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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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Medium shag haircuts revolve around combing texture and layers to create a fashionable messy, messy hairstyle. This style for women was developed through barber Paul McGregor in the 70s. A medium-length shag is the most effective way to create an easy-to-maintenance, multi-layered look. The mid-length haircut is all about layering soft layers of various lengths, and can be easily customized by any stylist who is well-trained. The shag, when layered, can be a fantastic method to increase volume, texture and an extra dimension to your hair. A shoulder-length shag will suit all facial shapes. If you’re an oval face the addition of a fringe may not be as appealing. For those with a lengthy face or more sharp chin, it could work for your. In terms of hair types medium shags are ideal for women with curly or wavy hair as it lets greater natural movement. Straight hair women are able to pull it off well using heating tools or mixing the appropriate products and scrunching their hair that is damp. There are some disadvantages when you get the Gypsy cut, based on the density of your hair. Women with curly, thick hair might require greater weight to be removed from their curls to be able to achieve a smooth and straight appearance. For women who have fine hair, stylists must modify the style to ensure that layers are placed in towards the top of their head, and not toward the back. Do you have a short mornings? The medium shag haircut is more simple, doesn’t require any heat tools , and is suitable for all hair types including fine hair. There are many kinds haircuts for medium-sized shaggy hair which can make them fashionable. They can be angled and add bangs or a cutting them with a razor to give the depth. You’ll find a lot of pictures below. Looking for some ideas prior to meeting your hair stylist at the salon? Here are some photos of the top medium shag hairstyles for this season!

#1: Uneven Layers

Uneven Layers

In shag hair, uneven layers can make it interesting and distinctive. Medium shag hairstyles are an extremely exciting and stylish styles that are trending currently. Be sure to stock with Redken Guts 10 for volume prior to blow-drying your cut.

#2 Shagged Modern Haircut with loose waves

Modern Medium-Length Shagged Haircut with Loose Waves

Hair that is shaggy and blonde can be a modern version of the traditional shag. The most appealing feature of shag hairstyles for medium length hair is that they’re really flattering for every face shape and age. It’s an easy shaggy haircut to style using loose waves and is super cute when you air-dry it with a bit of mousse. If you’re looking to get a shaggy haircut, consider the amount of layering you’re comfortable with. It’s always possible to try the more relaxed version at first and gradually increase the layers if you’re unsure. A Texturizing mousse (like Kerastase Mousse Bouffant) is a simple and easy method to create shag hairstyles. It’s a great style for those who are constantly on the move.

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#3: Layered Waves

Layered Waves

Layered waves are the most effective waves. When you mix layers with waves, you’ll get plenty of body and texture. By squeezing your layers a little when drying, coupled with the products suggested by your stylist, will assist you in creating the medium shaggy look.

#4: Bronde Shag

Bronde Shag

Try a bronde shag when you’re looking for something different and exciting. The soft texture of the cut is unparalleled and we are in love with the softness. A shag-style would work perfect for you if have curly, fine hair.

#5: Medium Choppy Shag

Medium Choppy Shag

You can’t be wrong with medium-choppy shags. It’s flattering on every woman There’s no reason to regret. Shagged hairstyles work particularly well with hair that is fine.

#6: Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs

The choppy hairstyles are more comfortable than traditional fringe. Combine them with a chic shaggy cut that is shoulder-length and you’ll get the perfect look. Although these hairstyles can be quite high maintenance due to the regular requirement to be cut, the style is definitely worth it.

#7: Chunky Waves

Chunky Waves

If you are a fan of messy hair, consider the chunky waves. The cut gives an incredibly soft and relaxing look and can make people believe it’s your natural hair. It could be beneficial to get your stylist’s opinions on the products to consider investing in that they believe will assist you in creating the shaggy appearance.

#8: Shag using Highlights

Shag with Highlights

Highlighting shags is a fantastic method to display the dimension through the layering. If you want to impress the crowd and make a statement, you need to consider a mid-length cut. You should ensure that you’re working with an experienced stylist and is skilled in color before you take the leap. By doing this, you’ll have the best chance to achieve the style and color you’re looking for.

#9 Straight Shag Cut with Bangs

Straight Shag Cut with Bangs

Straight shags with bangs is perfect for women who have straight hair. The angles and layers of the cut will bring out the look of your flat, limp locks. After styling, you can hit the ends using a flatiron to make it appear more sophisticated.

#10: Shaggy Texture

Shaggy Texture

The shaggy texture is awe-inspiring and we are in love with it! Shags look the best when they have the volume and texture that gives you the perfect amount of volume! Your stylist can provide you with tips on home products such as Moroccan Oil Dry shampoo, because it can help to increase the volume.

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