Long layered hairstyles look fantastic even though they’re simple. If you’re fortunate enough have hair that is long but not sure how to make it look good, you’re at the right spot. It’s not easy for everyone to have their hair grow to a length that is. Some are unable to surpass the “genetic length” and others are plagued by the brittleness of their hair, and occasionally the hair that is long can become a burden — it’s literally heavy. If you’re part of the last category, then layers are the ideal option. You can cut your hair to stunning lengths without the weight hair is carrying. Here are 70 stunning and eye-catching long layered hairstyles for your inspiration. Layered haircuts add the volume of long hair and gives you more flexibility when styling. Consult your hairdresser about long layers in the back, and smooth layering that is graded to frame your face. It is possible to balance the layers by putting on long hair which can be styled either the side or straight. Be sure to pay attention to the finer particulars. Think about your personal style when selecting layers. Long layers that mix with each other look sleek and elegant, whereas an angular hairstyle appears more messy and messy. If you are cutting off the layer that frame your face cut off the thinnest layer to highlight the most attractive point on your face, usually the cheekbones or the chin.

The Main Principles of Successful Long Layered Hairstyles

Chic and Trendy Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

While this style has long been the standard image of boho chic Long hair can be a great match for any style or personality. Look through the collection of hairstyles below.

#1: Multi-Layered Mix

This is the aim for anyone with long hair who desires an elegant, stylish cut that gives motion and body. The mix of layers is the key ingredient. Note that the shortest layers are only there for framing the face. apart from that, the majority all layers fall in middle-length.

Brunette Layered Hairstyle For Long Hair

#2 Mid-Back Brown U-Cut Swoopy Layers

A long, blunt U-shaped cut highlights the density and thickness. Through the use of long layers that create a look that is elegant and polished with shorter, waves add the body and texture. This is a gorgeous haircut suggestion you can recommend to your stylist during the next time you visit.

Long U-Cut With Layers

#3: Short, Medium, and Long Layers

Layers are among the most effective methods to make long hair look gorgeous. Request short medium, long, or short layers across the length of your hair. The layers will provide your hair with movement which makes it easier to create a style. Try messy buns and braids shaggy ponytails and even fake bobs or bangs.

Layered Centre-Part Hairstyle For Long Hair

#4: Straight and Chic

This cut provides elegant, stylish style and shine, with long layers that are perfectly hair-floored ends, without losing length. The goal is to create an outline and allow your hair to move.

Light Brown Balayage For Long Hair

#5: Reddish Brown Style with Long V-Cut Layers

The “V” cut in the shape of a V is a standard style for females with thick hair. The focus on layering gives more depth as the shorter front pieces cascade into larger pieces. Long hairstyles with face-frames and bangs that feature layers can be a great choice and look great with curly, wavy and straight styles.

Layered Haircut For Long Thick Hair

#6 The Long Waist Brunette Long hair that has Textured Layers

Long straight, straight, layers of hair typically require more attention and care than curly hair because it is necessary to build the texture and the fullness. Utilizing thinning shears to mix the sides of every section, stylists can create a feeling of fluidity which gives the appearance of hair that is longer.

Extra Long Cut With Medium Layers

#7: Long Hair with Layers of Subtle Layers

The layers of this cut appear to be invisible since they blend seamlessly. This haircut is ideal for those who don’t wish to cut off any length, and likes the illusion of layers over obvious layers.

Wavy Black Hair With Brown Balayage

#8: Long Waves

If there aren’t healthy layers, long hair may often appear heavy or dull. Layers highlight the hair’s texture in a natural manner. When you’re looking to style it is possible to find a variety of ways to revive long locks. Begin with a simple, casual beach waves.

Long Layered Sandy Blonde Hair

#9: Long Tousled Layers

This is a gorgeous bedhead style that is reminiscent to Brigitte Bardot. Mix long locks and bangs — the longer, the heavier–and then add some curly curls. How sexually attractive is this ‘do?

