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65 Best Variations of a Medium Shag Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

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Medium shag haircuts, what could be more trendy nowadays? Nowadays, not just celebrities, but every woman who is looking contemporary and fashionable chooses shag hairstyles. If you’re still not taking benefit of a style like this, it’s due to the fact that you don’t know about the immense potential in this haircut. It is possible to create truly amazing appearances by fashioning your shag. Our stunning collection of pictures will give you an accurate image of a haircut for a shag and provide some great ideas to use for yourself.

Shag Haircuts: Special Features

The basic shaggy haircuts are bobs of different lengths or Pixies. For a more contemporary look, they have shaggy texture featuring layers, and chunky endings. Shag haircuts aren’t identical, as the first reason is that we all have different hair types and furthermore, you are able to experiment with layers and endings. It could be lots of layers that start on your crown, or less layers, closer to your ends or somewhere that is in between. How your stylist works your hair’s ends can determine to a large degree the final look and overall success of your hairstyle. You might achieve a sophisticated finished feathered, dramatic by spiky ends, or make a look that is visually simple of an “bedhead”.

Shag haircuts look great on thin and thick hair that is natural curly as well as straight. They will increase volume when it’s required, or to the contrary, lessen it, providing you with an appealing style and texture.

Okay, enough with the words. Let’s look at some of the finest examples of shag haircuts suitable for medium length hair.

#1: Shaggy Chestnut Locks

The warm chestnut color of hair is the ideal canvas for a medium-length shag. The light brown hue will give some depth to the cut and help keep the look from appearing too boring or monotonous The layers offer a range of motion and styling flexibility.

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Medium Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle

#2: Balayage for Shoulder-Length Shag

Shaggy hairstyles with a hint of balayage is the perfect way to be fashion in the coming season. jump on the trend. Your stylist can suggest adding some feathery layers to the hairstyle that is balayage. To give it a little “oomph,” wrap sections around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron and leave the ends without curling. Spray the hair with a finishing spray, then fluff it up a bit using your fingers. You’re ready for a rousing time.

Layered Shaggy Balayage Hair

3. Blonde Bob featuring Shaggy Layers

The golden brunette layers that make up this medium-sized shag are flipped up towards the bottom where it falls on the shoulders. Long hairstyles swaddle the jawline as they frame your face. The bob-shaped shape on the upper side of the hairstyle is ideal for women looking to develop their hair.

Medium Shag With Long Bangs

4. Voluminous and wispy Lob With Feathered Layers

A more professional way to style shaggy, layered hair needs a well-blowout that has sufficient volume. When you’re sitting in the salon, ask for feathery, wispy layers that start around chin-length and ask for to use volumizing products just for the hair’s roots. The result is elegant fashionable, stylish, and not boring.

Medium Layered Blonde Hairstyle

#5: Pretty Tousled Shaggy Lob

The razored, face-framing bangs and the face-fram are the trademarks of the sassy medium length shag that is done in a brown-to-copper Balayage. The wavy top and shaggy layers offer enough volume and sleek structure to leave you feeling stunning. Long strands at the sides completely cover both ears and the curly hairs on the cheeks create the face a more slimmer look.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle With Shaggy Layers

#6: Blonde Medium Cut

If you’re sick of the lifeless blonde hair, give yourself a new look with a trendy, shaggy hairstyle. The honey blonde shag is extremely retro chic and is can be a great option to change things up slightly. It is also possible to get away with messy, random styling of this cut, which means getting ready early in the morning is now much easier.

Shoulder-Length Medium Shaggy Haircut

#7: Medium Wavy Bronde Shag

A certain texture and carefree waves can give shag the dreamy, romantic vibe. For this style you can wrap your hair with the wand instead of using curling irons and let out the bottom inch to let the ends are natural, natural look. Do not brush the waves at the end of the hairstyle -Just use your fingers to create a distinct.

Caramel Blonde Shaggy Cut For Medium Hair

#8: Shag using Disconnected Razorred Layers

Layers of ruffled waves in a medium-length shag is the ideal accessory to wear in any season. This length of hair gives an eerie look, but they’re long enough if you’re looking to keep them off your face.

Medium Length Shag With Beachy Waves

#9 Gray Razored Shag with Black Roots

The razored style is back, but this time in a shoulder-length shag that has black roots that bring out the grey lengths to stand out. It’s a fun style to wear for a night out, but is also a style that can be worn casually and pulled back to look professional in the workplace.

