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55 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions

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Nowadays, very few women prefer to cut their hair in one length styles. Shag haircuts are more contemporary sleek and slender while at the easy to style. Modern shags are characterized by varying the number of layers as well as the finish on the edges. Each hair’s thickness and length is a perfect shag. When choosing a hairstyle for yourself it is essential to consider your face shape and fashion. Look through the images below to get some ideas prior to your next visit for the beauty salon.

Modern Shag Haircuts

#1: Layered Shaggy Hair

Layers that are pronounced are wonderful for shags with shoulder length. Make some waves using the large barrel curling iron to create this chic and fun look. In case your hair’s dark, think about subtle highlights to lighten the look. Consider a fun shade to add some color to your final appearance and bring some brightness to your face.

medium blonde layered hairstyle

2. Blonde shag that has layers of emphasis

Pronounced layers that show off sharp edges are the primary appeal of this modern shag, which is further updated to subtle highlight and dim light. The front tresses are turned into the oval face, and they are cleverly turned out.

modern medium shag haircut

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#3 Medium Cut with Cropped Top

Hair cut using high-layers and trimmed longer at the sides may appear like a touch to Carol Brady. If done by an experienced professional, it can help to take the burden off of hair that is heavy or give hair that is thin a fresh start. It’s always better to visit an salon. If you’re looking to get rid of the look of the 1970s, do not try it at home.

heavily layered medium shag haircut

#4: Tousled Auburn Bob

This stunning shag cut has a dazzling thickness and a unique texture that is highlighted by shiny auburn highlights. An shag cut that’s smooth and neat across the length before becoming shorter towards the end is the most elegant and is among the most popular fashions. If you’re interested in seeing some of the most popular shag styles that are trending this season, check out this gallery.

modern shag haircut for thick hair

5: Medium Brunette Shag with Thick Bangs

The layers that frame the face of this shag with bangs does an amazing job of highlighting the model’s cheekbones that are high and give her the look of an attractive, sexually sexy film star. The auburn-colored deep shade works well with all skin tones. Additionally, the hairstyle is a choppy, tousled style that is full of sporty style.

Choppy Brunette Shag With Bangs

#6: Medium Two-Layer Cut

If you’re searching for a shag style that’s fashionable and contemporary then look no further than an elongated cut that’s two layers of feathers with a touch of poof that’s crunchy at the top. Golden bronde balayage aids in creating a lush and full-bodied form.

Medium Feathered Cut With Bronde Balayage

#7: Forward-Swept Straight Shag

A shag that is forward-swept is a great option for hair that is thin because the different layers are able to give the illusion of volume and lift. The straight , wispy and smaller, darker pieces that wrap around the neck contribute to an overall more full and round appearance.

Shag With Bangs For Thin Hair

#8: Feminine Feathered Shag for Medium Hair

A central part and the hairy waves of the copper-toned shoulder-length shags are feminine and simple to wear. If you let your long bangs drop on your face creating a sensual peek-a-boo appearance.

Medium Shag With Peek-A-Boo Bangs

#9: Delicate Light Blonde Shag

To create the perfect statement in young frivolity, think about shag-style haircuts that are somewhere between a lob or the curly shag. The wavy hair is highlighted with sexy white blonde highlights, then finished with a razor to give an all-shaggy look.

Sexy White Blonde Lob Shag

#10: Mid-Length Layered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Bring some interest to the classic mid-length shag cut with bangs by adding layered highlights in ash blonde. This is best for hair with a thin or medium texture because thick hair may appear bulky due to the number of layers. You can style it with a hint of an oomph for a flirty elegant look.

Medium Layered Cut With Bangs

#11: Medium Silver Layers

The combination of long and short layers implies that hair appears to flow in an unpredictable manner from every angle. Hair with texture in this style are best suited to slim faces with slim features.

Silver Shag With Black Roots

#12: Medium Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

The medium length, two-tone shag hairstyle is a subtle tribute to the legendary Rachel Green. Straight layered hairstyle which looks stunning on women with long hair as well as the light brown shade with honey highlights gets the most of the natural texture of your hair.

Medium Length Shag For Thick Hair

#13: Medium Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Uniquely rock and roll hairstyle, the long bangs as well as the straight locks of this above-the-shoulder shag cut frame your face and highlight your most attractive features. Copper highlights that are subtle as well as the shaggy ends that are razored add to the contemporary, fashionable and youthful appearance.