Long Layered Haircut With Bangs

#10: Long Layered Ombre Hair

You can get this look when you ask your hairdresser for shorter layers as well as long ones, and a few between. Extreme layers are perfect for hair with fine texture because they give energy and volume. This look will elevate your hair to the top of the line!

Long Layered Hair With Brown Blonde Ombre

#11: Loose, Messy Curls with Voluminous Bangs

To create this gorgeous hairstyle make use of different barrel sizes when curling your hair. changing the direction of the curls. Your hair will appear stunning without looking excessively sexy. To add a touch of sexiness try messy side bangs, by twisting them in a twirly fashion and then curling the ends inwards.

long layered hairstyle for thick hair

#12: Volume-Adding Layers for Straight Hair

Is it true that any attempt to curl your hair end up falling flat in minutes? Think about a long and layered cut for its ability to increase volume. By utilizing just a few strategically cut sections, the hair is given an immediate boost and volume. Some refer to it as magic, we call it clever hairstyles.

Long Black Layered Hairstyle

#13: Straight Layered Hair

Long layered haircuts are simple to style and are very versatile. You can put your hair into buns when you’re late, or leave it straight and easy. The V-shaped haircut gives more motion to hair that is thick. If your hair is naturally straight, apply a deep conditioner , and let them air dry following washing. They will appear like silky smooth and require little effort. When your hair appears curly side, you can blow dry with a big round brush. Do not use excessive hair spray to keep your hair from getting crunchy.

layered haircut for long straight hair

#14: Long Layered Light Chocolate Brown Cut

The deep “V” cut ideal on women sporting thicker who prefer the illusion of movement and an extra dimension. If your hair is thinner texture, you may prefer a more style with feathers that doesn’t take away any bulk.

Long Hairstyle With Face-Framing Layers

#15: Shorter Stratified Strands

In terms of layers that are suitable for longer hairstyles, this is a striking one, showing the hair in different lengths. With all those layers, putting on a simple ponytail isn’t an easy task and you should choose this style when you wear your hair down for a majority of the time. What’s the bright side? This style is stunning with some seriously striking highlights.

Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

#16: A Long Choppy Cut with a Sprinkling of Layers

When you are cutting layers, it isn’t necessary to look for a massive length variance. Hair layers come in different shapes. Your stylist can cut them thin and thin all over your hair. You’ll have similar amount of motion however, you’ll spend less time styling later on.

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

#17 Extra Long Cut Feathers with Face-Framing

Lean, long and sexy, this hairstyle with a feathered center makes a beautiful frame for your facial shape. Highlights of caramel brown complement the long hair with layers because the combination of cool and warm tones accentuates the steps of layers. If you maintain your hair in good condition by trimming your ends every few months, it could get to the waist length.

Caramel Brown Layered Haircut For Long Hair

#18: Layers of Choppy and Highlights

Long layered hairstyles can also include shorter and choppy layers. Highlights can make the style more attractive, but keep it to chocolate or blonde shades that match your natural hair shade. For this style you need to use a blow-dryer by putting your head down in order to create plenty of volume. Make sure you smooth the ends with an iron with a large curl or a blow drier , or an oval brush. Make sure to set everything using hair wax or an oil-based shine product.

medium choppy haircut

#19: Swoopy Flipped Layers for Long Hair

Gradually cut hairstyles are an excellent option for women who have damaged and dry hair as they improve hair health. If an end begins splitting, it gradually increases the length of hair until it gets to the midshaft. The result is frizzy, ugly split ends of different lengths. Cutting off sections can eliminate certain split ends, but without making the hair look too short.

Long Haircut With Feathered Layers And Highlights

#20: Classic Layers for Volume and Bounce

Are you looking to have your hair move as you move? Long hairstyles with layers can make your locks appear more full and your long layers combine well, so you can rock beautiful, free-flowing hairstyles. Get your curling iron out to create romantic ringlets that can bounce around freely behind your. Split your hair in the middle for a beautiful look that resembles a curtain.

