davines to style your hair when it’s being wet. Blond dry with a large, round brush in sections that are large to create volume to your hair’s roots. Make sure your hair is straight, however, you can set all of the hair using 1-inch curling iron barrel, to create waves. Then apply a light spray using Davines Dry Texture Spray. This will aid your fine hair keep the waves , without making it sticky. With a tortoise comb with a wide tooth and a gentle comb, break up the curls to add some fun and texture. To complete the look, spray your locks with gentle hairspray that is flexible and flexible, then shake it up.

34: Glamorous Medium Long Hair, with Side-Swept Bangs

Glamorous Medium Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

The brighter, angrier bang and face frame give the appearance of a halo of sexiness as the lob’s one-length will give your hair a more voluminous appearance. It is easier to style because the style can be curled or smoothed without spending a lot of time. Lobs can be easily put back in a ponytail and reduce the time for styling and blow drying. The style is full without being heavy, and with the correct texturing products you can turn it into a gorgeous beach wave look. Check out the dry Texture spray!

#35: Classic Bettie Bangs and Shaggy Layers

Classic bettie bangs with shaggy layers

I like the contrast between Bettie Bang as well as the shaggy layer of this lob. My favorite bangs are the ones with bangs. Request your stylist to use neck trimmers so that they are crisp and sharp. This cut is much easier and more stylish than you believe. The only thing that has to be dried is the bangs! Dry your other hair using something similar to the R+Co Wave Spray to encourage beachy hair texture. Then, reduce a few pieces using an iron for curls if you want more separation.

#36: Polished Bronde Shag

A polished bronde colored shag with bangs

The look is classic (think Brigitte Bardot), but it is also wearable straight or curly. This hairstyle can be worn with curly, wavy as well as straight hair. It can be worn in its natural form or create a full blow-out. If you’re considering having bangs, it is important to be aware of how expensive they are. I would recommend this look to flatter an oval face, but you are able to modify it to match your needs depending on your facial shape.

37: Edgy Shaggy Cut with Blunt Bangs

An everyday and edgy cut with blunt bangs

The way I see it is to describe the style as casual and edgy. The long bangs and sharp cut give it an element of sharpness however, it’s appropriate for wear every day. If you’re considering this style, I recommend you determine which cut and bangs will work most effectively for you. Consider what aspects you’d like to make the most of. I believe a bob with a collarbone length flatters most women, while bangs could make your face look more attractive. No matter if you opt for a big bang or a wavy one ensure that you talk about which style of bangs are most appealing to you in a meeting with your stylist.

#38: Collarbones with a Simple-Maintenance-Leng Bob with Fringe

Easy-Maintenance Collarbone-Length Bob with Fringe

Choose a lob that is collarbone-length with a wavy, blunt fringe. The cut is slightly inclined from the back towards the front, which lets your hair fall nicely on your shoulders. You can add a light layer to create movement in your hair to ensure that, no matter the style you pick it’s simple to style and easy to wear. If you’re looking for this style but you have curly or wavy hair, then you’re fortunate! This could be a wonderful low-maintenance style for you too. Depending on how curly the hair’s curls are, the stylist might decide to layer more to avoid the typical triangle look. You may also choose to keep your fringe a bit longer. Hairstyle with your Be Curly Style Prep and blow dry or diffuse to create the perfect new style!

#39: Stunning Face-Framing Bangs

Stunning face-framing bangs for women with glasses

This fashion is very trendy right now. It’s perfect for those looking for a feminine textured style with soft, curly bangs that really transform your style! The most appealing aspect of this particular style is the way it frames your face. It provides a flash of brightness with minimal maintenance. This kind of style is suitable for the majority of people because you can alter how long your hair depending on what you want to draw attention to. For example, if trying to draw attention to your eyes cut your bangs below the eyebrows. If you’re looking to increase your cheekbones request your stylist to trim your bangs at the cheeks.

#40: Healthy Blowout Featuring Bangs and Layers

Healthy medium hair with bangs and layers

If you’re not sure what style to pick Try a healthy blowout. It’s a simple and easy style that can be worn for any event, at anytime of the day. It’s definitely a look that you can wear all week, from work to dining out with your friends. This is a stunning cut if you love the layers and volume. Additionally, it works well with faces with shapes like oval or square, round or even heart!

