Short layered hair is totally trending these days. So, if you have been thinking about something fresh and trendy to do with your hair, you have come to the right place! We know everything about fashion and the trendiest options, and even a little bit more, so go ahead and select your favorite hairstyle for next visit to a salon!

Cute Layered Bob

Cute Layered Bob picture1

Cute Layered Bob picture2

Cute Layered Bob picture3

Short layered hairstyles are versatile, there is no doubt about that. But there is a suggestion for those who are not scared to be looked at and admired. That is a wavy bob with purple highlights. Would you dare try it out?

Messy Layered Highlighted Hair

Messy Layered Highlighted Hair picture1

Messy Layered Highlighted Hair picture2

Messy Layered Highlighted Hair picture3

Easy hairstyles for short hair exist. You do not trust us? See for yourself! Seems like this asymmetric long-layered bob does not require lots of efforts to be maintained. What do you think?

Fabulous A-line Bob


Fabulous A Line Bob picture2

Fabulous A Line Bob picture3

The beauty of the a-line bob lies in its ability to be versatile. Not only it is stunning as it is, especially in this platinum blonde shade, but also there is a number of hairdos you can still pull off with it!

Blunt Cut Straight and Wavy Bob

Blunt Cut Straight and Wavy Bob picture1

Blunt Cut Straight and Wavy Bob picture2

Blunt Cut Straight and Wavy Bob picture3

If you are looking for the hairstyle to add some volume to your hair, then you should definitely go for a layered haircut. And the more layers the better. Stack them until you are satisfied with the result!

Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs picture1

Short Bob with Bangs picture2

Short Bob with Bangs picture3

There is no such a thing as too much balayage, is there? Adding highlights to brown hair works like magic, as such a small thing can transform the look dramatically. To finish this gorgeous ‘do, they added sweet, bouncy waves. Amazing!

Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles

Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles picture1

Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles picture2

Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles picture3

Shaggy wavy haircut and classic bob are on top of the popularity now.

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair picture1

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair picture2

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair picture3

Blunt and layered cut looks elegant and classy all the time. A bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle. Whether short, long or medium length, bob haircuts are brought to life by layers.


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