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Long, Shaggy, Wispy Haircuts Are Trending & Here Are 19 Cool Examples

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Long shaggy wispy haircuts are made up of a lot of layers that give the delicate, fine hair extra body and texture. The cut is of a considerable length, allowing you to wear a variety of styles. stylist Mercedes Trimble of Mansfield, OH gives her opinion on this cut. “This lengthy shag great for women looking for an easy flowy, low-maintenance fashion,” she states. The shag grows effortlessly. It’s great for hair that is curly or wavy. People with straight hair may be unable to style their hair. The good news is that it can be adjusted to the needs of people and would like. Straight-haired women can ask their stylist for ideas. If you are consulting with a professional stylist make sure you are honest about your lifestyle and thoughts about home styling and maintenance. Your stylist will use this as the guideline on how to cut your hair. They’ll also offer suggestions that will fit your style. The main point of Trimble’s advice is to ensure that you know what you’re looking for. Don’t make assumptions because this cut gives a totally different look. “If you’re not happy with the bangs or layers it will take a while to get rid of. If not, you’ll need go to the salon each 8-10 weeks to refresh hair,” adds Trimble. The wash-and-go hair style is one you must try! Check out these inspirational photos of the most fashionable long shaggy wispy hairstyles and then plan your next trip to the salon.

Soft Shag with Wispy Bangs for Long Straight Hair

1. Soft Shag Wispy Bangs to Straight Hair

If you’re a novice or unsure about shags and unconnected haircuts and a soft, soft shag that has wispy bangs that are suitable for straight hair is a simple method to dip your toe in the water! The layers of this long shag that has wispy bangs are mainly on the face, which means it’s an excellent option to begin without having to cutting off internal layers that aren’t connected.

Choppy Shagged Cut for Long Wispy Hair

#2: Choppy Shagged Cut

A shagged cut that is choppy and slick is an attractive way to refresh long locks. Hairy women who choose the shaggy cut will have the volume as well as movement along their lengths, and will draw attention to their eyes.

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Feathered Layers on Long Shaggy Hair

#3: Feathered Layers on Long Shaggy Hair

Women who want a lively flowing ‘do, try feathered layers over longer shaggy hair. Although this style works well with the most long hair, it is able to be adapted to any length, allowing for maximum volume.

Face-Framing Layered Shag on Women Over 50 with Long Hair

#4: Face-Framing Layered Shag on Women Over 50

Women over 50 should consider an eye-catching shag that is layered. The wispy cut will highlight your most attractive features thanks to its numerous layers and fringe that is carved out.

Long Shaggy and Wispy Layers for Fine Hair

#5: Long Shaggy Layers for Fine Hair

Hair with long shaggy layers can be a boon for hair that is fine! The romantic wispy hairstyle is the perfect complement to finer hair thanks to the layering and cutting techniques that build body.

Wispy Shagged Cut for Women Over 60 with Long Hair

#6: Wispy Shagged Cut for Women Over 60

Women who are over 60 look stunning with women over 60 look stunning with a wispy hairstyle that has a shagged look. If you’re a majority gray or silver hair, the wispy hairstyle can bring out the dimension of hair and allow light to penetrate each strand exactly. Tips for keeping your silvers smooth and shiny, consider adding a treatment every week to your routine of showering- such as Olaplex’s “No.3 Hair Perfector”.

Wavy Layered Shag for Wispy Long Hair

#7: Wavy Layered Shag

A long shaggy, wispy haircuts are trendy and the wavy shag with layers is a gorgeous illustration! Hairy women with longer lengths will appreciate these types of haircuts because it allows them to shed the weight and refresh their hairstyle , without losing much length.

Wispy Curtain Bangs on a Modern Long Shag

#8: Curtain Bangs on a Modern Shag

Hairstyles with curtain bangs on a contemporary shag give a look that’s both traditional and modern. With wavy hair returning to fashion, this style will keep you trendy yet with a timeless look.

Very Long Wispy Shag with Heavy Bangs for Round Faces

#9: A Very Long Shag with heavy Bangs to create Round Faces

Shaggier crop, such as an extremely long shag with large bangs, work best for faces with round shapes. A round face may benefit from a more shaggier crop due to the contrast between the layers that are angular to soften lines on the face. Tips: If you aren’t a fan of fringes, this cut is perfect your style the cut looks amazing!

Long Razored Shag Cut for Women Over 40

#10: Razored Shag Cut for Women Over 40

The shag cut with a razor is ideal for women who are over 40! Long shags give an air of youthful fun to any woman’s look regardless of age.

Mid-Back Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair

#11: Mid-Back Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair

A shaggy style is a great choice for almost any hair texture and an elongated mid-back shaggy mullet that is suitable for hair with thin thickness isn’t an exception to this rule. The disconnection sections should be shorter with more length left towards the bottom for a the full look, which means most of your hair remains on the crown and around the face!

Textured Shagged Layers for Long Wavy Hair

#12: Textured Shagged Layers for Wavy Hair

The natural texture of the hair can make textured layers for hair with wavy hair easy to style. The advantage of shaggy hairstyles is that shaggy cut is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Therefore, spreading your curl or wave can add body and movement to your appearance!

Long Haircut with Subtle Layers

#13: Long Haircut with subdued layers

If you’re obsessed with the length of your hair, then a cut with subtle layers can keep your length and add an extra body and the appearance! If you have medium or thick hair density, a long haircut can be too heavy and overwhelming, so cutting the shape by layering can reduce the weight and make styling easier.

Waist-Length Shag with a Fringe

#14: Waist-Length-Shag with Fringe

While we enjoy the length of our hair it’s sometimes excessive, which is why the waist-length shag with fringe is the ideal method to add some movement and bounce to your look! A shaggy hairstyle for extremely long hair will to transform limp, dense forms to create a fashionable, stylish cut!

Long Shag with Wispy Layers

#15: A Long Shag Wispy Layers

If you’re in search of the latest haircut, go for a long shag with wispy layers. The texture offers a lot of movement to long hairstyles, meaning that those who has long hair, limp and saggy feels refreshed!

Wavy Shaggy Hair with Interior Layers on Long Hair

#16 Wavy shaggy Hair With Interior Layers

A more relaxed method to rock a trendy style is the wavy shaggy hair that has interior layers! The layers at the crown are separated from the length. This means you can still keep the length but with plenty of movement to the top.

Long Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Square Faces

#17 Shag using Bangs that frame your face for Square Faces

An enjoyable method to add some spice to your long hairstyles that is suitable for square face types would be to shag that has bangs that frame your face. The square face is characterized by straight features, so adding textures and softness in the fringe as well as layers can assist in softening and balancing your look!

Long-Length Wispy Razored Cut with Bangs

#18 The Long-Length Razored cut with Bangs

A more edgy take on an extended style is the long-length cut that is razored with bangs! There’s a lot separation in the layering and this style isn’t suitable an ideal choice for someone who is unfamiliar with layering your hair but it’s an effective method to add style to your hair and keep all your length in the lowest point.

Long Tousled and Wispy Shaggy Hairstyle

#19: Tousled Shaggy Hairstyle

If you love the wispy hairstyle, or the bedhead-on-purpose style, then you must attempt a loose shaggy hairstyle. The layers are kept soft and smooth in this shaggy wispy hair, and the styling can be managed by using volumizing products and dry texture spray or shampoo!

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