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23 Long Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Brunettes and Blondes

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21. Tapered Layers and Long Bangs Smokey Bob

Smokey Tapered Bob With Long Bangs

Incorporate sleek, popping layers with a gradual grey gradient for an edgy yet polished look. Long, wispy bangs grace just above the eyebrows to add intrigue.

22. Face-Framing Highlights on Rounded Bob

Polished Bob With Face-Framing Highlights

This is ideal for those who want a tousled style that is low-maintenance in the morning but polished enough for business. Add some face-framing highlights and some side-swept bangs for pizzazz.

23. Multicolor Texture Bob


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This bob is ideal for a corporate setting and features babylights throughout the layers to provide a sleek, managing style that does not compromise femininity or sophistication.

Styling Tips and Techniques

Given that we have showcased 23 long choppy bob styles it’s very important that we give you concrete tips on styling for each style:

Get the Perfect Tools: A round brush for blow drying, a flat iron for sleek looks and curling wands can make a lot of difference.
Play with Textures Now: Apply a little mousse, sea salt spray, or texturizing spray to give some volume and texture to hair.
Ends Focus: With choppy styles, the magic is definitely happening in the ends. The perfect lived-in looks can be achieved by giving them a texturizing or thinning shear.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining healthy hair and color of a long choppy bob contributes to the stunning effect. Here is how you can maintain your hair:

Color Maintenance: Use professional shampoos and conditioners for color that are safe, giving an outline on the timing for touch-ups, to avoid fading in due time.
Regular Trims: Get regular trims that will keep the choppy ends looking great and healthy.
Deep Conditioning: Hair treated with color requires deep conditioning on a weekly basis.

All these styles explore things deeper than just a change in appearance, but a twist in attitude. So embrace the versatility and individuality of the long choppy bob into your next hairstyle, not just a choice but a statement. Whether you want a fuss-free look, wish to make a color statement or need the versatility of a cut that works great from day to night, these long choppy bob ideas will motivate and empower. Get your makeover done here. Let these chic, long choppy bobs guide your next style adventure!

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