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Red and Black Hair: Ombre, Balayage & Highlights

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Magenta Red Highlights on Black Hair

#11: Magenta Red Highlights on Black Hair

One great method to create a balayage that is red and magenta without the hassle of maintenance is to do it with black hair! The contrast is striking and looks gorgeous with straight hair that is straight and simple.

Black to Copper Red Ombre hair

#12: Black to Copper Red Ombre Hair

With the darkest tones at the roots , and then finishing with vibrant hues at the ends This black and red hair ombre is ideal for women who want red hair but with a natural look. The best thing about this copper-red ombre on black hair is that it allows natural roots to expand without creating a sharp lines.

Maroon-Red Highlights on Black Hair

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#13: Maroon-Red Highlights on Black Hair

The deep red hue that is inked onto silky and shiny black hair looks great on freshly cut lobs, or any length or haircut. If you’re willing to provide your red and black hair the attention it deserves and you’ll surely have a blast with this hair!

two-tone black and red hair color in balayage

#14: Two-Tone Black and Red Hair in Balayage

Hair that is two-toned, black and red offers a bright shade particularly when sprayed with shine spray. Also, to brunettes everywhere don’t need to opt to a full-on blonde to have a bright hair shade. It’s enough. The two-toned hair has an intense red wine balayage set on an black base and beautiful loose waves. It is a stunning hairstyle designed by stylist Kaeleigh Burke from New Jersey. Jersey.”Ladies ladies, if you’re looking for an extra pop of red in your hair, first and foremost the black and red Balayage is a very high-maintenance shade! You’ll want to visit every six weeks to get a glaze to refresh the shade! It is also important to shampoo your hair using cool water to seal your cuticle and to prevent the red to fade,” Burke emphasizes. Wash your hair only a couple of times per week to maintain the color. Use products that are sulfate-free or silicone-free. Make sure you use a dark pillowcase or lay on a towel under your mattress, so that you don’t get the color of your red hair that doesn’t flow. Burke says, “Ask your stylist to design a custom conditioner that you can use at home between appointments!”

Black to Wild Cherry Ombre

#15: Black to Wild Cherry Ombre

It’s a red to black ombre with a few balayage hints in the way it was blended up over the top. The big chops are the contrast of red and black, and flat iron curls. According to stylist from Idaho Danielle Dyer, ladies need to be aware that this is a bit maintenance-intensive. The black color contrasts strongly with any regrowth which isn’t black. Also, ensure that your roots are refreshed regularly and also the red color if it is faded. “A hair color safe shampoo is essential for hair with black cherries like this. Follow the advice of your stylist. Professional shampoos are more expensive but they will keep the vibrant red color you’ve spent so much time and money for,” Dyer suggests. Take note of the advice of your stylist about where the red should begin. Certain face shapes look better by starting on the temples, while others start are at the cheeks, while others start on the cheeks. Be aware that what you think is will make you appear attractive may not appear exactly the same for someone else. Dyer insists that you “Listen with your hairdresser and discuss with them what’s the ideal place and color for your red and black dyed hair.”

Bright Highlights Red and Ash Black Hair

#16: Bright Red Highlights on Ash Black Hair

This is a stunning dark black base with flashes of bright bright red highlights. “There’s plenty of contrast in the colors in this look,” says style creator Ashlyn Warren of Texas. The black and red hair color is suitable with any hair type. Warren says, “Generally, it works well for women who prefer bright and vibrant shades! Colors that are vibrant like those with black highlights last longer for women who do not wash their hair each day. Similar to any hair color that is red ensure that you use safe color-safe products while styling and washing!”

Reddish Purple Plum Babylights on French Roast Black

#17: Reddish Purple Plum Babylights on French Roast Black

This balayage of red and black hair is a lot of fun. “It’s packed with dimension, and has subtle hints of violet and red and gives the perfect purple plum shade perfect for fall,” says hairstylist Mariah Danic from Canada. Although black and red hairstyles look stunning and definitely help you stand out from the crowd, they usually require lots of work to be done. Danic says, “These colors do tend to fade faster than natural ones and therefore, you should be prepared to go to the salon once every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure that your hair stays looking new.”

Ginger Highlights on Black Hair

#18: Ginger Highlights on Black Hair

This red-colored black is coupled with a stacked Bob. The color is a dark chocolate brown with highlights of auburn. “This is perfect for brunettes who want to add depth and dimension to their hair especially during the autumn period,” states Brooke Abbate stylist from Tulsa, OK. Abbate recommends “Find an expert stylist who can work with you, and help you figure out which styles and colors highlight your finest attributes.”

Brownish Red Highlights on Natural Black Hair

#19: Brownish Red Highlights on Natural Black Hair

This balayage of red on black locks was made through stylist Susana Haro from California. It’s natural hair shade. Highlights were added using the balayage method, so it appears natural, and the stages of growing out aren’t terribly excessive. The shade is pleasing on different skin types, and, since it’s a blend looks good as it matures. If you’re looking for a bit to help, Haro says that women who are thinking about this shade should be aware that red is among the most difficult shades to keep looking fresh in hair. “It gets the most faded which is why if contemplating it, you need to be ready to visit a salon and have renewed every 6-8 weeks. The re-toning process is around an hour length. If you are prone for red-colored undertones on your skin, this might not be the best option for you,” she states.

Burgundy Highlights on Short Dark Hair with Side Bangs

20th: Burgundy Highlights on Short Dark Hair with Side Bangs

Dark hair with dark burgundy highlights gives an edgey, dimensional style developed by hair stylist Brandi Marie from Denver. This color is worn with layers of short hair and bangs to give it a bit of flavor. “The greatest thing about it is the volume that the highlights are red that are incorporated into black hair. It comes with a high-density hair foil that makes sure that the overall appearance was 50percent in red” She explains.

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