Below The Shoulder Shag Cut With Bangs

#14 Medium Cut with Chunky Swoopy Layers

A shag is ideal for women who have medium-textured hair. If you’re looking for a unique look Why not consider the swoopy layer? They also provide instant volume and depth Swapy layers give an exciting spin on the shag cut that is so popular.

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

#15: Wispy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

The following photos show how the shaggy hairstyles that are wavy give off huge retro vibes of the 70s and the 80s. Consider Joan Jett and Debbie Harry from Blondie for some cut inspiration. Find your inner rock star and ask your hairdresser to apply thin layers that cover your head to get a fierce attractive, eye-catching look.

Dark Brown Shag With Bangs

#16 Medium Shag Crown Layers

Think about a crown-layered hairstyle if you are looking for a solution to fine hair which requires an extra boost. The strawberry bronde shade is an innovative way create a medium-sized shag that is center of attention.

Medium Bronde Shag For Fine Hair

#17: Fun Razored Shag for Straight Hair

The hair is shaved at the top, and finished with arched bangs, you’ll be awed by the face-framing features of this shaggy and perky style. It is perfect for women who have straight black hair. this cut is a little masculine look, yet is feminine and adorable. The layers of razors gently touch the collarbone, and contribute to the sharp appearance of the overall hairstyle.

Straight Shag With Arched Bangs

#18: Brunette Wavy Razored Shag

Shag hairstyles will never go out of style, so you’ll feel comfortable when you decide to cut your hair to get one of these sexy cuts. The big waves and smooth top look great when hair is cut in the middle. the bangs that are side-swept easily transform into sleek, razored sides.

Medium Shag Hairstyle With Waves

#19: Shoulder-Grazing Flared Blonde Shag

Mid-length shag cuts can be distinct and unique when they touch your shoulders and grow out towards the ends. Improve the look of your hair by adding a little stylistic product for naturally smooth locks for a sexy stylish appearance.

Medium Bronde Shag

#20: Choppy Bright Blonde Bob

A little boxy, the choppy texture and long hair in this slightly shaggy blonde bob provide an abundance of fullness to fine, straight hair. The solid whitish shade helps neutralize the ruddiness of the skin tone. Furthermore, the long, wispy bangs give an feminine look.

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Long Bangs

21: Medium cut, with Flipped Ends for thick hair

If you’re looking for a cut that has a more traditional style and have long hair, consider the flipped ends. The cut is vintage-inspired and uses the original hair texture as well as the volume hair. For flipping your ends, simply blow dry them using an outwards curvature, or employ a straightener in the same manner.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle

#22: Perfect Bangs and Wild Layers

It’s no secret that the 90s are returning in big ways. The choice of straight, full bangs might be considered an outdated trend but it’s a great idea to play with. Make sure the locks are shoulder-length and experiment with the sharply angled layers to create a contemporary style that mixes textures and finishes.

Brunette Shag With Straight Bangs

#23: Short and Medium Layers for Fine Hair

The shorter layers are the best option not just for thick hair. Fine hair can appear gorgeously delicate with layers of hair over the top. It’s not always easy to layer hair however with a bit of style and feathering you can make it look great.

Medium Blonde Layered Hairstyle

#24: Side-Parted Layered Bob

Certain, shag hairstyles include layers however, this one is the best over the rest. The layers that run along the length and that are swept away make a gorgeous texture, regardless of regardless of whether you want to wear your hair curly or straight.

Chestnut Brown Layered Bob

#25 Medium Tousled with Bangs

A medium shag that has bangs is the best option if you’re looking to style it loose and twirled, and spend a minimum amount of time hair styling. It’s perfect to medium-textured hair, however it can be used for fine hair, too.

Messy Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

#26: Platinum Balayage Shag

If you want a more polished style to your shoulder length shag, consider blowouts that have maximum lift in the roots and the swoopy layers. Balayage coloring can make your style irresistible as well as suitable for wearing.

Mid-Length Blonde Layered Hairstyle

#27: Messy Razored Golden Blonde Bob

Hairstyles that are messy for women are an excellent choice for those who are looking to have some excitement and break from the traditional haircut. Highlights of sun-kissed blonde on brown hair that is ash keeps your look fun and relaxed.

