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51 Cute Short Pixie Haircuts for a Blend of Femininity and Practicality

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The art of rocking a shorter style isn’t always easy. The weather could make your hair curl and appear unpolished, or you may discover that the overall look isn’t feminine enough for your flirty , feminine style. There is no denying the simplicity of a cut short since it removes the confusion from the dreaded problem of how to dress your hair every morning. The hairstyles below are a mix of cute curly to sleek and fun with plenty of options to fit every woman’s fashion.

Versatile and Cute Short Pixie Cuts

Pixie can be used for any hair type, straight or curly, thick or thin. Here are some great ideas for different hairstyles and cuts we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

#1: Icy Short Pixie Cut

short women's haircut

Sometimes, a dark smokey hair color can obscure or darken your face, which is unflattering, especially for faces with smaller proportions. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid the trend of gray for your short, slicked-back style. Choose a cool gray-blue color to instantly lighten your look and add an essential dose of elegance and style to your style.

#2: Messy Ash Blonde Pixie Undercut

If you’re a fan of the look of your hair being washed and worn the hairstyle that is a tousled one will be perfect for you! Sides and backs are cut short, and on the nape of your neck straight and messy locks of ashen-blonde simply “pop” from the top of your head, creating an exciting and new arrangement every time you wash or hairstyle it.

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Short Choppy Blonde Pixie

#3: Short Spiky Cut

It’s an excellent idea to get an edgy haircut to enhance the impact of layers by using an undercut, particularly in a cut that’s shorter. It lifts layers , and also allows for messy and messy spikes that are common to a relaxed, devil-may-care type of haircut.

Blonde Pixie Fauxhawk

4. Fluffy Gray hairstyle, paired with undershave

The most confident woman will be able to combine two extremes into one fashion which is a pixie cut that has sides shaved, as well as gray hair. The back and sides are shaved until the skin. The longer, more graduated layers swoop upwards and around the crown, to accent the undershave, and add a splash of color to this fun, funky style.

Short Half-Shaved Gray Hairstyle

#5: Almost a Faux Hawk

The art of creating a fake hawk is simple with hair that is very short. This style is based on texture layers, styled with spikes on top , and then cut along the sides to give the desired shape. Gel or styling wax can help to accomplish this. It is important to note that the platinum blonde hue is in-sync with these bold hairstyles.

Spiky Pixie With A Short Fringe

#6: Half Blonde Half Black Short Pixie

You’re not sure which color you’d prefer to be black or blonde? Don’t worry! The short two-toned pixie can be the ideal solution. If you bleach a shorter cut, but leaving your roots unnatural, it’s the best for maintaining and dimension. With this striking contrast of shades this is a eye-catcher!

Tapered Bleached Pixie

#7: Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut

This haircut is the ideal of both worlds it’s length is longer in front and, on the top, it’s shorter and stacked at the back. This creates a lot of volume in the back, whereas the first frame the face and emphasizes the eyes. A variation in lengths in the cut is a momentous event and provides the perfect chance to add hue to emphasize the layers, like platinum blonde or any vibrant shade you like.

Choppy Pixie With Side Bangs

#8: Undercut Pixie Haircut

This hair is as white and as soft as the dandelion fluff! It’s a close crop, nearly cut on the sides, and cut at the top with lengthening toward the quiff. Well, it’s a great androgynous cut.

Short Spiky White Blonde Pixie

#9: Choppy Crop

Short pixie hairstyles that inspire are easy to identify and copy. For a short cut to look more attractive, a bit of Asymmetry is always helpful. The bangs are asymmetrical and cut in an angle. Uneven bangs add excitement and a enjoyable frame to styles such as this.

Brunette Pixie Hairstyle

#10: Very Short Textured Ash Blonde Cut

An excellent illustration of how short you can be with the pixie cut and still remain fresh and feminine. It’s a bit boyish (but not male in any way) A very cut back with a short texture and neat sides are complemented by an elongated flounce of blonde locks that sit at the top.

Short Boyish Cut For Girls

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