#41 Gorgeous Naturally Curly Bangs

Awesome naturally curly bangs for black women

Make sure you add a pair of eyebrow-grazing bangs to your long curly bob, and you’ll attract attention to your stunning cheekbones and eyes.

How to Style:

  1. Beginning with wet hair that is dripping Apply a curl-enhancing cream and gel.
  2. As you follow your natural curling pattern Curls should be twisted in alternating directions.
  3. Detangle hair using low or medium until hair is about 80 percent dry.
  4. Let hair air dry until it is completely dry.
  5. Gentlely break up twists using fingers and then fluff up hair to your desired length.
  6. Squeeze a tiny portion from Argan oil into the ends.
  7. Make sure to finish with a hairspray that enhances shine.

Product Recommendation:

For getting your curls ready to avoid frizz Try Aveda’s Be Curly conditioner and shampoo.

#42: Soft Textured Fringe

Soft textured fringe on mid-length hair

Straight bangs that are straight across can appear rough if cut too sharply. To achieve a soft and more airy look, ask your stylist smooth the ends. For a lift and volume the look, try Aveda’s Phomoillent.

#43 Classic Blow Dry

Classic blow dry bangs

  1. Prepare your hair for drying with the blow dry lotion as well as an astringent.
  2. Section hair is divided into five sections (top and both sides back top, back bottom and the back bottom).
  3. Blow dry bangs with an angled paddle brush.
  4. Beginning with a section on the side then blow dry hair using an average-sized round brush. Then, flip the ends to dry.
  5. Continue to dry hair till all segments have dried.
  6. Apply a tiny amount of Argan oil to the ends.
  7. Style your hair with a hairspray that is flexible and holds.

Product Recommendation:

For a flawless blow-dry in a fraction of the time, you can use the Aveda Style Prep Smoother.

#44 Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

Outstanding heavy side-swept fringe

  1. Dry-dried hair is best treated with your preferred mousse.
  2. A small amount of Argan oil to the ends.
  3. Blot dry hair with an Denman brush.
  4. Hair is wrapped around the head while drying to create a bend at the ends.
  5. Fastly flat iron hair and then bend ends under.
  6. The flat iron bangs in the direction of forward, and then to the side.
  7. Style your hair with hairspray with a flexible hold.

Product Recommendation:

Have a go at Moroccan Oil’s Oil Original Treatment for a way to shine and strengthen your locks.

#45 Long Blended Bangs

Marvelous long blended bangs

Make a statement and add style to your mid-length bob by adding cheekbone-grazing locks that seamlessly blend your hair.

How to Style:

  1. Apply a styling crème on towel-dried hair.
  2. Blot dry hair with an average-sized round brush.
  3. Blow dry bangs in the direction of forwards and backwards using a small or medium-sized round brush.
  4. Apply a creme for texturizing at the end.
  5. Finalize your style with a hairspray that is soft and supple.

Product Recommendation:

Use Onesta’s Style Prep Smoother to get a smooth blow dry. It can also be used as a creme that texturizes dry hair.

#46 Messy & Tousled Waves and Bangs

Messy & Tousled Waves and Bangs

Sometimes , it’s difficult to determine what to do with your hair with a tousled curl. The easiest solution is to Give a bit of texture and a wave to your bangs to create a well-blended style.

How to Style:

  1. Prepare hair that has been towel dried with an emulsion mousse that is volume and sea salt spray that is texturizing.
  2. Twist sections of different sizes and diffuse on medium/low.
  3. Utilizing a curling wand or curling iron with a one-inch diameter to wrap hair around the iron horizontally.
  4. Hair must be removed from the iron, and let hair cool.
  5. Spray hair with a the spray to texturize and then scrunch it until you get the desired style.
  6. Style your hair by applying a medium hold hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

For a beachy style by adding natural volume you can try Aveda’s Volume-enhancing Tonic.

#47 Youthful Angled Bangs With Layers

Youthful angled bangs with layers

Make your face look more defined with bangs that are angled and layers of long hair.