Wavy Chocolate Balayage Hair

#21: Extra Long Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Hair that is coarse, thick and coarse has a multi-dimensional texture and texture. Curling the hair tresses of thin, lifeless hair, and laying hair’s length allows your stylist to make a cut that creates bounce and motion. Medium brown with a copper balayage provides volume and depth to hair that is flat.

Wavy Brunette Hairstyle For Long Hair

#22 22: Long Hair with angled swoopy pieces

Long hairstyles are often lacking structure, so you can try flipping the edges of the individual tiers with straightening irons. When you carefully cut short layers of hair, you give it the appearance and depth. The honey-blonde-balayage and brode tone provide the illusion of volume and structure.

Long Haircut With Angled Layers

#23: Long Layered White Blonde Hair

The layers that make up the chest-length cut appear effortless due to hair with a white blonde color as well as hair roots with shadows that create hair appear sleek smooth and even. It’s easy to showcase the stunning color with black clothing and the contrast will make your hair stand out.

Blonde Hair With Long Layers

#24 Shag of Wavy Wheat with Bangs

If you’re looking for an elongated, layered hairstyle with bangs that will not make you appear like a tiny girl, go for the wavy shag, with an angled center part and bangs that are draped over your head. The tousled hairstyle can enhance the wavy texture and give an sexy rock ‘n ‘ roll style. This warm, honey blonde hue will bring out the sun-kissed radiance.

Long Wavy Shag With Bangs

#25: Long Thick Hair, Cut with medium layers

Round-brushing can be a hair styling technique to create layered hairstyles to long locks. Hairdressers wrap damp hair with these huge round brushes to keep it in place, and then remove them once locks have been dried, cooled and then set. Blonde, bouncy curls look gorgeous!

Haircut With Layers For Thick Long Hair

#26 Blonde Textured Cut Angled Layers

The ideal time to get highlights is at your regular trim appointment. Highlights that are consistent with your layers show the uniformity of your hair. A shaggy white-blonde reversed balayage is an excellent way to showcase your long and feathery locks.

Blonde Piece-Y Haircut For Medium-To-Long Hair

#27: Hair Long Dark Hair with Blonde Contour Balayage

Chocolate browns that flow into warm blonde hues are a contemporary take on the classic Hollywood hair shade. The curly ends that are layered give an illusion of bounce and length, and the center part of the hair works perfectly with all facial shapes.

Extra Long Balayage Hairstyle With Layered Ends

#28 Long Haircut with Swoopy Layers

Flipping ends give, layered haircuts an additional dimension which keeps your straight hair healthy and lively. A balayage that is tailored to the hair type can make an enormous difference. The style is flexible enough for combed-back with out any distinct part line.

Long Layered Haircut With Blonde Balayage

#29: Long Feathered Strawberry Blonde Cut

A technique known as feathering is one method for cutting hair using slight moving slices to give an enduring feeling of length and flow. It’s a method that is great at giving hair a smooth look which is one shade.

Feathered Long Haircut For Thick Hair

#30: LONG Feathered With Layers of Cut

The hair parted in the sides and then feathered across the top and bottom of your head is a amazing way to show off your long locks. The style instantly draws attention to the layers that fill in all “empty” spaces. Ash brown shades with honey-blonde highlights are also a great way in keeping hair glossy and smooth.

Messy Long Layered Haircut With Highlights

#31: Black and Brown Layered Cut

Who said a blunt and hairstyle has to be simple? A majority of the black and dark brown hair is one length, while the remainder of hairstyle is only a few thin layers at the crown, causing a variation without diminishing the sharpness.

Thick Layered Black And Brown Cut For Long Hair

#32 Past Shoulder Hair with Feathered Layers

When your hair grows thick and long think about the two-tier cut. Long hairstyles that have a natural blonde balayage and feathered edges will make your hair appear healthier and longer; a excellent option if you’re trying to grow your hair out from the haircut that’s a lob.

Feathered Two-Tier Long Haircut

#33: Long Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

The hair that is thick and lush appears stunning when it’s styled with layers. The lowlights flow from the roots , through layers, then all the way to the ends; coloring techniques add to the volume of the long and feathered cut.

