Women are often afraid to change their hairstyles, so they shy away from bold bobs. If you are looking for a long, choppy style, but don’t want to commit, a long choppy haircut is the best choice. We have 18 photos to show you how these hairstyles look feminine and daring. These salon-quality colors are sure to make you envy these ladies, including dark brunettes and bright blondes.

18 Chic Long Choppy Hairstyle Ideas to Makeover Your Next Makeover

You want a hairstyle that is a bit more edgy and messy than the old bobs. We get it. Long choppy hairstyles look modern and trendy. You can style your hair however you like. They are able to reach the top of the shoulders, giving them a playful look. As you look through the photos, consider how much effort it will take to achieve the final look. Sea salt spray can create beachy texture quickly. You can also use your fingertips to style hair with hairspray and dry shampoo. Or you could spend a lot of money on highlights that add dimension and depth. You can also use a heat tool to create gorgeous waves in just 10 minutes. Find your favorite here!

#1: Brunette Balayage

Classic Brunette Balayage

This long, choppy, angled bob is a new take on the classic A-line. Simple texture and long, elongated pieces for face-framing add a feeling of soft edge. A beautiful balayage technique brightens brunettes and adds dimension to every angle. This creates a well-balanced look that isn’t too difficult.

#2: Shoulder-Length Bob With Choppy Layers

Shoulder-Length Bob With Choppy Layers

This sleek style showcases the choppy, long layered bob. For a playful twist on the hairstyle, imagine running your fingers through the straightened locks. This choppy bob haircut is a winner thanks to the combination of low and high lights.

#3: Curls above the Shoulders

Above The Shoulders With Curls

Do you want the longest hair possible but long for a longer, more shoulder-length “lob?” The textured waves give this long blonde bob an ultra-modern look. This textured, messy look is ideal for summertime beachy short hair that doesn’t care.

#4: Dark, Collar-Bone Length

Dark, Collar-Bone Length

It looks natural and perfect with a little attitude and a touch more balayage color at the end. It is obvious that it was meticulously planned. This cool-girl hairstyle falls right at the collarbone. A side-part can make this choppy, short bob look even more rockstar.

#5: Blonde Bangalayage with Choppy Layers

Blonde Balayage With Choppy Layers

If you are looking for serious curls, keep the length longer than the collarbone. This angled, polished bob is extra soft and has a soft front that can be pulled together using curls from a curling iron. It’s possible to create a balayage or ombre style because of its length.

#6: Brunette Bob and Blonde Balayage

Brunette Bob With Blonde Balayage

Although most blunt haircuts are straight to show off the perfect edge of the hair, this blunt cut is accented with lots texture. Layers help to reduce weight and make the overall look lighter and more playful that a standard blunt bob. The look is completed with dark roots and blonde balayage.

#7: Bright Blonde and Beachy Waves

Bright Blonde With Beachy Waves

It can be difficult to get your hair bright and shiny. Long bobs with choppy hairstyles are both fashionable and better for your hair. This makes it easier to do touch-ups. It takes only a few minutes to achieve beachy blonde babe status.

#8: Milkyway A-Line Bob

Milky Way A-Line Bob

It’s easier to boldly color your hair if you have shorter hair. For a fun, trendy and playful look, add random highlights that are two to three shades lighter. These caramel colors glide effortlessly over her dark brown hair and are simply delicious. The final result is a mix of blonde sections that frame her face and draws attention to her face.

#9: Soft Champagne Razor Cut Bob

Soft Champagne Razor Cut Bob

Bob haircuts are great for fine hair, as they add texture and volume. To give your bob some body, you can add a soft curl to the long front section and a little product around the edges. The lightweight, textured razor bob gives you easy styling options.

#10: Long Choppy Bob and Bangs

Long Choppy Bob With Bangs

Combining bangs with short hair is a bold move. A wispy, textured bob with soft bangs softens full faces. However, anyone can choose the bob and bang combo that suits them best. The bangs should be a natural color to add intrigue and sultryness to the eyes. Balayage can also be playful.

#11: Straight Bob with Blonde Ombre

Straight Bob With Blonde Balayage Ombre

Please, can I have a large order of blonde balayage with ombre on straight shoulder length hair? This long, textured bob shows off the soft layers of shine and blonde. This feminine style is easy to style using a flat iron, shine serum, or a round brush and hairdryer.

#12: Choppy Long Angled Bobby

Choppy Long Angled Bob

This perfectly wavy hair will show off your freshly painted hair at night. This long, choppy bob has the toughness of a tough girl mixed with sweet, innocent caramel colors. This haircut allows you to have the best of both worlds if you dare.

#13: Long Mocha-Colored Bob With Bangs

Long Mocha-Colored Bob With Bangs

This cut is delicately textured, and sweetly hand-painted with highlights to brighten the mocha shade. This extra-long bob, also known as a lob, looks cute and sophisticated with straight hair and heavy bangs.

#14: Rooty Blonde Bob

Rooty Blonde Bob

This ultimate choppy blonde balance look is for you if you are more hot than you are cold. It’s suitable for those with neutral skin tones as it has both warm and cool tones. It has dark roots with bright blonde pieces that are strategically placed closer to the root. This will ensure no harsh lines as your natural color grows in.

#15: Ashy Bablylights With Texture

Ashy Bablylights With Texture

Cool things down with choppy layers or ashy tones. This is great for people with cool skin tones. Babylights take the ashy tones down to the roots, and then saturate the tips with a trendy grey-blonde color. The look is kept down-to-earth by the ashy brown roots.

#16: Smokey Tapered Bob With Long Bangs

Smokey Tapered Bob With Long Bangs

The ultra-A-line bob is softened by sleek hair that has choppy layers. Dark hair will have a gradual gray look. The long, wavy bangs give the hair a smokey appearance.

#17: Polished Bob with Highlights in Face-Framing

Polished Bob With Face-Framing Highlights

This is the perfect style for those who want a simple, choppy bob haircut that can be tussled in the morning but still looks polished for work. To make it more playful, add some blonde highlights to the face and side-swept bangs.

#18: Multicolor with lots of texture

Multi Color With Lots Of Texture

This multi-colored bob is perfect for everyday wear at work. It features babylights (thin, layered highlights) that swirl through the bob. You are looking for a sleek and feminine style that is easy to manage? This bob is for you.


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