How to Style:

  1. Apply an styling mousse on dry hair that has been towel dried.
  2. Hanging dry blow dry with a flat paddle brush.
  3. Dry the rest of hair with fingertips or with a big paddle brush.
  4. With a 1-inch curling iron and curl ends vertically into small – to medium-sized segments.
  5. Make a scrumptious smudge with a texturizing.
  6. Use a light hand comb to comb curls and then finish with a medium-hold hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

To add texture and definition Try Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip.

#48 Whimsical Full Fringe Half Updo

Impressive full fringe with a half updo

The full length of your fringe an updo gives a hint of whimsy, and frames to your face.

How to Style:

  1. Apply your preferred styling product to dry hair.
  2. Blow-dry bangs with the flat paddle brush.
  3. Dry the rest of your hair with your fingers or paddle brush.
  4. Backcomb area around the crown.
  5. Then pull the top and sides back in a half-up fashion.
  6. Make sure that all hair is in the ponytail in a low position.
  7. Utilizing a curling tool, use a curling wand to curl different hair sections.
  8. Style your hair with a hairspray that has a medium-hold.

Product Recommendation:

Take a look at Aveda’s Air Control for a natural satin look with moderate to light-weight hold.

#49 Cool-Girl Baby Bangs

Cool-girl bright orange baby bangs

To create a chic, edgy style put baby bangs on your medium-length hair.

How to Style:

  1. Hair is prepped by using a blow dry lotion.
  2. Blot dry hair with an angled paddle brush.
  3. Hairstyles that flatiron are as you like and apply a texturizing paste the bangs and ends
  4. Style your hair with a gentle mist of hairspray that is flexible and holds.

Product Recommendation:

To give the appearance of texture and define, try Aveda’s Light Element Defining Whip.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

This hairstyle is suitable on triangle, oval, and heart-shaped faces. It is also suitable If you are a straight or Wavy hair type.

#50 Cohesive Curls and Piecey Bangs

Cohesive curls with piecey bangs

Create a style that is cohesive by adding some texture to your bangs while you wear a curly hairstyle.

How to Style:

  1. Make sure you clean freshly blow-dried hair using a heat protector.
  2. The flat iron bangs in the forward direction, and bend ends in the middle.
  3. Utilizing a 1 to 1 1/4 inch curling iron, curl hair vertically , working in moderate-sized sections.
  4. Let curls cool.
  5. A small quantity from Argan oil and texture paste into ends.
  6. Use the leftover product to make bangs.
  7. A comb-like finger is used to go through the ends.
  8. Style your hair with a hairspray that has a medium-hold.

Product Recommendation:

You can try Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand for lightweight volume and lots of definition.

#51 Awesome Piecey Layers

Awesome piecey layers with long swept bangs

Inject volume and fullness into the layers you have by flipping the ends over and creating a defined layer.

How to Style:

  1. Make sure you prep your towel dried hair with the volume mousse as well as a gel that holds light.
  2. Dry hair with a round, medium-sized brush.
  3. With a flat iron, use a flat iron to flip the ends.
  4. The flat iron bangs in the direction of forward, and it flips bangs out.
  5. Use a tiny amount styling paste to the ends and run a little to define the bangs.
  6. Style your hair with a hairspray that has a medium-hold.

Product Recommendation:

To define your ends without adding weight to your hair Try Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip.

#52: Blended Wispy Bangs and Textured Layers

Blended Medium haircut with wispy bangs and textured layers

Bangs can be difficult to manage especially if you’re a thinner hair kind of. Try straight, thin bangs that are well-blended and layers that are texturized to create a style with a lot of volume.

How to Style:

  1. Make sure you have towel-dried hair ready with a volume mousse as well as hold gel with a light touch.
  2. Blot dry hair upside down using your fingers or flat paddle brushes.
  3. Dry bangs by blow drying them using the medium-sized round brushes.
  4. Infuse your roots using a firm dry hair.
  5. Apply a texture paste until the ends.
  6. Style hair with a frizz and curls according to your preference.
  7. Finalize your style with a volumizing hairspray.

Try mixing Aveda’s Confixor Gel with volume mousse to get an enduring lift but without any crunchiness.

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