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Red and Black Hair: Ombre, Balayage & Highlights

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Black Bob with Crimson Highlights

#21: Black Bob with Crimson Highlights

This dark black hair with highlights in crimson is an angled bob that is multi-tonal and has the appearance of a Dutch braid. The style creator Helen Panteli of Canada says it’s the ideal method to showcase the different shades in your hair. If you’re a woman who wants this kind of hair color it is essential to be prepared to invest in household care products to keep it vibrant and bright. Panteli advises that violet and red shades are not easy to maintain. They are susceptible to fade quicker than other shades. “Use an appropriate color-safe shampoo that includes the color depositing conditioner. Also, wash it every second each day and use cool water. It truly makes an impact. Hot water can be very difficult on red and black hair colors,” Panteli states.

Black and Burgundy Ombre

#22: Black and Burgundy Hair Ombre

Opt for black and burgundy hair for an alternative to ombre. It was not bleached prior to hair coloring. The hair wasn’t as pretty as the blonde hair, nor was it blended. “The greatest thing about it is the smooth lines that were made especially in relation to natural vs . fashion colors,” says Chicago-based colorist Kasia Pawluk. If your hair isn’t bleached, Pawluk suggests that you’ll need to go to a light weight for the color to last. Maintenance is also essential. Pawluk explains, “Hair colors don’t discriminate. This ombre of red and black is a great option for women who are looking to add some pop colors. If, however, you’re one to wash your hair each day and do not bother and want it to be so bad that it’s cool, this isn’t the right color for you.”

Copper Highlights on Black Hair

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#23: Copper Highlights on Black Hair

These are rich, dimensional copper highlights that are a perfect match for black hair! The natural base was preserved to be low-maintenance, and stylist Britny Bassett from Virginia made the Balayage. “This color combination of black and red isn’t suitable for all skin types as such, and it’s something that needs to be addressed during the consultation,” Bassett points out. Tones that are red and copper tend to fade quicker which is why you’ll need to go back to your toner appointments in order to ensure that it stays fresh. You’ll have to choose items that can be used safely on hair with colored. Black and red hair color requires a balanced treatment.

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