Blonde Sun-Kissed Messy Bob

#28: Medium Layered Black Hairstyle

Beautiful and girly A layered shag is the perfect way to style your hair loose and get the latest, easy and lived-in appearance. The dark, jet black shade is earthy and neutral. If you like it choose it to complement the texture of the shag.

Effortless Layered Shag

#29: Medium Copper Brown Shag for Thick Hair

The hair that’s thick looks the best when it’s styled and layered into stacked layers. The hair is shaved on the sides and lightly brushed on top, the copper-shaded streaks of chocolate brown hair look sophisticated and simple to make.

Medium Layered Copper Brown Hairstyle

#30: Elongated Feathered Cut

The feathered layers of certain medium shag hairstyles may make it appear as if it’s longer it is. A blonde balayage that has darker roots gives an extra dimension and texture to the below the shoulder hairstyle. The cut can be parted to the side or in the middle.

Medium Shag Haircut With Blonde Balayage

#31: Mid-Length Feathered Shag for Thick Hair

The long, feathered layers of this shaggy cut make thick straight hair appear flexible and soft. Hairstyles should be done so that the ends have a slight flip to the side. This technique can give the playful and sporty cut a bit of bounce while you walk or run.

Shaggy Haircut With Flipped Up Layers

#32: Collarbone Bronde Shag

The pictures of beachy shags draw women seeking hairstyles that capture their active life. Tones of blonde and copper on a dark brown background add an elegant look which balances the tomboy look of the razored ends.

Medium Beachy Shag With Razored Layers

#33: Pretty Shaggy Brunette Bob

The sassy brunette bob offers modernized version of the classic short shag cut. A little teasing on the crown provides it with an extra boost of height and the loose bangs pulled to the side highlight the cheekbones and eyes.

Brunette Short Shag Haircut With Bangs

#34: Sliced Platinum Blonde Bob

In the middle, trimmed and cut into feathered bits that appear to grow from the crown, straight shags give a glamour and sultry style. The platinum shag is stylish and trendy, ideal for women with a personality that matches.

Straight Platinum Shag Haircut

#35: Shoulder-Grazing Razored Cut for Straight Hair

Take advantage of your straight hair by following the natural flow of the medium-length shag. Razor-cut hairstyles are the most effective way to highlight the shaggy layers as well as the wispy edges, which are barely touching your shoulders.

Medium Straight Hairstyle With Shaggy Layers

#36: Short-to-Medium Shattered Gray Shag

You can wear your new gray shag confidently, as it flatters women of all different ages. The long and fluttery bangs complement the shattered form of the pixie/bob that has grown too long and create a distinct urban and cool look.

Gray Feathery Shag With Bangs

#37: Dynamic Feathered Brunette Shag

If you’re looking to get a casual and easy shaggy cut that isn’t too extravagant, opt for a simple, natural hairstyle like this. The chocolate brown solid color is neutraland beautiful and the feathered ends give it a nice visual and texture.

Chocolate Brown Shaggy Haircut

#38 Razored Blonde Bob and Bangs

The addition of height to the top of a shag hairstyle with bangs will make it appear more sophisticated and elegant. This is a versatile haircut that can be styled with side pieces that are placed into the ear.

Blonde Bob Shag With Bangs

#39: Razored Shaggy Chocolate and Caramel Bob

If you’d prefer to have shaggy cuts to cut down the thickness of your hair, cut it into jagged layers. Honey caramel accents that are atop darker brown bases add an inviting, warm summer feel.

Shaggy Haircut For Thick Hair

#40: Chestnut Brown Choppy Lob

A rounded, choppy shag which grazes the clavicle area is another option for those with thick hair. The chestnut brown base colour has a general rusty tone that is warm and rich, and the angular, piecey layers of the bob that is new can be paired with a variety of faces.

Chestnut Brown Choppy Shag Cut

#41: Long Cut featuring Feathered Framing Face

Your shag will appear shiny and healthy if you leave a large amount of layers behind that slightly swivel towards the end. Long, wavy hair frames the face, and copper highlights give it the extra shine. Medium-length hairstyles can pull back to a ponytail which is an excellent alternative for a busy woman.

