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Pixie Haircuts with Bangs – 45 Tremendous Tapers

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Everyone loves a good haircut for their hair whether women or men young and old! Sometimes , it’s difficult to find a cut that’s perfect for your personality and style. With the abundance of magazines and recommendations from social media experts It is easy to get overwhelmed by possibilities! Don’t worry! This article will provide information on how to select the best Pixie Cut.

Fashionable Pixie Hairstyles with Bangs

Take a look at the suggestions in the images below for inspiration prior to your next visit for the hair salon.

1. Stacked Bob with Feathered Crown. Bob With Feathered Crown

Blonde Shaggy Pixie Bob

If you’re a fan of casually large hairstyles, we have something we can recommend. A bold style like this one will bring a little sexiness to your everyday appearance. The volume is constructed on the crown and features the cute feathered finishing and a feathered finish.

# 2: Layered Pixie along with Nape undercut

This stunning pixie that has highlights of pinkish over the silver-colored base look like a short hairstyle that is stacked. The more angled top layers give beautiful edges as well as texture for this unique short hairstyle.

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cute layered pixie haircut

#3: Long Choppy Pixie for Straight Hair

Change up your usual pixie and make it look longer with side bangs that have an accent color. Choose a golden highlight on the parts near your eyes especially if your eyes are brown or blue.

Pixie With Long Side Bangs

#4: Chic Undercut Pixie for Fine Hair

The pixie style with bangs that is cut short is among the best and flattering choices for women with hair that is fine. The side-swept bangs and the chunky highlights close to the face make this look a glowing appearance. Split hair in a random way for a distinctive look.

Undercut Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

#5 A Very short Part-y Pixie with Highlights

Another cute short hairstyle that has bangs. The highlights are placed on pieces of locks to draw focus on the top of volume above an undercut. The main thing to remember about this look is long bangs with short sides, so be sure to keep the undercut with regular trims.

Short Pixie Cut With Bangs And Long Sides

#6: Short Well-Structured Haircut

Valerie Curry is seen wearing an elegantly structured hairstyle that is cut in delicate layers and asymmetrical hair. This look is ideal for those who love being able to change the style. In the image Valerie’s style is particularly feminine. Yet, anyone can get a more feminine look. This is due to the hairstyles that are symmetrical add a certain edge while hair that is soft smooths it. Thus, they work as a unit creating a flexible hairstyle!

cute pixie haircut with a fringe

#7: Classic Feathered Pixie Cut

Kaley Cuoco can be seen sporting an old favourite cut: the classic cut of a pixie. With short layers of razored hair and bangs on the forehead the classic cut is a perfect fit for her. The subtle spikiness and easy appearance adds a new dimension to what is usually an uninspiringly feminine and oozy hairstyle. Rock on Kaley Cuoco!

feathered pixie with bangs

#8: Tapered Pixie Textured Top

The tapered design of this cut gives the hairstyle with a lot of depth. The dark, super-short cut creates the perfect frame that showcases every angle you can create on your face. On the other side, the undercut that is shaved creates an appearance of super-feminine.

Wavy Tapered Brunette Pixie

9: Shaggy Pixie, with extra long side bangs.

The deep part of the side creates an elegant feminine look with the long side bangs increase its playful character. When you pair them with the short hairlong bangs combination is the perfect blend of girl-next-door and punky rock star.

Long Shaggy Ash Bronde Pixie With Bangs

#10: Blue-Tinted Silver Pixie Bob

Metallic hues and the the short side of this sleek bob are forever cool. Learn from the latest shades and make blue your new shade of choice. The wispy hairs that are brushed on the forehead will look stunning in photos.

Long Pastel Blue Pixie

#11: Short Two-Tone Brunette Pixie

Cuts that are super short and choppy are the epitome of minimalism. Two-toned hairstyles are they’re here to stay This classic cut shows that even the most basic cut can be the most stylish. Consider two shades of blonde or brown, the options are limitless!

Short Choppy Two-Tier Pixie

#12: Bob with Razors Bob along with Temple Undercut

The sharp edges of the long pixie that has bangs prevent this look from looking similar to other styles. A cut that is visible from the side provides it with an unpretentious look.

Undercut Long Pixie With Bangs

#13: Long Shaggy Blonde Balayage Pixie

This gorgeous curly pixie style with bangs is sure to impress the next time you go out for dinner. The stunning blonde waves give the appearance a lot of volume and texture. Make sure to show off your dramatic eyes hidden behind the soft hairdos.

Shaggy Curly Pixie Cut With Bangs

#14: Voluminous Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Another trendy option that is a pixie cut with bangs owes some of its glamour to the cut section. It is also possible to experiment with the tapered style if you prefer a more smooth look.