Long Thick Hair With Layers And Lowlights

#34: Wrapping Feathered Layers Along the Sides

The most chic styles are ones that appear as if you got up in the morning, rolled out of bed and then went about your day. Long , layered hair takes you an extra step toward that desire for a natural appearance. The feathered design lets your hair be able to fall in place quickly which will save you a lot of time to get ready in the morning.

Long Haircut With V-Cut Layers

#35: Brunette Long Layered hair with Curled Ends

Long layered hair that has bangs is a trend that looks great on long straight or wavy hair. When you cut your hair short, the curls have an tendency to swell upwards and create an “moppy” fringe. This kind of cut is easily styled in a variety of updos and downdos and add a touch of class when you blow-dry or straightened hair.

Long Curled Brunette Hairstyle With Layers

#36: Hairstyle using Long Layers with Angles

The stunning sheen of this face-framing cut makes it stand out from other haircuts. Although it does have the standard characteristics of long hairstyles that have layers, like hair with wavy lines with angled lines and fringed hair ends, there’s something special about the light brown balayage hair that elevates it an level.

Long Brown Balayage Hairstyle With Layers

#37: Long Layered Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Take advantage of your bright, red curls by embracing one of these stunning long hairstyles. The cascade of curls that have flipped ends is a unique feature to this beautiful style. This hairstyle is versatile and can be styled using the center or side part.

Long Layered Red Hairstyle

#38: Light Layers Enhanced by Color

When cutting layers, you’ll want to make them appear more attractive on your hair. Include subtle highlights at the edges of your lighter layers. Your hair will appear more luxurious and have more depth. Also, you can showcase your beautifully cut layers!

Black Hair With Chocolate Balayage

#39: A Messy Cut using Randomly chopped Layers

Are you a lover or “organized Chaos”? Bring that easy attitude to your hair by adding layers cut in random patterns. To avoid having a stringy look hairstyle it with loose curls or waves by alternating the direction.

Long Layered Ash Brown Hair

#40: Very Long Feathered U Cut

There’s no doubt length-length straight hair could be the most beautiful beauty. Imagine the look of extremely long hair, with feathered and light layers that flow freely in a flowing hairstyle! If you have luscious locks that are long enough recreate the same style and style, we recommend that you add some glam to the look with a bronde-balayage which can also lighten your complexion.

Extra Long Straight Hair With Layers

#41: Layered Cut for Long Fine Hair

If you’re looking to give a the beachy look to your hair with layers enhance it by adding long, feathered layers as well as blonde highlights that are added to the naturally dark roots. Your hair looks shining and sun-kissed, and when it is paired with soft hair with flowing edges, this summery colour combination creates a sense of fullness and depth.

Long Layered Blonde Hair

#42: Brunette V Cut for Thick Straight Hair

If you’re not sure of how to how to style your long, thick straight, straight hair there’s no reason to make it more complicated. Do not worry about bouncy highlights and waves Simply cut the hair into a V-shape which is composed of three or two layers. This creates the appearance of texture, symmetry and visual interest all while maintaining it as low-maintenance as well as easy to style using an air-dryer.

Long Brunette Straight Hair With Layers

#43: Long Brown Shag with Blonde Highlights

Balayage is a style that style has gained popularity over the past few years. It’s not only elegant and striking, it’s also very low maintenance which is something we all seek in a hairstyle that is stylish and attractive.

Shaggy Hairstyle With Blonde Balayage

#44: Face-Framing Layers

This is an extremely attractive hairstyles for thick hair, regardless of texture or color. The cut blends the longer layer with other hair, however the hair layers that matter are those that frame the face. For longer lengths, they generally begin near the chin.

Layered Haircut For Long Fine Hair

#45: Effortlessly Layered

The caramel and chestnut hues bring harmony to long-layered brown hair. The two shades flow seamlessly and naturally, thanks to the smooth layers.

Layered Haircut For Long Fine Hair

#46: Long Feathered Layers for U-Shaped Cut

For hair with long lengths there are numerous styles to try. One of the most effective methods to breathe new life to your hair is to incorporate long layers. If you’re a fan of loose, straight hair, consider cutting your hair in a U shape that lets you to layer your locks in perfect order.