Long Wispy Feathered Shag

42: Medium Choppy Shag with Bangs

Certain styles of shaggy hairstyles sport an edgy rock vibe and they can be dressed up with heavy makeup and long bangs that are a perfect way to cover your eyes. The slightly wavy, choppy hairstyles touch the collarbone adding a touch of elegance to your neck and chin as subtle golden highlights brighten the brown hue of the base.

Medium Brown Shaggy Hairstyle

#43: Medium Sliced Ash Blonde Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a celeb haircut that will bring the thoughts from Heather Locklear, an ash-blonde shag with layers can make the cut. Perfect for women with straight, thick hair. The cut could be split down the middle or out of the center. This technique can help to control the volume and keeps the hair tidy.

Layered Shag For Thick Straight Hair

#44: Silver Shag with Feathered Layers

A shoulder-length silver-blonde shag with feathered ends is an obvious nostalgia trip to the 1970s in which these hairstyles were popular for women in the home and traveling. The curly, choppy and tousled crown over the thicker, thin layers that hug the shoulders and contribute to the overall impression of volume and length for women with fine hair.

Silver Feathered Shag For Fine Hair

#45: One-Length Cutting with Feathered Layers

The one-length layered bob modern shag which looks stunning because of the scattered pieces of feathers. The razored ends show the natural shine of the healthy, thick hair. Additionally, the number of layers makes the haircut a favorite choice for women seeking shag hair that is easy to maintenance.

Modern Razored Shag

#46: Long Layered Chop

For a romanticand style that is windswept, you can’t do better than long hairstyles that feature medium and short layers. The movement is the key here Use the styling tool to create simple ringlets that are placed at the end on your hair layers.

Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

#47 Textured Shag with Rocky Bangs

The punk rock scene certainly is influencing the fashions of the present. It’s definitely a risky choice to go for small, jagged bangs. However, it will pay dividends in no time. Be aware that when wearing shag hair with bangs, the final elements are crucial.

Medium Shag With Short Bangs

#48: Grungy Cut

Free spirit are bound to fall in love with this slick haircut. cutting into medium-length hair with boho-inspired flicks is a great method to experiment with something completely new. You can create a style with your hands and make hairstyles that are fun in just a few seconds.

Medium Wavy Shaggy Haircut For Fine Hair

#49 Medium Cut Razor-Framing Face-Framing Layers

The technique of cutting with a razor can be a powerful tool for removing excess weight and allowing for a greater movement range. Ask your hairdresser to incorporate cutting over your facial area to highlight it and draw attention at your best qualities. Bring in a splash of color for an eye-catching look.

White Blonde Hairstyle With Pastel Pink Roots

#50: The 1970s Flick

The idea of allowing the ends of your hair to swathe out might be uncomfortable but it’s just right in this instance. If you are looking for easy low-maintenance hairstyles for your hair shags can be a satisfying wash-and-go option.

Medium Layered Bronde Hairstyle

#51: Brunette Layers with Centre Part

Long shags with centre-parted edges are ideal for oblong-faced faces that need to create volume on the sides of your face. This adorable shag offers an amazing texture that eases your daily hairstyle. For those whose face appears full and round You can look through this page to find the most attractive haircuts and hairstyles to flatter facial shape.

modern long layered shag haircut

#52: Medium-to-Long Feathered Cut

Medium-length to long feathered cuts give lots of body and bounce. They’re usually performed using a razor to create the smooth, fine-textured layers. Beautiful and flattering the feathered cuts look amazing when they are twirled to highlight their natural fluffiness, and their swing.

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

#53 Blue Black Shag arched Bangs

Make sure you frame your face and form your black hair with cutting your hair in a modern style. When you cut thick bangs to create an arch that runs from the forehead down to the cheekbones your hair will appear healthy and beautiful, with an added playful touch.

Medium Modern Black Shag Haircut

#54: Sleek Mid-Length Haircut with Shaggy Ends

Increase the length of your neckline by allowing your medium-length straight hair to curl upwards toward your neckbone. The purposefully shaved, shaggy ends can disguise the dryness of your hair as well as split ends.

Mid-Length Shag For Straight Hair

#55: Lovely Two-Tone Choppy Lob

A choppy hairstyle can be instantly updated by applying the two-tone effect. If you decide to create a either straight or curly, it is possible to create beautiful texture and showcase the wavy layering by adding a thickening powder on the roots.

Caramel Shag For Medium Hair

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