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Red Balayage Hair Colors: 25 Hottest Examples for 2024

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#11: Red Wine Balayage on Black Base

The perfect plum for fun! Colorist Ellie was involved in this amazing work by applying a the rich red dye on long locks, which resulted in stunning balanceage.

Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

#12: Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

Do I feel Ginny Weasley in those hairstyles? Request a deep rose gold hair colour which will be swept over your locks. You’ll be able to find your Harry within a matter of minutes.

Brown and Red Balayage

#13: Brown and Red Balayage

The crunch of autumnal colors all in one hairstyle as you wear burnt sienna fades works well with any season. The balayage hair with red to brown colors are the perfect autumn shades.

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Dark Brown and Red Balayage

#14: Dark Brown and Red Balayage

If you have natural dark hair should be aware. This is the perfect red balayage style to straight hair. Stylist Allie has created a fiery and spicy style that is soft and beautiful!

Copper and Blonde Balayage

#15: Copper and Blonde Balayage

What do you think of this style? I love the way the bright elements are a perfect match against the layers in the hair. The deep copper tones in the root shadow blend perfectly with the sun-kissed blond adding the illusion of shine and contrast. The beach wave look is simple, but refined and elegant. The style provides an air of movement, while also highlighting the highlights of balayage. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? The red balayage color is ideal for a woman in a hurry and does not require a lot of maintenance for her hair. One who wants more depth and shine through her ends and mids. I’m able to create these accents that will complement any facial shape! Multidimensional tones work well for all types of skin and are easily customizable to meet all customers’ requirements and desires. They naturally develop beautifully and last between 8-12 weeks. Therefore, it’s only the foundation color that will need to be refreshed, along with an added gloss at the ends. The red tones fade very quickly so proper care is vital! Kerastase Chromatique Shampoo and conditioner ensures that it stays healthy and protect the color between visits. The way you style this look gives it its power and the this product is what makes it so. Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom texture spray is the best to give her that smooth beach waves that we’re looking for. You should feel at ease loosely curling her hair to achieve the desired look for the beach waves.

burgundy balayage

#16: Burgundy Balayage

You can opt for cool burgundy Balayage. It’s not necessary to use bleach to achieve this style If you’re a virgin! In the event that you have an existing hairstyle, you can add a semi-permanent color to it. This is great for anyone who would like to add vibrant color to their style without going crazy in their haircut! Additionally, anyone who is seeking to experiment by using color, but not having to endure the hassle of damaging their hair. If you’re considering this style, remember that it will fade quickly due to it being part of the red/violet color family. One tip to use when washing is to use cool water as which can help fade. Always make sure you use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner! A color depositing shampoo or conditioner can greatly extend the color. If you want to keep the color going it is a good idea to check in every 4 to 6 weeks to have it renewed. This color looks fantastic on a variety of skin tones, but especially olive! It’s extremely versatile with regards to hairstyles, it looks amazing curly, straight, or even braided! A serum with heat protection can to bring out the shine while closing the cuticle and making the color brighter.

Deep Red Hair with Highlights

17: Deep Red Hair with Highlights

What do you think of this style? It’s a bold and fun style for those who want to be noticed! I find that keeping my color choices that are fashion-oriented, or even trendy, more rooty , allows for better growth and is great for longer. Do you have any advice for those who are considering this? It is possible for anyone to wear this red shade but it’s an uphill battle to maintain the radiance. Professional quality shampoo is essential! The client must return to have their hair color refreshed every month. The benefit of elevating the hair to 9-10 level first is that it will lay the foundation for other colors later on. The client we’ve worked with has been vibrant purple and now we’re looking to create a blonde style.

copper red and light brown balayage

#18: Copper Red and Light Brown Balayage

Opt for the copper red color and lighter brown Balayage. Your stylist can frame your face using layers that will add depth and help the color stand out. To color your hair, apply Calura by Oligo with a few droplets in Goldwell pure pigments in gold and red. For blowouts, protect your hair from hot sun with Kerastase Ciment and use a large , round brush to get a smooth and silky appearance. To keep your balayaged red hair looking stunning it is recommended to visit each 5-8 weeks to refresh your hair color. Make sure you purchase high-quality hair products and make sure to use the sulfate-free hair shampoo for color treated hair. Utilize Oribe’s Beautiful Colour Shampoo as well as Beautiful Color Conditioner as it’s luxurious, soft and actually works to keep the shade.

Blonde and Red Balayage

#19: Blonde and Red Balayage Hair

What would you say about this style? Red velvet is a color melting actually four different reds ranging from the darkest to the lightest. The application took place over two sessions to avoid the blonde staining. The red was applied to hair that was damp to allow for melting and easy saturation. Anyone have advice for anyone thinking about it? It is best to be blonde. The blonde shade is the hardest to work with, lifting hair to a desired length and apply the red. Be aware that blonde and red shades require more care. It is recommended to apply a professional Shampoo and refresh it every 4 to 6 weeks, as the color fades.

Natural Red Color with Caramel Balayage

#20: Natural Red Color with Caramel Balayage

What do you think of the look? The way I’d describe this look is simple and natural, embracing its natural, red hues while adding a punch of color through the Balyage. This style of balayage can be ideal for those who already have auburn or red hues in their hair but want to add a bit of dimension however not enough to detract of the natural red. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about it? This type of hairstyle is best for people with medium or thick hair. This kind of balayage could last for three to four months with regular maintenance of one glaze or toner every 6-8 weeks. Blonded-out beaches are my preferred. They’re easy and last for a few days. For the longest hair I suggest shoulder-length or even longer. It’s impossible to go wrong with the right dry texture spray that gives that beachy appearance.

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