Long Layered Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

#47: Long Tousled Voluminous Hairstyle

There are many hairstyles that work well for long hair of all types and weights. Even curly hair that is heavy can be transformed from polished and neat to messy and messy by gentle brushing or shaking the curls. The deep dark brown shade is timeless and versatile.

Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

#48 Warm-Toned brown Hair and Caramel Balayage

Hairstyles for long hair may stretch from mid-shoulder blades to the back’s small back. The entire length of the hair shaft could cause damageand is more difficult to keep. To combat this issue, opt for a balayage method in which small strands of hair are bleached and colored just on the ends.

Long Wavy Layered Cut

#49: Full Voluminous Layers

Highlight the layers of your hair and add that vital bounce by spraying your hair’s roots with an energizing root-lifter. The volume will also make your layers further and make them stand out.

Golden Blonde Balayage For Long Layered Hair

#50: White-Blonde Flicked Hair

Blondes can be more fun however, blondes sporting long hairstyles are at a different level. If you’re trying to add some shape and body to your long locks, you can add multi-dimensional layers that start from the chin and move downwards. Blowing dry the layers to give bounce and vitality.

Platinum Blonde Layered Hair

#51: Farrah Fawcett-Like Layers

If you want to have a more retro vibe go for shorter, wispy hair in the front, and more long ones towards the back. This look is a significant 70s vibe that is perfect for anyone who is trying to grow their hair.

Medium To Long Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

#52: Windswept Layers for Long Hair

Wouldn’t everybody want to have the status of Beyonce? The fame of her chart-topping hits the fashions, and the perfect hairstyle make us all feel somewhat jealous. While we’re unable to assist you with the music however, we can help achieve her wavy locks. It’s easy to accomplish. You can apply the mousse out from around your hairline to the ends of your hair. Work using a hair dryer and a round brush turning hair’s ends. The flicks will add additional drama to the style.

Brunette Layered Ombre Balayage Hairstyle

#53: Two-Tier Style

A lot of women wear layers that frame their faces so why not stick to the usual? Although having such a dramatic layer can be intimidating initially but it can actually make an amazing hairstyle. Think of the different styles you can wear with this haircut hairstyle: milkmaid braids, half-updos, and long and bouncy ponytails. Consider us sold.

Two-Level Layered Hairstyle For Long Hair

#54: Bedhead Layers

Do you need another incentive to get layers? What about getting out of bed wearing an exquisite head of head hair? It’s true that this style must have been a bit coiffured to look this stylish, but we aren’t able to resist the thought that using dry shampoo, you could be just as stylish and elegant when we slept in before going to work.

Medium Layered Brown Hair With Caramel Balayage

#55: Layers for Super Long Hair

There are long-layered locks as well as ultra-long hair layered locks. For those with hair that reaches their ribs (and over) adding some variation in length will give it some dimension, and also keep your hair looking good. For a little spice up, you can curl your ends.

Long Layered Haircut With Side Bangs

#56: Sleek, Straight Tresses

Long, luscious locks like those are almost begging to be blown out. To learn how to style hair this long requires determination perseverance, training, and practice. In the salon, request a blowout, and then pay attention to everything that the hairdresser does. After that, purchase an efficient blow-dryer as well as a huge round brush, as well as straightener.

Long Brown Hair With Layers And Thin Highlights

#57: V-cut Layers for Straight Thick Hair

If you’re a fan of straight, long hair that is thick, you can choose from a variety of hairstyles that can work without appearing or feeling heavy. One of the best however, is to cut layers into the shape of a V. The cut is slender and shapes beautifully even the most thick hair. Hairstyle straight to clearly be able to see the movement and the dynamics in your beautiful locks.

Long Straight Layered Hairstyle

#58: Layered by an inverse flip

Take a look at the energy and bounce! For ladies who have long hair layers are essential to making waves and curls last. Without layers, the long hair becomes heavy which causes curls to loose its shape, bounce and shape. Layers that are short and medium-length help to reduce some weight and bulk making curls more bouncy and perfectly shaped.