Gray Shoulder-Length Shag

#10 Feathered Black Shag Side Bangs

There’s something that is rock and roll about an excellent shag hairstyle with bangs, particularly with dark hair that it really evokes icons like the Ramones. It’s but feminine and flirty and the short feathered layers, combined with chunky side bangs can give the tough cut feminine nuances.

Mid-Length Cut With Razored Layers

11: Razored Gray Bob with Bangs

The thought of becoming old isn’t a cause for worry. In actual fact gray hair, natural or dyedis in greater demand than ever. The razored gray bob is a perfect match for any skin tone and texture. Use shaggy hairstyles to soften facial lines and create a visual appeal.

Gray Shaggy Bob

#12 #12: Shoulder-Length Wavy Layered hair with highlights

When styling medium shag hairstyles Remember loose imperfect waves – they are your most loved friends. This technique lets even the most thin hair appear full and lively The addition of highlights shows the hair’s texture.

Light Chocolate Shag With Blonde Balayage

#13: Long Messy Bob Cut

A long bob that is shaggy looks amazing when you do a large twirl in the back and over the top. The dramatic highlights of bronde are perfect for women who have flat, tired hair since the hairpieces show plenty of volume and texture. The lob with the center parting is a sexy look that’s perfect for sporty and active women.

Long Shaggy Bob With Bronde Highlights

#14: Piecey Blonde Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Hairstyles for the curtain: small enough to cover your forehead, long enough that they can be parted and pulled to the back. The shaggy, loose ‘do is adorable when paired with a tousled wave and the various layers offer a lot to be seen. If you’re ready to change things up, straighten your hair.

Medium Shaggy Blonde Hairstyle With Bangs

#15: Voluminous Layered Bronde Lob

A voluminous, voluminous V-cut layer comes to life with medium shaggy hairstyles. If you’re not able to choose a hair color, a mix of blonde and brown tones will look great on all people and can be styled with a variety of different styles.

Lob with V-Cut Layers and Bangs

#16: Cute Blonde Face-Framing Shag

The full-length set of voluminous bangs and face-framing long sides sets the medium-length shag apart other shags. Hair that is bright and blonde can be cut and shaved; Two cutting methods that work well to thin out coarse hair. To achieve the classic rocker style you can blow it out and gently teasing it on the top. Windblown hairstyles are an ideal choice for women who prefer to keep their hair in a natural, loose style.

Razored Medium-Length Shag

#17: Briefer Shag Razored Layers

This shaggy cut is easy to maintain elegant, feminine, and that perfect cut for summer temperatures. Layer choppy hairstyles to frame your face, and bring shaggy bangs on the move.

Shorter Choppy Shaggy Haircut With Bangs

#18 Shag with Blunt ends and Angled Layers

Let your free and wild attitude by sassy shags with hairstyles. A slanted, angular layer and blunt ends create a very chiseled messy and textured look. To add the final touch apply a texture paste to create the perfect amount of grit, and get the look of a natural look.

Medium Blonde Shag Hairstyle

#19: Sleek Layered Cut for Thick Hair

If you’re trying to reduce the look of heavy hair, you can try layering which naturally lifts the hair and keeps them from your face. This is not just bringing your face into the spotlight however, it also gives a little dimension to the frame and gives your overall look an elegant touch which looks stunning in photographs and everyday.

Shoulder Length Cinnamon Brown Layered Hair

#20: Two-Tone Disheveled Layered Hairstyle

In the realm that is beauty, unsightly isn’t anything bad. Learn how to look perfectly disheveled. Consider a medium-sized shag that has two-tone coloring , and keep the hair free of product to create a deconstructed look.

Medium Brown Shag with Balayage

#21: Cute Soft Feathered Shag

The trend of feathered ends was a hit, and isn’t just part of the 70s fashion anymore. The style is designed for straight hair and layers, they look nice when side-parted or central-parted. The brush back gives the body and lift.

Feathered Shag For Straight Hair

#22: Blonde Choppy Cut for Medium Hair

There’s nothing better than a cut cut for medium length hair that has mid length layers of textured hair. If your hair has natural texture, the layers will only add to it, and you won’t have to even reach for an iron to curl. Make use of a shampoo that enhances curls, followed by a spray that texturizes hair that is damp.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle With Medium Layers

#23: More Longer Cut Top Layers that are thoroughly layered

If you have straight hair, and you’re not able to style your hair on a regular basis think about this delicate svelte cut that has long, feathered layers. Making the top pieces lighter and more shiny, while tining down the bottom makes for a beautiful, rich look with a texture straight hair is often lacking.

