It is a shag haircut is very rock and roll, casual, sloppy and visually effortless. The most common characteristics of shag hairstyles are the choppy edges, layers around your crown and plenty of texture. The modern shag is quite choppy and is full of texture, however it doesn’t make you appear like you’re in a ’80s hair band. It can be worn on any hair length and texture. (Though be wary of using too many layers or the hairstyle could appear messy and outdated). One of 2022’s most popular hairstyles is be the shag haircut, a versatile hairstyle that can be worn with almost every type of hair. If you’re wearing a shag, you will keep your hair looking fresh and attractive. No matter if you’re hair that is thick or thin, long or short curly or straight hair there’s a look that will suit you. Check out the pictures below!

1. Platinum Blonde Wavy Shag

Begin to embrace the Marilyn Monroe side with a platinum blonde long wavy shag haircut.

2. Long Center-Parted Shag Haircut

You’ll look effortless and sexy in this an oversized, centre-parted shag haircut.

3. Cute Mid-Length Shag

This adorable shag haircut gives off Zooey Deschanel images, which we love! Make your romantic side pop with this simple style that will remain on point at all times.

4. Fiery Modern Shaggy Cut

You can say “Yes!” to this scorching hot hairstyle. A short shag paired with dark roots, and gorgeous color creates a unique creative mix that’s worth giving an attempt! Additionally, the long feathered bangs certainly complement this look.

5. Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs

The hairstyles of Shag and Curtain bangs make an excellent match, creating amazing volume. Tips: Add waves and highlights for more definition and a sun-kissed appearance.

6. Modern Shag Haircut

The contemporary shag haircut is a bit more casual than the traditional 1970s style: the hairstyle of rock’n’roll celebrities is now more sophisticated and elegant. The shag haircut can be shaped in a way that will perfectly make your face appear more balanced!

7. Thin Hair Shag

The shag haircut for thin hair will give the illusion of thicker locks when the body is highlighted on top.

8. Long Choppy Shag Haircut

An extended shag haircut has the magic ability for framing your face beautifully , while giving a semblance an element of chaos in your look. Choose this messy cut if you’re rebellious at heart. We recommend also trying some messy bangs for a trendy Glam Rock reference.

9. Shaggy Bob Haircut

A cheeky brunette hairdo is an ideal hairstyle for people who want to spice up the standard shag cut. The slender bangs are sure to draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes, as well as create stunning cheekbones.

10. The messy shaggy haircut is paired with Birkin Bangs

While they might require some attention due to their length right above your eyelashes the bangs were named for Jane Birkin are worth the effort. They are a great match with an unruly shag for those who want to create the look of a romantic and quirky style.

11. Curly Shag Haircut

Add some sass to your shaggy hairstyle through scrunched curls across and highlight-focused highlights. With this shaggy style it is possible to find a wild, new part of you!

12. Long Shag Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking to stick with the basic, then this fine shag haircut is what you’re searching for. With layers of feathers that wiggle in the middle, it’s a haircut appropriate for any event.

14. Shoulder-Length Shag Haircut

Do you love your shoulder-length locks? Try a medium length shag haircut and texturize your hair by adding waves.

15. Shag Hairstyles with shorter layers

Mid-length shag haircut changes it up with shorter hair on the top, and longer locks at the bottom.

16. Shaggy Cut with Choppy Layers

This kind of shaggy cut is ideal for people who are looking to maintain a low-maintenance style. The stylish Midi shag haircut has sleek bangs that softly frame your face and make a striking appearance.

17. Dual Mullet Shags with Feathered Bangs

The cut is extended at the back, which is cut shorter toward at the top, the haircut is one of the most striking options among shag hairstyles for women.

18. Curly Shag Haircut, Bangs Piece-y

Are you concerned that your curly hair might appear like a mess? Try an shag haircut to make it hot and shape it. Let your curls shine with this hairstyle, which can give them more motion and direction.

19. Feathered Layered Shag Haircut

If you’re in search of hairstyles that are appropriate for a meeting at work and also showcase your personality and style This midi shag with bangs is just what you’re looking for. The feathered layers make the style more comfortable.

20. The Shag hairstyle is paired with Bangs

In all shag styles that women can wear, this trendy and imaginative, deliberately messy style is directly referring to the famous hairstyle. Medium-length hair, chunky bangs, highlights and waves will get the job done. Join club and get on your way to the floor!