Long Flicked Layered Hairstyle

#59: Heavily Layered Face-Framing Strands

The great thing about the long layered hairstyles is that you can choose to be light or heavy with the number of layers that you cut. Cuts that are a bit heavy offer the chance to experiment with face-framing bangs that are great with long, thick hair in unfinished hairstyles. Explore the shape of your cut and determine the right number of layers that you like.

Layered Haircut With Subtle Highlights

#60: Soft Feathery Texture

Cute styles can be found in all sizes and shapes and lengths, not only in blunt bobs or short pixies. Bobs. The soft ripple effect of these layers is charming and subtle.

Long Layered Hair With Blonde Balayage

#61: Classy Layers for U-Shaped Cut

We aren’t in doubt the fact that layers with long lengths are a fantastic alternative, we can are aware of some hesitations. First, it takes a while to get a fuller look and you could be concerned that your cut will not look like it did when you use a blunt knife. When dried, using an oval brush and smoothing cream, the texture-enhancing layers are shaved to make the perfect U form.

Long Layered U Haircut

#62: Edgy V-Line Layers

Contrary to popular opinion regardless of length, a hairstyle with layers can look edgy. For instance, this particular style. The way the locks were cut makes the ends curl toward the center , creating an unorthodox V-line. You can achieve this look by wrapping the lower part of your hair in an iron that is thick.

Long Layered V Cut

#63: brown Blonde Hair with Long Layers

Ombre has been trending right now however, even if you’re not looking to do it all it’s possible to start slowly by balayage highlights that are soft and gentle. Layers that are long and thick work ideal to rid the bulky locks and give volume and movement to smaller locks.

long layered haircut

#64: Choppy Layers for Straight Hair

A great way to begin to transition into layers is to begin with long, choppy layers. They’ll add some texture and movement to the hair, without sacrificing the length or volume. To make the cut really shine, apply some highlights of balayage to the ends.

long choppy haircut for straight thin hair

#65: Balayage for Long Layers

While you may like the idea of having long layers, do they seem them to be very high maintenance? If so then try a different style of cut like the subtle layers. Yes, the different lengths can be confusing, however the layers slide effortlessly to create a stylish style that is more natural than the ones that are forced. This style looks great with a beachy wave or a sleek blowout.

Caramel Balayage For Brunettes

#66: Long Layered Waves

To allow for movement, volume, and a few sassy flicks request longer layers that start around mid-shaft, and then gradually increase in length. The thinnest layers should start just above the shoulders.

Long Layered Brunette Hairstyle

#67: Long Texture-Revealing Layers

If you are considering long layered haircuts, you must determine how much mixing you’d like to achieve in the layers. Cut with a dramatic style and cut shorter layers and longer ones. Selecting a gorgeous highlight shade, such as honey blonde or caramel can draw greater attention towards your gorgeous layers.

Long Layered Caramel Balayage Hair

#68: Blowout-Ready Layers

Are you unsure whether to wear curly or straight hair right now? With layers of hair it is possible to have both. One trick to follow, like shown here is to smooth your hair using an iron made of ceramic for the silky, soft appearance. To finish make sure you flip your ends upwards using the straightening iron to create an adorable bounce.

Long Blonde Ombre Blowout Hairstyle

#69: Full and Bouncy Long Layers

Fine, long hair may be flat when left on its own. But, when it is layered with an instrument that is razor-like it will take the form of the most popular hairstyle in town and that is the shag. Hair that is light, feathery, and soft is not just a great shape and structure, it also creates an illusion of volumean ultimate goal when dealing with hair that is thin.

Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

#70: Long Layers, Long Curls

Long-layered haircuts are designed to curls. The layers make curls keep their shape longer and last longer. If hair is too heavy the curls can fall flatone of the worst things that could occur to a great hair day. Create long, curly curls such as those with a large-barreled curling iron or flat iron. The loose braids worn for a few hours can also be effective.

Black Hair With Brown Highlights


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