Ever wanted to try a red ombre hairstyle, but were not sure how to create a new look without going to a completely different color? Well, the leaves are not the only thing that could change this season. Red ombre hairstyles are on the rise for their distinct, eye catching, yet natural look. The best thing about red ombre hairstyles is the options are endless, and the look can be totally unique and your own. Changing your hair color can be intimidating, but deciding on the red ombre hairstyle is a great way to incorporate change and keep some of your natural hair color as well. Anyone can rock the red ombre hairstyle, so grab your favorite latte and sweet treat and head to the salon.

1) Auburn Locks

This ombre hairstyle is to die for. With the darkest part of the red at the root and finishing up with strawberry blonde at the ends. This look is perfect for someone who wants red hair, but in a natural, simple way.

2) Candy Apple

You know that sweet red candy apple at the fair? Well, imagine that as a hair color. So yummy! The sweet red fades out onto the tips into strawberry blonde. This ombre hairstyle is not only sweet but stylish.

3) Fading to Fire

Wowza! This hairstyle is definitely for the ladies ready to take on a whole new look. This hairstyle may not look the most natural, but is definitely a head-turner! Want a completely new look? Then this hairstyle may just be right for you.

4) Dark Roses

Where are all my dark haired ladies at? If you already have naturally dark hair, then this is the look for you. If you are wanting to incorporate some dark red, almost purple tones in your hair, then this is the ombre hair style you have been waiting for.

5) Ombre-licious

Want your new ombre look to be vividly seen? This red ombre hairstyle is a must for all the ombre lovers out there. It is the perfect look for anyone, and is a gorgeous introduction the fall season.

6) Plum to Pixie

Now, this hair style is so adorable I may be changing my own hair. Dark plum colored roots fading into a sweet strawberry blonde. Not to mention, the shoulder length cut makes this ombre hairstyle even better.

7) Red Hot

This is another look that is bound to turn heads. Bright red roots fading into a subtle orange, and then subtle strawberry blonde at the ends. This is for all the girls wanting a red hot ombre.

8) Dark Red Mums

You know those dark red, almost purple mums that appear outside any garden store during fall time? Well, this hair color is the perfect representation of those beautiful flowers we all know and love. Dark roots, fading into an almost dark red, purple. This look is simply classic.

9) Sunset

This ombre hairstyle is a great representation of how the sun sets in the evening. Dark roots, bold red, and then a beautiful orange sunset color for the ends.

10) Tupelo Honey

Nothing is more natural than this ombre hairstyle. Natural red roots that fade into a color sweeter than honey. This look is for all the ladies wanting something bold but simple.

11) Wavy Starburst

This sweet red mixture is perfectly paired with shoulder length waves. The hidden copper colors bring out the boldness in the red on top.

12) Dark Plum

Another hairstyle that is essential for all the dark haired ladies. If you already have dark hair and want to branch out into the reds and purples, this is for you.

13) Caramel Swirl

Long, wavy, caramel colored pieces make this ombre hairstyle perfection for any time of the year. Feel like your hair is long and boring? Say goodbye to boring and hello to caramel swirl!

14) Strawberry Shortcake

You know that color you get when your strawberries mix with the cool whip on your dessert? A perfect blend of red, almost pink hue that is ready for any courageous lady. Be adventurous like Strawberry Shortcake.

15) Pumpkin Spice

Fall time is calling and you must go! Love pumpkin spice? Well then you will love this hair color even more. If you are ready for fall time to be here a little sooner then try out this natural auburn ombre look.

16) Black Cherry

Sweet black cherries are my absolute favorite and so is this hairstyle. Dark hair with pops of red. What’s not to love?

17) Red to Blonde

Love your red hair but also love your blonde? Girl, you can have both. Dark red roots fading into a honey color end is the best of both worlds.

18) Copper is Calling

Ring Ring! This copper ombre hairstyle is calling your name. Perfect for a natural root and a pop of copper color.

19) Intense Violet

Did somebody say violet hair?! You heard it right. Deep violet roots that fade into a bright red cherry color.

20) Fall Nights

Nothing makes life sweeter than a cozy fall night curled up by a bonfire and snuggled in a flannel blanket. Turn some heads this fall season with this new hairstyle.

21) Red Tips

Bright red roots fading into a sweet orange color and then back to bright red tips. This adventurous hairstyle is calling your name!

22) Hidden Ruby

What’s not to love about dark hair with hidden pops of bold red? If you are not sure about taking the leap into an all over change in hair color, then this hidden ruby hairstyle is what you need.

23) Sunrise

The only thing that can be prettier than a sunset is a sunrise. This hairstyle reveals every color that would appear in that morning sunrise we all love so much.

24) Simply Bold

If you want a simple but bold hairstyle then this is the one for you. Sweet cherry red fading into an almost bleach blonde end. Any lady can rock this look!

25) Falling for Ombre

Really want your ombre look to pop? This ombre hairstyle showcases all the essential colors you need to perfect this look.

26) Heart on Fire

My heart is on fire for this hairstyle! This ombre hairstyle is essential for the ladies ready to crank it up a notch. Dark roots that fade boldly into a bright red, orange, then honey blonde.

27) Wildflower

A hair color that shows the heart of any wildflower personality. Auburn red roots fading into sweet strawberry blonde. You can’t help but love this red wildflower look.


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