Medium Straight Layered Hairstyle

24: Black Angled Bob with Shaggy Layers

A shoulder-length shag goes nicely with an abundance of layers. The arched bob lets hair naturally fall into a beautiful form that doesn’t need an excessive amount of maintenance. Who knew that shaggy layers can have such a wide range of uses?

Brunette Shaggy Inverted Bob

#25 Sharp shag that has Razorred Layers

If you’re looking for bangs with a medium shag opt for this lived-in style that has highlights in various shades. Balayage looks great against the darker tone and can make your facial highlights shine. If you’re looking to dress up your style, put it back down or secure the sides using cute clips.

Medium Shag With Bangs And Blonde Highlights

#26: Longer Straight Shag Razored with Bangs

The shaggy fringe of this trendy straight hairstyle is thick and goes just above the eyebrows for an innocent Bambi-eyed appearance. The use of a hairspray that is textured keeps the layers looking full on the top of your head. Apply your highlights of choice to give your hair a glitzy look.

Textured Razored Shag For Straight Hair

#27: Warm Brown hairstyle that has feathered layers

A warm brown hair color with golden undertones can shine when styled with delicate shaggy layers. Hair styled with a feathered look forms straight strands of hair and gives a new style that highlights natural highlights or dyed highlights. It gives a sense of interest without being too demanding.

Light Brown Layered Shag

#28: Graded Feathered Shag for Thick Hair

The central part of the shag’s shoulder length offers the balance needed for a hairstyle that has many feathery layers. Each section is placed on top of each other, creating the appearance of fullness and volume that’s attractive for women who have naturally curly hair. The blonde and light brown highlights sparkle in the sun and give the hairstyle a feminine look. an attractive and healthy appearance.

Feathered Shoulder-Length Shag

#29: Medium Shaggy Brunette Hairstyle

It’s just a matter of putting on the right layering as well as subtle highlights increase the natural beauty of your hair and turn the hair that is wavy and unruly into a stunning hairstyle. The longer the hair strand is, the heavier it gets and the more straight it is laid. Razorred layers will automatically increase the volume.

Mid-Length Cut With Razored Layers

#30: Silver White Wispy Hairstyle

Medium length shag haircuts in striking colors, such as this white and gray wispy hairstyle are timeless and are reminiscent of Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch. With a lot of body and body Who wouldn’t want to dress like this stylish 70s mother?

Medium Length Gray Shag

#31: Voluminous Shaggy Lob with Subtle Waves

Nothing enlivens the medium shag better than loose layers and tangled waves which can also serve as a life-saving lift to your hair. Take all of the shorter layers toward the back of your hair, and gently massage them to increase the volume of your crown and smooth the top layer to ensure that all the layers blend.

Uneven Shaggy Bronde Long Bob

#32: Edgy Platinum Feathered Shag

If you’re thinking of going platinum blonde, be aware that the process of bleaching affects hair shafts. If you’ve suffered an injury or notice your hair’s appearance is not as good and sloppy, adding choppy feathered layers all over will conceal the damage until hair’s health returns.

Medium Shaggy Cut With Curtain Bangs

#33: Mid-Length Sliced Bronde Cut

If the texture of your hair is quite thin, razored layers can create a stylish cut, which helps to improve the overall appearance and provide an extra body to your hair. Combining darker roots with lighter ends can create an illusion of a larger hair and a bronde color is simple to keep.

Mid-Length Shag For Straight Fine Hair

#34: Medium Piece-y Feathered Cut

A contemporary shag featuring highlighted blonde highlights, and even a touch of silver grey. The soft rounded layers help keep the body lively, and the length is ideal for loose-flowing hairstyles or a bun/ponytail whenever you need to pull your hair back.

Modern Medium Shag

#35: Two-Layer Razored Blonde Hairstyle

Beautiful color with a cute cut – and you’ll look more than stunning. This cut is ideal for hair with thin hair because the razored layers can create the illusion that the hair is thicker and more full. Lighter blonde highlights emphasize the edges that are razored.

Shag With Razored Layers For Thin Hair

#36 Medium Messy Shag Arched Bangs

Increase the volume of medium shag haircuts using the help of a texturizing spray to create an edgy vibe. The neat chaos of curly and arched bangs that pop eyes can inspire a fun and confident attitude. It’s exactly the thing you’ll need for the season’s change!

Medium Shag Haircut With Highlights

37: Edgy Messy Shag with Bangs

We’re sure we’ve seen celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens sporting this gorgeous messy shag. Copper and dark red highlights on brunette hair make for an effortless edgy style. The uneven hairstyle only makes the look more interesting.