Undercut Pixie Haircut With Bangs

#15: Black Feathered Tapered Pixie

Do you want to shine up your hair’s dull look? Consider this cut that has fringes, bangs and layers of feathers. A quick wash and spray of styling spray or hairspray and you’re done!

Tapered Pixie With Bangs And Feathered Layers

#16 The Long Pixie with Layers of Piece-y.

A hairstyle with long bangs is the ideal look for you if aren’t looking to cut it too short. The long side bangs should be highlighted with a golden hairstyle to add some heat to your look.

Pixie Cut With Long Side Bangs

#17: Long Razored Pixie for Fine Hair

Are you looking to try a new hairstyle? The pixie cut in slices and straight bangs can make eyes pop, and also gives an elongated look for the facial area.

Razored Pixie Cut With Straight Bangs

#18: Long Feathered Silver Pixie

The stunning silver pixie with fringe that wraps around the eyebrows and touches eyelids is the perfect great hairstyle to enhance the round face. To make it more fun, select the most subtle shade, such as an ethereal purple or blue to highlight your eyes.

Silver Pixie With A Feathered Fringe

#19: Asymmetrical Undercut Wavy Pixie

For shorter hair is all about the small details. Asymmetrical undercuts are the best hairstyles, particularly when you combine it with wavy hairstyles for longer hair. The subtle pink undertones give a new meaning to her beautiful locks. Is there a better method to kick up romance than to add a touch of pink?

Short Wavy Half-Shaved Cut

#20: Pretty Gamine Pixie

The gorgeous, short bangs are full of Audrey Hepburn vibes, which isn’t a bad thing. In this instance the bangs with a choppy texture are simple to draw focus towards the eyes. The beauty of this style is its versatility. Style your cropped layer however you like: ruffled, spiked or slicked back.

Choppy Pixie With Cropped Bangs

#21: Shaggy Pixie for Poker Straight Hair

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will be compatible with straight hair? A shaggy pixie cut similar to this one will provide lots of texture and depth.

Straight Shaggy Pixie With Long Bangs

#22: Sleek Bronde Pixie Bob

Contrary to the standard pixie haircut they allow for greater styling options due to their longer length. The side-swept bangs of this gorgeous highlighted bronde pixie are long enough to be pin-back or braid to create an elegant style.

Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

#23: Choppy Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

If you think curly haired women couldn’t manage to style their hair short consider reconsidering your beliefs. The asymmetrical style looks great with waves. All you require is a light mousse and a little hairspray to hold the shape. It is possible to further enhance your face by adding highlights and lowlights to create an exciting effect.

Short Wavy Bronde Bob

#24: Messy Blonde Pixie for Thin Hair

Is your complexion porcelain? The curly white blonde hairstyle with bangs will stun especially when it is coupled with winged eyeliner or an edgy pink lip. For soft curls, make use of your fingers and curl cream or oil to add the amount of texture you like.

Messy Curly Pixie Cut With Bangs

#25: Neat Tapered Pixie for Straight Hair

A short pixie styled with bangs to straight hair could have a lot of layers cut in slices that provide the most adorable texture, regardless of whether it is it is styled using the aid of a product or with no. The bangs will be brushed through your eyebrows. You can pair the look with a stylish set of earrings that can be presented with a cut that is short.

Short Piecey Blonde Pixie With Bangs

#26: Wispy White Blonde Pixie Undercut

With a slender white pixie cut, you’ll become the envy in the local scene. A short pixie offers the best of both worlds , merging shaggy chic with sophisticated simplicity. It’s not a hassle, so you don’t have to waste all day sprucing up,

White Blonde Layered Pixie With Undercut

#27: Airy Feathered Blonde Pixie

Nothing says easy-breezy-beautiful like an airy, feathered look. These side-swept band can be as stylish and romantic, based on the way you decide to style them. The pretty, tousled and feathered hairstyle is casually chic , and we are in love!

Shaggy Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs

#28: Polished Brunette Pixie

Are you looking for a more office-friendly version? For a more sophisticated approach to the cut the smooth and shiny stacked pixie is the ideal option. The smooth surface is elegant and professional. However, the length that is eye-grazing provides an element of coquette.

Classic Pixie Haircut With Bangs

#29: Silver Pixie with Long Layers

Short hairstyles can be daunting, but this classic version flatters everybody. The crown is delicately mushy and brushed while the V-shaped layers that are long are lightly brushed towards the sides. The length of the surface is elegantly flowing over the border that has been cropped. It’s even more chic in silver that is natural.

Silver Pixie With Long Layers

#30: Pretty Long Blonde Balayage Pixie

The lustrous blonde balayage adds to the innocent appeal of this cute pixie that has grown out. Swoopy, chunky bangs contribute to the beauty that the haircut offers. If you’re not scared of bleaching platinum blonde is stunning and flatters the majority of skin tones.