21. The Shag is a Beach Waves

Make summer more enjoyable with this gorgeous mid shag style! The caramel balayage suits this style perfectly.

22. Shaggy Cut with shorter layers

If you’re done trying to be a nice girl and are looking to embrace your flamboyant side, take a look at this hairstyle. With smaller layers on your back hair, it will add some spice to the cut and warn anyone around to not interfere with you.

23. Shaggy Bob, with Razored Ends

This shaggy, layered bob is so soft and soft that it’s an absolute pleasure! This hairstyle is stunning with its razor-cut ends, creating volume and movement the hair.

24. Edgy Shaggy Mullet

This variation of the shag is reminiscent of the mullet shag which creates a more masculine look. If you’re confident enough to wear this hairstyle then ask your hairdresser to trim your choppy layers from the front to the back.

25. Shoulder-Length Wavy Shag

This style is among the cutest shag styles that requires minimal maintenance. Get rid of years and appear younger by sporting the “cuteness excessive” haircut.

26. Red Hair Shag Hairstyle

Are you tired by the color of your hair you’ve been wearing since you were born? If pink or violet is too risky for your needs, color the hair you have Redheads stand out and your fresh cut will surely draw everyone’s attention.

27. Dark Blonde Shaggy Waves

Let everyone know that you’re looking forward to summer by sporting an edgy shoulder-length blonde shag that has highlights.

28. Shaggy Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long haired women can look stunning in this gorgeous layered shag haircut. Do not forget to highlight as they give volume and depth to your hair.

29. Brown Shags with Babylights

Babylights on any hairstyle that has long lengths is a simple way to transform your appearance from average to great.

30. Layered Shaggy Bob

Layered bobs are among the most classic shag hairstyles for women. Keep your natural hair color to create a classy appearance, or go for pearl blonde or platinum for a more sophisticated look. make yourself the most fashionable woman in the room!

31. Shaggy Cut with Bangs Piece-y

The long shag with bangs is one of the most beautiful hairstyles you’ve ever seen. The layers of this haircut highlight the beautiful facial features and will highlight your eyes.

32. Shaggy Cut for Coarse Hair

Hair that is wet as a rule learning how to style shags will not take much time. This shag is amazing on you!

33. Medium Beachy Waves

If you’re not able to go to the beach take the beach with you by sporting a wavy shag haircut accented with golden highlights.

34. Purple Pink Shag

An lilac-tipped strawberry blonde with strawberry tips elevates the mid-length shag haircut from wow to wow!

35. Hairstyles that include Peek-aBoo Bangs

Long shag haircut will help show the length of your beautiful long hair.

36. Brunette Bob Shag

Refresh your hair by trying cutting it shorter shag haircut with bangs.

37. Curly Shag with Fringe

The soft baby curls and chunky hair frames the face a gorgeous way.

38. Bardot Haircut

Perhaps Marcia Brady would have to be awed by this shag-style with layers.

39. Purple Rapunzel Hair

The current look you have is transformed into an elegant Rapunzel when you are given the lengthy shag haircut.

40. Long Messy Pixie

The long, shaggy pixie cut is so adorable and will keep the curls you like. It’s also a great way to keep the summer hotness out of your hair!

41. Dark Shag with an a violet Tint

A deep violet give this brunette shaggy cut something special.

42. Shag with Bangs

Are you unsure of how to style your fringe? Cut it short and choppy to create an elegant layer shag haircut.

43. Full Medium Shag Haircut

Let your hair shine by showcasing a shaggy, layered cut with a volumized the top. Straight or curly hairstyles are great.

44. Fringy Shag Haircut

This could be the cut you’ve been looking for if you want the body on top and smaller pieces down the bottom is what you’re seeking.

45. Mermaid Shag Haircut

Long, curly locks with little bangs will leave you looking like the Mermaid you’ve always wished to be!

46. Modern Wavy Shaggy Bob

A beautiful long curly shag haircut that uses bangs to give it a modern look.

47. Long Shag with extended Curtain Bangs

If you want a casual look that highlights your hair’s length, opt for an shag haircut. It is suitable for any face form and is a perfect style at any time.

48. Thick Wavy Shag

We’re sure you’ll be unable to not stop stroking your beautiful , long-layered hair.

49. The Super Straight Shag, with Bangs

The choppy bangs highlight their small shag haircut with sharp, slices of layers.


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