Shoulder Length Sexy Messy Shag

#38: Gorgeously Glam Curls

The shag haircut doesn’t need to be smoky. There are plenty of alternatives in medium shag styles. You can choose rocker hair, beach hair or anything similar to this: romantic and soft. When styling loose curls ensure you use products with high hold in small quantities.

Mid-Length Messy Wavy Hairstyle

#39: Wavy Layered Cut for Thick Hair

The art of styling a long hairstyle can be a challenge and you may be wondering what to do with the hair? Use your abundance of locks by opting for a moderate cut that is razored and wavy. These ends with layered ends are great to minimize the weight of your hair.

Shoulder Length Brown Shag with Highlights

#40: Medium Loose Chocolate Locks

Do you want to lighten up that dense full, long hair of yours? Feathered hairstyles , like this medium-length version, are the best option. The light, feathery tips assist in taking some weight of your hair, and give it a great shape and motion. So, say goodbye to those times of being weighed down by your hair goodbye!

Brown Shag with Subtle Highlights

#41: Mid-Length Blonde Wispy Shag

Shake and shake and shake your super-straight , mid-length hair into a relaxed shaggy hair lob. The face-framing angled hairstyles mix with jagged, wispy layers to create a relaxed hairstyle that’s simple to control. The bright white-blonde shade is vibrant and natural that can be adjusted to enhance your skin tone.

Mid-Length Shag With Wispy Layers

#42: An Excellent Razor Job

This is an ideal razor job which means literally. It is true that sometimes the best layers of medium length shag haircuts are done with only the use of a razor that has an unflappable look similar to this.

blond shaggy haircut

#43: Thin, Fine And Divine

Thin strands of hair are stunning: broken, yet small and compact. This is the perfect medium length cut for women who are active.

shaggy haircut shoulder length

#44 Medium Cut with Feathered Ends

A fresh approach to the shag hairstyle This hairstyle a wispy blonde sparkler. Highlights in platinum and hair with feathers that turn open add a touch of elegance to your look. For a fresh look between runs, simply use your fingers to loosen it.

Medium Wispy Blonde Shag

#45: Feathered Golden Brown Bob

The beautiful medium shaggy hairstyle is accentuated to look more sophisticated with subtle highlights. Bangs with a centre are both versatile and wispy to wear on weekends when you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to make hairstyles. This style screams cool soccer mom.Medium Shaggy Bob With Subtle Highlights


#46: Gorgeous Wavy White Shag

If your hair has a little wave to it, the shag can be an easy style to manage. Although for many, a basic wash-and-go method is effective well, adding a touch of the product that has a texture before drying won’t cause any harm. The wavy shag creates the perfect fashion statement that is proof that gray and white can be a hallmark of style and elegance instead of a common indication of aging.

Medium Razor-Layered Gray Bob

#47: Textured Caramel Brown Shaggy Lob

Uneven edges and textured layers form the foundation of various moderate shag styles. Look for trendy and sleek bangs that gently split to create an edgy look. A shaved end and a tangled crown add to the “shagadelic” style of this style.

Trendy Medium Shag Hairstyle

#48: Thick Feathered Blonde Lob

Medium shaggy hairstyles are available in all sizes and shapes such as the classic lob, which looks even more hot with the hair that is feathered. The short hair layers provide the top a body while thinning out the lower part gives it a cool sensation.

Medium Shaggy Lob With Feathered Ends

#49: Voluminous Neat Feathered Shag

Are you prepared to be regarded as a beautiful lady with stunning shaggy hair? This medium-length hairstyle is elegant and stylish. The light brown highlights add depth to the lovely light chocolate color of the hair. The center section is not required The cut is stunning when it’s parted to the side.

Medium-Length Shaggy Hair

#50: Rebellious Shaga Bangs

If you like rocker as well as a Harley haircut with bangs you should consider a shoulder-length squared shag that features many wispy, face-framing locks to highlight your beautiful facial features. An array of layers cut and a wavy crown section gives this light brown shag an elegant look. The longer you keep it, the better. crucial!

Mid-Length Shaggy Hairstyle With Bangs

#51 Blonde Lob, with disconnected jagged layers

The jagged layering creates an edgy and stylish look that can be enhanced with the use of a bold color. A shoulder length lob such as this will not take up much of your morning hours Just apply a small amount of your preferred texturing product and then go.

Edgy Blonde Bob

#52: Straight-Across Cut Shaggy Ends

Medium shag haircuts can have an elegant straight-across base with textured layers over. The wavy wisps with tapered edges on the sides, top and back create an excellent contrast to the sharply cut ends. The shorter layers that surround the crown look great with super-straight hair . They also add the appearance of healthy, shiny hair.

