Long shag haircut is one of the few cuts that have always been around. There are a lot of benefits that such haircuts can bring into your life, but the only thing we will tell you today is that if you want to time travel, you can’t do without a shag: you will fit any generation with this versatile cut. Yes, some things just don’t get old. Whatever texture you sport can move to the next level with the magic of a shag haircut. Layers, feathers, choppy locks – these features done by scissors can make you fall in love with your own hair. Still don’t get why the shag is on everyone’s lips? Our pics will get things straight. Check them out and get inspired!

Long Rounded Haircut

Long Rounded Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Most ideas of long shag haircut for women feature a very edgy and sharp play of choppy layers. And you can soften the angles, giving a modern touch to the ‘70s cut: ask your stylist for a rounded silhouette.

Long Messy U-Cut

Long Messy U Cut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

To enhance the depth and volume that layers generously give to your chevelure, try getting a U-shaped body. In this way, your lively texture will get a well-groomed body that will gently fall on your shoulders.

Wavy Shaggy V-Cut

Wavy Shaggy V-Cut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Let’s don’t forget that even a common hairstyle will look different with a shag. This long wavy shag haircut is a perfect example of how the good-old waves become more distinctive and attention-grabbing.

Inverted Shaggy Haircut

Inverted Shaggy Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

If you want to focus on the crown volume, an inverted shag is a must. Just like a super long bob, this cut features longer front strands and shorter hair at the back, which gives more room for the lift.

Asymmetrical Long Shag

Asymmetrical Long Shag #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Sometimes the real harmony lies in the chaos of disbalance. No, we don’t want you to give up brushing hair. We are trying to tell you that once you spice up your long shag with a hint of asymmetry, you will get a perfectly balanced, unique style.

Long Stacked Shag

Long Stacked Shag #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

A long stacked shag, where the long front layers gradually become shorter and thinner to the back is a wonderful way to keep up with the natural volume and movement in your hair.

Middle Parted Wavy Shag

Middle Parted Wavy Shag #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Who doesn’t dream about effortless waves that bring tons of volume with every single strand? The truth is, the enviable look you see above is the right combination of waves, shag and middle parting.

Messy Straight Hair With Side Part

Messy Straight Hair With Side Part #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Who says that straight hair can’t be voluminous? Remember: there’s no shag haircut long straight hair can’t complement, especially if you style it in a tousled manner and part it to the side.

Messy Shag With Straight Bangs

Messy Shag With Straight Bangs #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Messy hair and long shag haircut with bangs are officially the most popular, win-win duo ever. Layers work on the volumetric body, the fringe gives some youthful vibes, and the messiness makes them appear airy.

Long Straight Shaggy Haircut With Center Parted Bangs

Long Straight Shaggy Haircut With Center Parted Bangs #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Bangs, whatever they are, have always been a stunning finish for shags. If you want to add some more soft layers to the ‘do and frame your face at once, look no further than this idea.

Wavy Shag With Blunt Bangs

Wavy Shag With Blunt Bangs #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Ladies who find contrasts to be an irreplaceable part of their styles will love this play of textures. Thick, blunt bangs nicely accentuate the effortless, cute waves, creating a lovely texture contrast.

Curly Shaggy Hair With Bangs

Curly Shaggy Hair With Bangs #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

The thing that all ladies with curly hair desire is to get their hair well-defined and well-shaped. So here comes a shag with bangs; the cut that will whip your unruly locks into decent shape.

Messy Shaggy Haircut

Messy Shaggy Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

You are the only one who regulates the “drama” of your shag. So if you want your messy layers to be soft and light, opt for longer layers throughout the length, and your locks won’t stick out.

Short Shaggy Layers

Short Shaggy Layers #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Now, meet the look achieved with short horizontal layers. The ends are slightly curved and move in different directions, making the chevelure look unbearably vivid and lush.

Long Shag With Flipped Ends

Long Shag With Flipped Ends #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Who would’ve thought that a little texturizing at the ends would be enough to reach such a gorgeous transformation? Once you feel that your long tresses get dull, let the flips work on them.

Wavy Shag Haircut

Wavy Shag Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Here’s another shag that makes the simplest waves ever appear in a new, seductive light. Just give your shag a pass of a curling iron, and enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

Textured Shag Haircut

Textured Shag Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Girls who want to sport a lightweight texture should ask their stylists for layers texturizing. By texturizing, we mean changing the thickness of layers that is meant to make your hair lighter.

Super Long Shag Haircut

Super Long Shag Haircut #longshaghaircut #shaghaircut #haircuts #longhair

Fortunately for those with super long hair, there are no length restrictions for shags. On the contrary, such cuts can make you feel comfy with your heavy locks. Textured layers can give a sense of airiness, remember? Having seen our long shag haircut pictures, there’s no way you won’t join the shag lover’s club. Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of the beautifying, you know what to ask for when you are about to improve your style. Just get a long shag!


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