Bronde Pixie With Platinum Balayage

31: Long Messy Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Bring your style to new heights with lots of texture in this messy shined pixie with long sides bangs. An edgy cut such as this looks super cute with bangs swept the side, or pulled down in a half-updo.

Long Pixie With Long Side Bangs

#32 The Long Pixie in Dark Reddish Brown with Sideburns

Simply because your hair isn’t long doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of fashionable layers. We don’t know about you but we’re feeling serious images that remind us of Old Hollywood glamour from these stylish sideburns!

Layered Dark Auburn Pixie

#33: Long Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

These gorgeous graded layers provide volume, depth and a gorgeous hairstyle shape. Heart-shaped faces are lucky enough to be a great match for almost every style which is certainly no exception.

short layered hairstyle

#34: Four Creative Ways To Style Your Pixie

Hairstyles that are short are not very adaptable with regards to styling, could be incorrect. Here’s evidence. A long pixie can be the perfect base for a chic pompadour “good girl’s” hairstyle inspired by the 60’s. modern pixie with an elongated look at the root as well as shaggy curly curls. This is so unique and gorgeous!

four different pixie hairstyles

#35: Cute and Edgy Short Blonde Style

Bangs that are very short are great for hair that is thin. Bangs that are short and longer-layered ones, will give fullness and fresh life into thin hair. If you are a fan of shorter hair, but are confused of what to do then bring this hairstyle to your next hair salon appointment.

extra short blonde hairstyle

#36: Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Frame your pretty face with curly locks to give you a feminine, more tender appearance. If you don’t naturally curly locks but you don’t have to worry, just make use of a small or medium barreled iron and allow curls to fall wherever you want them to.

blonde curly pixie

#37: A-Line Pixie Bob

This elegant pixie that has long hair is ideal for women who are new to shorter hair strands. A tight cut removes the any excess weight, and the front gives you the comfort of length. We love the voluminous dark espresso as well as the warm streaks that dapple the surface.

Half Bob Half Pixie Haircut

#38: Extra Short Pixie

Zendaya Coleman is seen in an extremely soft, sharp cut pixie. With only a few layers and small bangs, this hair style is sweet and simple. The absence of bulk is a great way to draw the eye to her amazing makeup appication. This makeup style is really highlighting her natural beauty without the frills!

short pixie haircut with bangs

#39: Silver Pixie for Long Faces

If you’re choosing extreme colors such as gray or platinum blonde make sure you keep it interesting by wearing a the long pixie cut. Add some straight hair to it to soften it. Straight locks and sleek bangs are best for fine hair, however the cut can be worn using any type of hair.

silver pixie-bob

#40: Extended Pixie With Shaggy Layers

Lisa Rinna appears to be an authentic vintage diva with her retro pixie cut! The shaggy layers and the messy fringe create a charming 70’s-inspired look. The warm highlighter’s brown hue also gives a the goddess-like shine to Lisa’s skin strikingly contrasted with her light skin!

long pixie haircut with bangs

#41: Funky Gray Pixie Undercut

For a contemporary and funky style, choose an gray or ash blonde undercut. The gray pixie in the picture increases the volume of hair that is fine. The most appealing feature? A side-parted pixie cut with bangs can be grew out effortlessly.

Ash Blonde Undercut Pixie With Long Bangs

#42: Dishwater Blonde Undercut Pixie

Long-length bangs with pixie cuts make the perfect length to create babylights. If you want to add more volume side-swept bangs make the perfect ingredient to achieve a look that is day-to-night-just do it with hairspray. If you’re looking for a more bold look then add a bit of mousse for an edgier, more dense variation of the traditional cut pixie.

Layered Pixie Undercut With Blonde Highlights

#43: Chopped Lavender Pixie

Who said you couldn’t play with color and length? People with warm skin tones will look stunning in magenta and lilac. Incorporate some lilac balayage to create layers of hair that are tangled and piecey. Leave the longer, smooth hair behind the ears gives a more softer feel for your medium hair.

Short Choppy Pastel Purple Hairstyle

#44: Pretty in Pink

The bold geometrical design of this pixie’s bluntness will be softened thanks to its fluttery carnation tone. The clean lines are the best for fine hair, which may appear sloppy if they are overly layers. For a shiny shine polish, finish using a straightening iron as well as the addition of a little pomade.

Pastel Pink Asymmetrical Pixie

#45: Magnificent Unicorn Crop

To give your elfin a touch you can try swirling pastel rainbow shades. The bright spectrum creates the feeling of a fairy tale on this sexy fairy cut. The long bangs that are swept to the side create a fun peek-a-boo effect and allow the lighter shades room to move.

Gray Pixie Bob With Pastel Highlights

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