Medium Shag Haircut For Straight Hair

#53: Choppy Lob with Chunky Highlights

Then, squirt your waves to get the best from your long, rough hair. A cut shag is among the easiest cuts you can style. All it takes is add a bit of teasing to the crown and you’ll get the height you desire. Dark brown hair with highlights in bronde create a bronde and skin a sun-kissed appearance anytime of the season.

Sliced Shag With Bronde Highlights

#54: Black and Brown Choppy Bob

The medium-sized bob has prominent strands that appear like they’re arranged randomly. The black-brown combination is a chic and sultry mix that is a perfect match for a range shades of the skin.

Shaggy Black Bob with Caramel Highlights

#55: Medium Length Choppy Layers

To give grunge a smoky vibe and a sexy appeal to the traditional beach hair, choose shaggy, choppy hairstyles like these. The front pieces should be long and putting short pieces in the back makes a chic look that has a lot of lift. A curling iron with a clipless design is essential to achieve this style.

Shaggy Blonde Lob

#56 Curly Chunky Ends with a Bronde Cut

Medium shaggy bobs work perfectly with any color of hair however, bronze — which is the golden middle between blonde and brownis a great choice. The balayage style is to layer colors similar to how hair is layered. The dark chocolate golden caramel, the dark chocolate and the sunny blonde add a touch of magic to this basic cut.

Medium Wavy Caramel Bronde Hairstyle

#57 Mid-Length Light Blonde Shag with Bangs

There’s nothing more edgier than medium shaggy styles worn straight. Not straight, but unattended in the “too cool to bother” kind of manner. For a way to pull off this look without appearing messy or unintentional, spray your ends in a leave-in conditioning spray to ensure that they don’t appear too dry.

Medium Blonde Shag For Fine Hair

#58 Textured Bronde Bob Silver Balayage

The appearance of ashy blonde gets enhanced and lighted by the white Balayage. It’s a trendy option that’s not as conventional as platinum, or silver. The hair that is bleached tends to dry because of the process. Therefore, sticking with layers of hair that are short and sleek can ensure that locks appear clean and not too straight.

Straight Ash Blonde Layered Cut With White Balayage

#59 Medium Length Cut Full Bangs

The shaggy hairstyle has the retro look of full, long bangs. These long eye-skimming bangs are sexy and attractive and something that every woman should attempt at least once. With textured layers and bangs, they are cute.

Medium Shag with Full Straight Bangs

#60 A Longer Textured Cut that has Balayage that has been sun-kissed

Nothing says sun-kissed better than a stunning balayage tresses. The streamlined highlights are a good method to highlight the look of your shaggy hair. The brunette hairstyle that is longer becomes even more striking with the addition of lighter blonde.

Messy Mid-Length Cut with Swoopy Layers

#61 Sleek Shag and Layers that are Piecey

The long and gorgeous swoopy curls can be transformed into a stunning shoulder-length shag. Women with naturally curly hair can style it into the form of a swathe of feathered layers, which are stacked one over each other, creating a dramatic shape. Ash-blonde hairstyles have the glimmer of metallic to add sparkle and richness of shade.

Ash Blonde Shoulder-Length Shag

#62: Thick Lob with Swoopy Shaggy Layers

Women with shoulder length hair can make medium shaggy loose hairstyles. It’s as simple as cutting the hair at an angle, and then using curling irons or hot rollers style layers in the manner you want them. The feathered edges of the layers are easy to slide into position and rest comfortably on your shoulders.

Medium Shaggy Wispy Haircut For Thick Hair

#63: Wavy Razored Shag for Thick Hair

The stunning, big waves are eye-catching. The shaggy layers turn within one another giving a gorgeous shape with plenty of body and volume. The top layer is a little twirled but not enough to highlight some swishy flyaways and the deep brown roots keep the hair looking natural sun-kissed.

Shoulder-Length Haircut With Shaggy Layers

#64: Shiny Blonde Feathered Shag

If you’re blessed with straight, bone-like hair chop it into a wispy razored shag. Long shaggy bangs can be an option, however in this style they look great with face-framing layers that are graded. The glowing highlights in blonde make the hair shine.

Shaggy Cut With Bangs For Straight Hair

#65: Shaggy Face-Framing Layers

If you want shoulder-length hair that is packed with volume, opt for layers that begin at cheekbones. Layers of choppy hair are the ideal starting point for modern-day hairstyles. When you curl hair that is layered in different directions, you will get the most shaggy look.

Mid-Length Brown Ombre Shag

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