Short haircut styles are especially flattering for women who have straight thick hair. As opposed to that, women who have wavy hair might have difficulty in styling a short cut every day. Besides spending extra time on straightening their hair, this process leads to hair damage. So, it is possible to conclude that women with straight hair are luckier as they can sport shorter cuts without any problems and efforts.

Straight Short Haircut Styles

Nice Short Haircut for Straight Hair picture 1

Nice Short Haircut for Straight Hair picture 2

Straight Short Haircut Styles picture3

The chic short haircuts of our choice require one thing: adding some volume. As we all know, the only disadvantage of straight hair is that it falls flat. So, when picking your styling products, make sure that they are volumizing.

Mega Volume Short Haircut Styles

Mega Volume Short Haircut for Oval Faces picture 1

Mega Volume Short Haircut Styles picture2

Mega Volume Short Haircut Styles picture3

Short cuts offer you many options: there are short haircuts for oval faces, for round faces, for square faces, well, everyone can pick the one that fits. And of course, bob and pixie are among the most popular short cuts for women.

Short Blonde Haircuts

Short Blonde Haircuts picture1

Short Blonde Haircuts picture2

Short Blonde Haircuts picture3

As for the pixie, this haircut flatters ladies with round, heart-shaped, oval, and square faces. Little pieces assist in emphasizing eyes and cheekbones. But avoid this cut in case your face is long as it will make it appear longer.

Colorful Ideas

Colorful Ideas picture1

Colorful Ideas picture2

Colorful Ideas picture3

Pixies are ideal for women who have straight or wavy hair. And ladies with curly hair will have difficulty in styling a pixie. What about a shaggy lob? Well, it can flatter any face shape.

Interesting Short Hair

Interesting Short Hair picture1

Interesting Short Hair picture2

Interesting Short Hair picture3

In particular, ladies who have an oblong face will find this cut especially flattering. A wavy option will add volume to both sides of a face and thus make it seem wider than it is. And if your face is square, this cut will soften the edges.

Cool Shaved Pixie

Cool Shaved Pixie picture1

Cool Shaved Pixie picture2

Cool Shaved Pixie picture3

A pixie with a shaved area is totally for the most daring only. All eyes will be on you.

Voluminous Layered Bob

Volumetric Layered Bob picture1

Volumetric Layered Bob picture2

Volumetric Layered Bob picture3

Bob with layers will bring that so needed volume to your hair without intricate styling.



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